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I want to be his woman now

Tang You You is also a victim, he herself doesn't know why she would be in the hotel, moreover, she was drugged. This matter, I can be sure that it was Tang Xue Rou who framed us. "

Ji Xiao Han saw the look of annoyance on her face, and he reached out and pulled her into his embrace, "Wandering, did you know? I thought you betrayed me! "

"Why should I betray you?" Tang You You leaned into his embrace, and asked in a strange tone.

"I don't know, the moment I saw the photo of you and Lu Xuan Chen together, I was about to go crazy. Lu Xuan Chen is your first love, you definitely wouldn't forget him, I was worried that you would fall in love with him, not me!" Ji Xiao Han inconfidently pulled her closer as he kissed her neck. It was as if he would only be at ease if he felt her warmth in his heart.

Tang You You was a little shocked. She had never thought that Ji Xiao Han would actually say such words that lacked confidence.

From her point of view, this man was arrogant and conceited at the same time. Moreover, he was extremely narcissistic.

However, it was precisely this kind of narcissistic man who said such insecure words at this moment that made people at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

Just like you and Ji Yun Ning, before you meet someone you truly love, everyone will more or less become dependent on the opposite sex. I can understand you, but you can also understand me, right? Tang You You said with a low laugh.

Ji Xiao Han released her, and looked at her eyes to confirm once more: "How do you feel about Lu Xuan Chen now?"


"No!" Ji Xiao Han very arrogantly requested: "You cannot be his friend, I will be jealous!"

"Can't even be friends? Do you want me to become strangers with him? " Tang You You was speechless at his request.

Ji Xiao Han nodded in satisfaction: "That's right, you have to be a stranger with him. Moreover, you have to nod your head only after meeting him.

"You're too overbearing, right? I've never asked for that either!" Tang You You felt that she did not want to be bound by his restrictions.

"You can ask me now, I will do it!" Ji Xiao Han's voice was low and certain.

Tang You You laughed softly before struggling to free herself from his embrace, "I feel that there's no need to be so harsh on your words. It's impossible for us to not make friends in the end, I believe that's all you need, so please believe me as well."

Ji Xiao Han frowned. As he watched her leave, he felt an emptiness in his arms.

"I will have someone capture Tang Xue Rou now and have her explain everything clearly. If it was really her doing, then I will not go and find trouble with Lu Xuan Chen." Although Ji Xiao Han still hated Lu Xuan Chen's existence, he still knew how to speak reason.

It was fair to find trouble with whoever the crime was.

Tang You You gnashed her teeth and said: "I am certain that it was her who did this. This time, I will not be merciful and let her off. She is really too good at tormenting others."

Just as the two of them reached an agreement, Ji Xiao Han's phone rang.

When he saw the number, his handsome face froze. "It's my grandmother's number!"

Tang You You's nerves also shook a bit as her beautiful eyes widened in fear.

"Did your grandma see this as well?" Tang You You covered his face, feeling that the misunderstanding between him and the old lady was getting deeper.

"I originally wanted to wait for you to explain so that I could get someone to delete this rumor. But now, it seems that it's too late." Ji Xiao Han frowned and said.

"Then you should answer the phone first and see what your grandma has to say!" Tang You You walked to his side and hurried him.

Ji Xiao Han placed the phone close to his ear, and the angry voice of the old lady immediately sounded out, "What's wrong with that Tang You You, he actually hugged another man. What a proper conduct, she is already a woman with a child.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You and saw helplessness in his eyes.

Tang You You instantly felt like he was about to collapse.

"Grandma, this is actually a misunderstanding. Can I explain it to you when we get home?" Ji Xiao Han already understood the sequence of events of the matter, and that was why he spoke up for Tang You You.

The old lady was furious, "Xiao Han, I always thought you were a smart and calm person, but I never thought that you would have the chance to be blinded by love and be hugged together. What's there to explain is, you really don't think that Tang You You has anything to do with this man, is it you who are confused, or I am confused, you actually lied to yourself."

Ji Xiao Han knew that his grandmother already had a huge opinion of Tang You You, he was helpless to do anything, so he tried to coax her while hanging up the phone.

"Yes sir!" Ji Xiao Han's eyes flashed on her face: My grandmother is extremely angry, I can only let Tang Xue Rou explain herself, if not, I'm afraid my grandmother will not believe that you and Lu Xuan Chen are innocent.

"Damn that Tang Xue Rou, I'm so tired of her!" Tang You You felt that her entire life was going to be messed up by Tang Xue Rou.

Ji Xiao Han caressed her face and comforted her, "Don't worry, I will investigate this matter thoroughly. I will definitely not let you suffer any grievances."

"Ji Xiao Han, thank you for believing me. To be honest, your actions just now made me very afraid. I thought you wouldn't easily believe me." Tang You You was filled with gratitude towards him, and accepted him even more.

Ji Xiao Han laughed at himself lightly: "In the beginning, I was indeed very angry, I even felt that I had lost you. But, with my understanding of you, it is impossible for you to be with Lu Xuan Chen, you can't accept men touching you, right?"

Tang You You nodded her head: "Ji Xiao Han, when this is over, I will take the initiative to cooperate with you. I will be your real woman!"

Ji Xiao Han's eyes instantly lit up. He didn't think that he would hear her say the word "take the initiative" personally.

He gently pulled her into his embrace again, and kissed her forehead with his thin lips. "You can rest assured that I won't force you. However, I hope that we can be together as soon as possible!"

Tang You You reached out and wrapped her arms around his waist, "When we find my family, let's get married!"

Ji Xiao Han really did not expect her to say the word "marriage" at this time. A hint of surprise flashed past the bottom of his eyes: "Are you really willing to marry me?"