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Tang Xuerou's expression makes Tang youyou confused for a moment. How could she cooperate with her? Ask her to help design costumes for her girls' group?

Oh, it's the first time the sun has come out to the West.

"Sorry, I don't work with you!" Tang youyou simply refused.

"Don Youyou, are you so narrow-minded? I have shown my sincerity. How can you ignore it? It's not like you. " Tang Xuerou thinks that he has offered to show his kindness. Tang youyou should accept it.

Tang youyou turns around, walks to her, the tone is cool: "then you can understand me again now, yes, I am so mean!"

Tang Xuerou looks at Tang youyou's long hair. It's crisp and neat. Her angry fingertips are going to be pinched into the meat.

Tang youyou is no longer the woman who is easily angered. If she really changes, her heart will change even more.

Is it because she has been with Ji Xiaohan for a long time? Her body is stained with the strength and reason of that man.

Tang Xuerou stamped her feet on the spot angrily. She actually thought of a very good way to cross Tang youyou.

As long as she helps her young girl team design clothes, she gets in the way again, makes her design clothes go wrong, and then reports through the media, the name of Tang youyou's designer will immediately become a laughingstock, and no one will hold her high.

It's a pity that her well planned plan turned into a bubble because of Tang youyou's refusal.

How can Tang Xuerou not be angry?

It seems that she can only think of another way.

If you don't make Tang youyou miserable, the evil spirit in Tang Xuerou's heart won't go out.

Therefore, Tang Xuerou immediately walked towards the middle-aged man who was waiting for her not far away.

"My little baby, what's the matter? How can I cry? Who made you angry? " The middle-aged man immediately hugged her, with a look of heartache.

As soon as Tang Xuerou saw the play, she immediately burst out two tears and sobbed, "brother Liu, that was my sister just now. She just scolded me and said I was a fox spirit. Brother Liu, am I?"

"Of course you are not. You are brother Liu's favorite baby." The man immediately kissed her on the forehead, then asked fiercely, "who is the woman who knows nothing about life and death? I dare to laugh at you and see how I can deal with him. "

Tang Xuerou knows that this man is also an expert in the underworld. There are many mixed brothers under his hand. If you can borrow his hand to let Tang youyou get the bad result, Tang Xuerou also feels that this is a good way. So she cried more bitterly and pitifully: "she is the abandoned wife of that great family. Brother Liu doesn't know? She is the woman that Ji Xiaohan kicked off. She was abandoned by Ji Xiaohan, so she took her anger away from me. I don't know where to offend her. Brother Liu, I mentioned your name just now. She even looked scornful and said that brother Liu's name. She didn't hear of it. She didn't know who it was. She was so crazy. She thought she had been with Ji Xiaohan for several months And don't pay attention to people. "

Brother Liu was a hot tempered man. At the moment, he was particularly addicted to Tang Xuerou. Hearing her grievance and crying and seeing that the woman had devalued herself, he was furious.

"It turns out that she is the well-known abandoned woman. Ah, she was despised by others and dared to speak rudely to me. Be careful if I find someone to kill her." Brother Liu is now bewildered by Tang Xuerou. In order to show off his courage, he immediately sends out his cruel words to teach Tang youyou a lesson.

When Tang Xuerou heard that brother Liu had promised to teach Tang youyou a lesson, she immediately thanked him and looked at him admiringly, pretending to be as pitiful as a little white rabbit: "really? Brother Liu, do you really want to teach that woman a lesson? Hello, I love you so much! "

Brother Liu was originally a big, rough man. At the moment, hearing Tang Xuerou's delicate voice, he felt that the crisp bones were soft.

"Brother Liu's words count. In these three days, I will let Tang youyou compensate for the consequences of disorderly speech." Brother Liu thought, isn't she just an abandoned woman? Just look for some brothers to show her some color, and she will surely learn.

"Thank you, brother Liu. I'm so moved that you can help me. I'm sure that people in Ming Dynasty will appreciate you very much!" As soon as Tang Xuerou thought that Tang youyou would be taught a lesson, she immediately tried harder to please brother Liu.

"Well, goblin, I'll see you tonight!" As soon as brother Liu listens, he will be happy in his heart.

In the past, with his identity, it was a dream to get Tang Xuerou's favor.

But now, he holds his favorite female star in his arms and gets her adoring eyes. Brother Liu's heart is surging, even he doesn't know his surname.

Tang youyou takes the elevator, arrives at the reserved position, far away, sees Jiang Nuo one.

Jiang Nuo Yi's dress is always different from other girls. She even wears a black suit with trousers, a tall figure and a neutral face. It's hard to distinguish her gender for a while.

If you don't know that she is a woman, Tang youyou will doubt whether she is a handsome little brother.

As soon as Jiang Nuo saw Tang youyou coming, he stood up happily, as if he was nervous.

"Yo Yo, here you are!" As soon as Jiang Nuo called out her name, it seemed that he had spoken a lot.

Tang youyou also walked over with a smile, pulled out the chair and sat down. As soon as he turned around, he found that the young girl beside him was looking at this side with some amazement, and he was looking at Jiang Nuo Yi.

She couldn't help joking: "you seem to attract girls' attention."

"Is it?" Jiang Nuo a tiny smile, her delicate makeup, but also show a heroic spirit, no women's soft, but there are handsome villains.

It is because she is wearing ear nails on one side, short hair is neat, and gives a clean and fresh feeling to eyebrows and eyes.

Tang youYou can't help but look at her in a trance. She didn't expect that a woman dressed as a boy would have several handsome looks.

As soon as Jiang Nuo hit a handsome ring finger on her absent-minded face: "Hey, come back to your senses, order a list, say well, tonight, my treat, you don't argue with me!"

Seeing that she was so polite, Tang youyou nodded: "well, it's my turn to invite you next time! Don't argue with me! " "No, it's what you say!" Jiang Nuo chuckled and her bright and clean facial features made Tang youyou once again sigh that Jiang Nuo one must have the wrong sex. If she was a boy, how many women should she fall in love with.