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C1238 is a complete break

Yang ChuChu drives home. In addition to her work, she is left with only two most important people.

Luo Jinyu's side is also happy now. Luo's mother doesn't stop her. They can love each other as they like. Yang

clearly parked his car in the parking lot next to him and planned to go home with his car key. Suddenly, she saw a man, Fang Yang.

He sat on the steps in front of her house, Yang ChuChu's face changed greatly, and he strode across at once. Cold

cold ask: "how are you here? Who asked you to sit here? " Fang

Yang raised his head and his gray eyes. When he saw his daughter, he had some divine colors. "

clearly, I am going to divorce Liu Lan. I have no place to go. I don't know why I came here. I just want to sit down!" Today is the lowest day in Fang Yang's life. His career is frustrated and his marriage is going to be over. He doesn't know what he has left. Maybe he is cowardly. He can't grasp something in his hand and can't get what he wants. He never thought he was such a useless person.

"What do we have to do with your divorce? If you sit here and be seen, my mother's reputation will be ruined by you. Hurry up and don't appear here! " Yang ChuChu looked at his bleak, blank eyes. He was trying to point at him and scold him, but at last he just had a calm face and wanted to drive him away. "

clearly, I'm sorry, my father is incompetent, my father is useless, I can't give you care, but also hurt your mother!" Fang Yang really wanted to find a place to cry. Now, driven away by his daughter, he touched the thread in his heart completely, and he couldn't help crying again. Yang was a little surprised by her delicacy. She didn't expect Fang Yang to cry like this.

At this time, a silver car stopped beside them. Cheng Ying got out of the car and was stunned when he saw Fang Yang. "

mom, look at him..." After all, Yang ChuChu is not deeply involved in the world. In the face of this situation, she does not know how to deal with it.

Cheng Ying said coldly, "it's disgraceful for a big man to sit in my house and cry. Hurry up, what do you want to say? Go inside and say it!" Fang

hearing Cheng Ying's words, Yang dried his tears and followed his mother and daughter into the door.

In the living room, Fang Yang sat down on the sofa, looking very haggard. Cheng asked in a cold voice, "what's the matter with you? Aren't you afraid of your Tigress? In case she gets into trouble with me, don't blame me for being rude. I won't show you mercy. "

"Xiaoying, I want to divorce Liu Lan. I will never be afraid of her again." Fang Yang just raised his head, with a trace of affection in his eyes. Only by contrast can he know which kind of woman is worth cherishing and which one needs to be away from. Unfortunately, it took him half a lifetime to prove this conclusion.

"Is it? I didn't expect you to have the courage to ask for divorce. She wants to leave you! " Cheng Ying scoffed.

Fang Yang shook his head: "no, I decided to leave her. I don't want to live that kind of life again!" "

are you afraid of losing your job? Didn't you care about your career the most? " Cheng Ying continues to ridicule.

Fang Yang bowed his head in shame and remorse, and his voice was full of self mockery: "I was afraid, but now I'm not afraid. Even if I'm poor and forced in the future, I don't want to be tortured again. Xiaoying, I really regret it, when..." "

stop, don't mention that year to me, I've already forgotten and don't care!" Cheng Ying immediately interrupted him in a cold voice. "

don't you really care? Why didn't you find a man to marry after all these years? " Fang Yang thinks that Cheng Ying is not married. He may be waiting for him.

"Ah!" Cheng Ying couldn't help laughing out, and his words were full of contempt: "do you think I'm waiting for you to change your mind? You think it's too important. In these years, I have many pursuers, among which there are not many men who are better than you. If I really want to marry someone, I've already married. I don't want to because I have a daughter. I want to give her all my love. I can't give up my mind to love others, OK? "

Fang Yang's inner thoughts were completely destroyed. He saw from Cheng Ying's indifference that she would not be sad and distressed for herself any more. But once, they also fell in love with each other, and made vows and promises, never to be separated for a lifetime. The original

here are some precious things. If they are lost, they will never be found again. Yang ChuChu, who was standing at the stairs, almost cried when he heard his mother's words.

Mother for her, even their own happiness are put off, but I used to be young and not sensible, but also every day to make her angry, now want to come, really want to give yourself a few slaps.

"Xiaoying, I know it's not easy for you to take a child alone. I also regret that I left your mother and daughter. Now, I have no face to ask for anything more!" Fang Yang is quite self aware and will not make shameless demands.

"You go, don't come to me again. I don't care who you will meet in your next life, and what kind of turning point you will have. It has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with delicacy. We used to live a better life without you, and we will live a better life in the future!" Cheng Ying is indifferent to his voice and drives others.

Fang Yang's heart was shocked. He looked up at the confident and generous woman in front of him and regretted.

"Well, I'll leave now, and I won't disturb your mother and daughter's life again. I don't know where I'll go in the future, but I also want to break away from the prison and live my own life." Fang Yang finally figured it out. He stood up and planned to leave.

At this time, footsteps came from the stairs. Fang Yang turned around and looked at his daughter. He smiled and turned to go out. The two women stood in the living room and watched Fang Yang leave with a sigh of relief.

"Mom, why did you let him in? Don't see a irresponsible man like him again in his whole life, or you will be upset to see him! " Yang ChuChu beeps to Cheng Ying's side and says angrily. Cheng

Ying looks at her daughter tenderly, reaches out and touches her hair: "you are too young to deal with some things calmly. Fang Yang comes to us. If you don't find out the purpose, I'm afraid there will be another time. I let him enter the door just to make him completely dead. As long as he is not deaf or blind, I should see my attitude of rejecting him. I believe he is also I don't have the face to come back to us. "

"Mom, I heard what you said just now. Can you not sacrifice your own happiness for me in the future? I have a boyfriend now. I hope my mom can find a man who loves you and gives you happiness. Mom, you promise me that if there are pursuers in the future, you will not refuse him and enjoy the happiness that women should enjoy!" Yang ChuChu's serious proposal to Cheng Ying. "

you stinky girl, you know you care about me!" Cheng Ying laughs and scolds, but he is very moved. This shows that her lovely daughter is becoming more and more sensible and caring when she grows up. "

mom, do you want me to introduce your boyfriend? I think you need to find a boyfriend to protect you. As long as Fang Yang sees that you are happy with other men, he has no face to disturb you again!" This matter of Yang chujue is urgent and must be stepped up.

Cheng Ying was almost amused by her serious expression. She laughed and shook her head. "Forget it, what boyfriend can you introduce to me? Don't pit me!"

"Well, you have to find it yourself. Hurry up!" Yang ChuChu can only urge his mother anxiously. Don't forget about it.

"Well, since you don't exclude me, I can certainly think about this matter. I don't want to be alone and old, but this time, my requirements will be very high, so I don't know if anyone can achieve it!" Cheng Ying is also a distressed expression. She may have been bitten by a snake for one year and afraid of grass for three years. She has been hurt by men. It's really hard to build up confidence in them again. The relationship between the two women is getting better and better because they understand each other better. Shortly after Fang Yang left Cheng's house, in a car not far away, a man made a backup of the recorded video and prepared to hand it over.