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Ji Xiaohan went to lanyue's house at noon and bought a lot of things. When lanyue saw his eldest son and his future daughter-in-law, he was naturally moved and his eyes were red.

"Your brother and his girlfriend have also been here. Unexpectedly, you have also come. I'm really busy here!" LAN Yue said happily, and then looked at her eldest son with a happy face.

The little son's character doesn't change much. He's still as cold and grumpy as before. However, LAN Yue knew when he was very young. Now when he gets along with him, he feels quite friendly.

But the eldest son has changed a lot. He has completely become a calm and calm man, with a cold face, calm temperament and a sense of dignity. LAN Yue is extremely distressed to think of the hardships his eldest son has experienced for the company.

However, now she is very pleased to see him on his own, responsible and manly. Maybe it's not bad to go through more things, but sometimes mature and calm makes her sad.

"Mom, brother, did you mention about dad and the white woman?" Ji Xiaohan asked in a low voice. I'm coming here today and I'm going to talk about it.

LAN Yue nodded, "yes, when he showed me those photos, I was surprised. I thought it was the photo your grandmother gave you. He said no!"

"I knew that grandma must have known. Mom, you shouldn't have kept it from us all the time, which caused so many years of estrangement between us." In the cold words of the season owl, there is a slight sense of reproach.

LAN Yue laughed: "how dare I tell you this before? It will make you completely disappointed in your father!"

"What does that matter? Since he has done it, is he afraid that others will know?" Ji Xiaohan sneers.

Tang youyou stood beside him, heard his tone suddenly bad, and quickly reached out and pulled his sleeve. Ji Xiaohan just stopped his anger and recovered as usual.

LAN Yue looks at the small action of Tang youyou and smiles softly: "Youyou, sit on the sofa and talk, don't stand!"

"OK!" Tang youyou's impression on LAN Yue has always been very good. She feels that she is a very comfortable and gentle woman. She is not impatient and restless. She is gentle and meticulous, which makes people want to get close to her.

Sitting on the sofa, LAN Yue prepares fruit and tea again. Then she sits on the sofa and asks Ji Xiaohan, "don't hate your father now, things are over, just live your life well!"

"Mom, do you have anything to hide from me, dad? Can you really go there?" Ji Xiaohan reaches for the cup, lowers his head and blows away the tea leaves. After a sip of thin lips, he begins to sink.

LAN Yue was shocked and looked at his son in surprise: "Xiao Han, what do you mean by that? It's been more than ten years, but it's not over yet. It's just a contest with myself. "

"Mom, have you ever thought that Dad's death was not an accident?" Season owl cold raises the MOU, the vision is penetrating a wipe heavy.

LAN Yue's face changed, and then frowned, "owl cold, what do you say?"

"Mom, have you ever thought that father was killed by Ji Lin?" Ji Xiaohan said it bluntly. "Ah..." LAN Yue uttered a shock. It was obvious that she never thought about something, not that she didn't want it, but that she had been hurt in her heart and didn't go deep into it. So when she heard her son's words at the moment, her face turned pale: "it's impossible, isn't it?

, Ji Lin wasn't in China that year!"

"Mom, I have reason to believe that he has the motive to kill people. Moreover, this time when I went abroad, I also tested his reaction. He was obviously shocked and guilty. If a person is honest in heart, he will never hide from my eyes!" Ji Xiaohan said with great certainty. "This Do your grandparents know? " LAN Yue was still shocked and didn't know what to say. Her only appreciation for her ex husband was also worn away by his and Bai Zhenzhen's extramarital love. So, because she was young and hated deeply, she hoped that her husband would study for the sake of two small children, know how to go back, and don't go wrong again. However, Ji Nan was like a devil, running out constantly, just looking out The company didn't pay attention to his family, which made lanyue completely die for him. Therefore, when knowing that he had a car accident, lanyue's reaction was not too painful. She just felt that this was a retribution.

"I won't talk to my grandparents about it until I find evidence!" Season owl cold is also taking into account the two old people's body can not bear, so temporarily do not mention. "If it's really caused by Ji Lin, it's really terrible. They're brothers. Moreover, Ji Lin always respects your brother very much in front of your brother. He doesn't look like a person who can do such extreme events." LAN Yue didn't know much about Ji Lin. she felt that he used to be a polite young man. Until five years ago, when she learned that Ji Lin wanted to harm his eldest son, she realized that he was just a smiling face tiger, talking with others, but doing sinister things behind him.

"Know people, know faces and don't know hearts. People who flatter you often don't know how to stab a knife." Ji Xiaohan sneers at the ugliness and evilness of human nature. He has experienced too much, so only when analyzed can he feel reasonable.

LAN Yue and Tang youyou both look pale, because the people involved in this matter are all unexpected.

"Xiao Han, what do you decide to do?" LAN Yue looks up at her son with a dignified voice.

"Of course, to find out the murderer and give my father an account. Even if he is not responsible, he is also my biological father." Season owl cold look serious say.

LAN Yue immediately worried: "Xiao Han, you know that Ji Lin is a mad dog that can bite people. How can you provoke him? I think you should stop looking into this matter! "

"Mom, you may not know. Even if I don't find him to settle accounts, he's also recruiting me now. Not long ago, he found someone to do the secret leak of our company!" Season owl cold frowns, the matter of interest to say, LAN Yue look is a big surprise, more anxious.

"Auntie, I think it's up to him to decide this matter. We don't want him to be hurt, but since someone wants to hurt someone, we can't be unprepared." LAN Yue hears that Tang youyou is supportive, and she nods: "well, since Ji Lin hasn't given up trying to compete with you for the management power of Ji's family, of course you can't let him bully him, Xiao Han. Since you see those photos, I think you can go to Bai Zhenzhen and ask him clearly. In the year of

your father was in a car accident with her that night, and say no No, she will know something. " "White really?" Season owl cold eyes light moment cold heavy.