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C571 suspicion of heterosexual friends

The atmosphere in the living room froze at once. The two men stood in the bright hall and looked at each other for a moment, speechless.

"It's all my fault. Why must I come to you today?" Yang ChuChu felt instantly that he should take full responsibility.

Luo Jinyu sighed and walked over without saying a word. He only held her in his arms and held her tightly. "Does your brother disagree with us? I'm so scared, Luo Jinyu. Don't you want me? In my life, I'll follow you. If you don't want me, I'll cut my hair. " Yang ChuChu fell in his arms and said with a light tremble, tears falling down.

Maybe she is too young to bear her emotions. She is so fragile. She can laugh like a fool when she is happy. But once she is hurt, she can cry like a tearful person.

Luo Jinyu's fingers gently caressed her long hair and soothed her in a low voice: "well, stop crying, my brother won't object to us being together."

"But he just

"He was just too surprised. He didn't expect us to be together. In fact, my brother will definitely be on my side. He will support us." Luo Jinyu knows his brother. He just reflected and said those words because he was too surprised. "You seem confident in your brother." Yang ChuChu saw that he had so much trust in lohnin's words, so he stopped his tears, looked up at the deep and charming eyes of the man, held up his toes, and couldn't help but kiss him gently on his thin lips: "no matter who I am, no matter who is against it, it's not

useful, I've fallen in love with you."

"But how does your mother get through that? She doesn't like men at all. I'm afraid she is the most difficult level we can pass. " Luo Jinyu said lightly, feeling that the road of love between her and herself has not been as successful as he thought.

At the time of accepting her, Luo Jinyu really didn't think much about it. She felt that she was a very interesting and lovely girl. She could try to get along and have some fun.

But now we get along with each other, only to find that, like sunshine, she can light up his dull life, make his every day more meaningful, more worthy of expectation, like a little sun, how can he let go? "My mother doesn't want me to find a boyfriend now, maybe it's because I'm too young. I'll guide her slowly. Don't worry!" Yang ChuChu replied softly. In fact, she didn't know how to enlighten her mother, because she was hurt too much by men, and she had no confidence in men.

"Well, let's wait slowly. Now, I'll take you back!" Luo Jinyu thought tonight was a romantic and memorable night, but he found that there were so many realities waiting for them.

"Wait a minute, I haven't recorded my fingerprint yet!" Yang ChuChu thought of a very important thing.

Luo Jinyu had to take her to his equipment room, record the fingerprints of her two thumbs and give her a key to open the door.

"Take me downstairs. I'll ask my assistant to pick me up!" Yang ChuChu is happy. Later, if she is in a bad mood, she will have a place to rest.

"Good!" Luo Jinyu is also strong. Anyway, from now on, they have a long way to go in love.


Mu shiye finally coaxes her daughter to sleep, turns on her mobile phone, and sees Pei Anxin sharing a wave of beautiful photos on her microblog. He is full of excitement, and quickly points to open her photos and looks at them.

She seems to have a lot of places. In the sunshine and breeze, she is charming, beautiful and full of youth.

Mu shiye is addicted to her beautiful photos. Suddenly, he thinks of a very serious thing. These are Pei Anxin's single photos. So, the question is, who is taking photos for her?

Mu shiye's action of flipping through the photos suddenly started. He wanted to see the person who took the photos for her, even if the other side showed a face, at least he could know that the other side was male or female.

Unfortunately, he looked through more than ten of her photos, and did not see other people's faces, only her relaxed and freehand figure in the beautiful scenery.

"Damn it, isn't this woman traveling alone?" The night of mooch is in a hurry.

He punches on the table. Next second, he hears a little body rolling behind him. He turns around quickly and pats his daughter's shoulder gently. He calms her to sleep again.

"Shall I call her?" When the night frowns, the inner activities are enriched.

A few days ago, he had not been in charge of Pei Anxin's traveling abroad alone, because he was very relieved.

He knows Pei Anxin is not a woman with disorderly behavior. On the contrary, she is very self-respect and self love, and is absolutely impossible to indulge herself like other women.

So, in those days, he, the master of the Mu family, just took his baby daughter to play with him.

He just wants to cultivate father daughter relationship with his daughter quickly. In the future, he can let this little guy help himself and let him take Pei Anxin down earlier.

But now, looking at these photos, Mu shiye is no longer in the same mood as before.

He suddenly thought of the day before Pei Anxin left, his expression seemed to be relaxed a lot. Although his attitude towards him was as cold as ever, she seemed to put down a lot of emotions.

Is there another man in her life that reassures her?

Who is it?

It's not him anyway.

Mu shiye hurriedly takes the mobile phone and quickly pushes the door out.

Knock on the door of sister Mu Lin, Mu Lin is making a mask, open the door, Mu Shi is scared at night.

"What's the matter?" Mureen asked him strangely as she pressed her face.

Mu shiye asked her sister for help: "sister, please help me to see if there is anything wrong with Pei Anxin's photos?"

Murin looked at it immediately: "nothing wrong? I think she's very happy to laugh. I don't need to bring children. Let her feel more relaxed. "

"If you take a good look, don't you find the problem? She is a person abroad now. Who took these pictures for her? " Mu shiye didn't expect her sister to even think of this serious problem.

"Maybe she asked strangers for help to take photos. You think more about it." Murin's light answer. "Strangers? In front of strangers, she can laugh so happy? It must be no stranger. Maybe it's her friend, and maybe it's male! " When I think of these things at night, my heart is in a mess.