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C504 it's no use not willing

Tang Youyou, holding the steering wheel in his hands, cried to the point where he could not feel his own tears, all of which seemed to dry at this moment.

She doesn't know who to hate or blame. She only feels that maybe this is her life. It's destiny. She can't get love or warmth.

It was like this five years ago, and it is like this today. It seems that all the warmth she has will be taken away in the end.

Why? Why punish her like this? What did she do wrong?

Is it because she is the daughter of Javier, and God has put all his sins on her head?

But what's the matter with her? She didn't know this chaveen at all, and he never did his father's duty one day.

Why does she suffer such a blow and abandonment because of him?

Cried for more than half an hour, cried enough, also cried tired, although the brain is still very confused, some things can not think.

And some things that have been figured out make her so unwilling. Is it because she is Xia Weiwen's daughter that she can't get happiness?

What if you don't want to? Ji Xiaohan has shown his attitude. He and she must break up.

Tang youYou can't help but laugh at himself. In fact, as a predecessor, Ji Xiaohan's way of breaking up was quite good. At least he didn't treat her as an enemy, nor retaliate against her. He just told the truth calmly.

Tang youjue, as a man, Ji Xiaohan is a gentleman, keeping his good culture and demeanor.

However, it is because he knows that he is a rare good man that Tang youyou is unwilling to break up with him. She has never been so careful and gentle. Ji Xiaohan is the first one who dotes on her like a treasure.

She likes to be a fool, but now she is abandoned. She will return to the years of struggling alone.

Hehe, if she had known there would be today, at the beginning, she would never fall in love with him.

Love is not a game. It can end when it's over. The pain in my heart now is so real. It's like someone is cutting her flesh with a knife. It hurts and numbs.

Tang youyou is not in the mood to drive away now. She must calm down. Yes, she must calm down. She will not be defeated by difficulties.

At that time, she suffered with her children alone. This time, she can still face it easily. Isn't it breaking up? Tang youyou stared at himself with swollen eyes like a walnut in the mirror and murmured, "isn't that breaking up? break up? Divide, divide cleanly, old and dead don't contact each other, later meeting is a stranger, don't ignore you, don't talk to you again, you finally don't run to my dream

come, otherwise, I'm afraid I will cut you to death, Ji Xiaohan, you bastard, liar, I won't waste my time and youth to continue to be cheated by you, I won't, I won't die. "

Tang youyou felt that he was like a madman, murmuring what he didn't understand, as if he had been mad and driven mad by love.

She never knew how painful it was to expel someone from her heart when she fell in love with them.

An hour later, Tang youyou's self talk is over. She finally wakes herself up from the pain. She bites her hand hard, leaving two bloodstained marks.

It seems that only in this way can we stop daydreaming and expect Ji Xiaohan's sudden Conscience Discovery and love her again.

In fact, even if Ji Xiaohan still loves her, the old lady will not accept her any more. Even the old lady will hate her.

At the thought of the old lady's various maintenance, support and understanding, Tang youyou wanted to cry again.

It's over. Her lacrimal glands are so developed that she can't stop crying.

No, wake up, face the reality, don't let yourself too embarrassed, what's the use of this?

At the moment, Tang youyou urgently needs to find someone to comfort himself, no Come and enjoy yourself.

So Tang youyou called his mother Liu Xi.

Hearing her choking voice, Liu Xi was also very worried about her. She immediately left her job and quickly found her.

In a bar

Liu Xi was surprised that Tang Youyou, such a good girl, would even come to the bar. The sun just came out to the West.

"Mummy Here! " Tang youyou seems to have drunk some wine. However, she has a good amount of wine, so she is not drunk.

When she saw Ganma coming in from the door, she looked surprised. She raised her hand and called for her to come.

Liu Xi walked quickly to her, and when she saw her intoxicated and confused look, she immediately frowned: "Yo Yo, you don't come to work, how do you come here to drink? Is something wrong? "

Tang youyou stared at the bright wine in his hand and laughed at himself: "work? Ganma, you teach me how to get out of the shadow as quickly as possible if I'm lovelorn. Teach me quickly. "

When Liu Xi heard her words, it was more difficult to believe them. He asked with wide eyes, "Yo, what do you say? Who is lovelorn? "

"Me? Ganma, can't you see it? I'm lovelorn. I broke up with Ji Xiaohan. I abandoned him. " Tang youyou points to his face with his fingers, and smiles when he is drunk. "You don't want to drink any more. Tell me first. What's the matter? How did you break up with Ji Zong? You've already sent out wedding stickers. Let's go to your wedding? You have a wedding in a few days. Now you say you're breaking up? My God, what's the big deal? What's the deal? Can't two people sit down and communicate well. " Liu Xi directly takes Tang youyou's glass and hands her a glass of ice water.

Tang youyou took a sip, and the whole person was shivering with cold. She frowned and looked at Liu Xi wrongly: "why, why do you give me this? I don't drink water. I want to drink. Today, I want to get drunk."

"Don Youyou, do you think I'm your family? What happened to you? Tell me. " Liu Xi is really distressed and anxious to see her like this.

Tang youyou saw that Ganma's face changed in a hurry. She quickly took two more sips of ice water to make herself more sober. "Gan Ma, I didn't joke with you. Just now, Ji Xiaohan called me to his office and told me a big secret. Then he announced that he had split up with me. To be honest, I haven't slowed down until now." At last, Tang youyou speaks seriously. Only when she mentions it, her eyes turn red. Liu Xi's expression was completely shocked. Then, she asked curiously, "you long, what big secret is that Ji always has to break up with you?"