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Bai Yiyan deliberately delayed until eleven o'clock, and then took Ji Yueze to Pei's house. Pei's home is in an ordinary villa area, a three-story small villa, surrounded by a yard in front of the door. The yard is not big enough to accommodate only two cars. It's absolutely inferior to Ji's, but it's also rich.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan come here in a black car. It seems low-key, but in fact, it's not cheap, and it's still limited. When Zizi drove in, everyone in Pei's family stood at the door, including Peihong.

Just now, although he has been struggling in his heart for a long time, the thought of Ji's power, in a word, will be enough for his company to eat for three years. How can he not be complacent? It's all an old fox.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan get off the bus and walk to the hall. Peihong immediately greets them warmly: "Xiaoyan, this is the second son of Ji family. I've heard a lot about her. I'm glad to see her."

The polite greeting once embarrassed the scene. Pei Ying immediately gave her father a look: "Dad, don't say such polite words!" Season

Yueze is a gentleman with polite tone: "Mr. Pei, you are so polite. I just accompany Xiaoyan back to have a meal today!"

Ji Yueze is the first time to call her nickname so intimately. Bai Yiyan is stunned for a moment. Pei's eyes flashed with resentment. She always thought that Ji Yueze was good to Bai Yiyan, but she was not so good. But just now he called her name naturally, as if they were like one person, so she had no chance to step in. Bai

her mother is also looking at Ji Yueze happily. Although she can often see him in movies and TV plays, she still can't believe standing in front of her. Only

it can be said that he is more handsome and tall than the one under the camera. Moreover, the most important thing is that he is good to Bai Yiyan. This kind of good doesn't seem to be pretended.

"Hello, aunt!" Ji Yueze nodded directly to his mother and shouted politely.

White mother was very happy, immediately said to him: "go to the living room to sit and talk, I prepared some tea!" White

apart from the love of money, mother has no other disadvantages. Just like many housewives, she is enthusiastic.

Bai Yiyan immediately turned to the car and picked up the things she had bought. "Mom, this is a gift from Ji Yueze. I'll help you to go upstairs!"

With that, Bai Yiyan went upstairs directly. Ji feels instinctively that Bai Yiyan's relationship with Pei's father and daughter is really bad. She is too lazy to pretend.

Pei Ying sat with shame, afraid to speak for a while. Pei

as the head of the family, he quickly poured a cup of tea and brought it to Ji Yueze's face: "Ji Er childe, please drink tea, we small family, are afraid of wronging you."

"You are welcome, Mr. Pei!" Ji Yueze said lightly and took a sip of tea. Pei Ying's eyes around him are more handsome and temperamental than the rumor. That is not what actors have, but what they are born with.

"Xiaoying, don't hurry to say hello to Jier Shao, you will go to work in his company later." Pei Hong was afraid to speak when he saw her. He quickly found her a chance. Pei

Ying blushed nervously and whispered, "boss, please take care of me in the future." Season

Yue Ze took a look at her, and said lightly: "you work hard, you will have a chance in the future!" "

thank you for your encouragement. I will try my best!" Pei Ying said excitedly. Season

the more you smile, the more elegant you are.

At this time, Bai Yiyan went downstairs. She went directly to her mother and asked in a low voice, "Mom, what can I do for you?"

Before Bai Yiyan went home, she had to do most of the housework. Although Bai's mother didn't want her to do it, she didn't want Pei's family to see that she was lazy and would rush to do it. So, back here, she was really not suitable for being a guest. Instinctively, she wanted to help her mother.

"No, what can I do for you today? Just take care of your boyfriend!" White mother said with a smile.

Bai Yiyan had to have a dry laugh, and then sat next to Ji Yueze.

Pei Ying's eyes can't hide her jealousy. She thought that she used to be the most existential person in the family. Now, everyone's eyes are on Bai Yiyan. Besides, she is sitting beside her God. This feeling is just like a thousand arrows passing through her heart.

Pei Ying still has to bear it and pretend to smile.

Pei Hong is also trying to find a topic to talk with Ji Yueze. However, it's really difficult to find a topic because of the different ways. So he asked: "yesterday, Ji's eldest son got married, which made a sensation in the whole city. The scene must be very lively."

Ji Yueze didn't want the atmosphere to be too dull, so he said casually, "yes, the scene is really busy!" "

then you and Xiaoyan When are you going to get married? " Pei Hong didn't have a topic to talk about for a while, so he asked this question. He was going to piss Pei Ying off. Bai

Yiyan bowed her head to eat fruit. She had no words with Pei's father and daughter, so she had to serve as a foodie.

Hearing Pei Hong's question, Bai Yiyan glances at Pei Ying intentionally or unintentionally. However, Pei Ying's face was black with anger, and she was staring at her with full resentment. Bai

Yi Yan knows Pei Ying's mind. She likes Ji Yueze, and she likes it crazily.

At this moment, I'm afraid she's in a bad mood.

"We are discussing this matter. It may not be long!" When Ji Yueze said this, he looked up at Bai Mu as if he was asking for her advice.

White mother sat by and listened. She nodded happily at once: "well, you young people's affairs, you make your own decisions, we have no opinion." In fact, there was a question in his mind when he saw the white mother.

He had never met Bai's mother before. He always thought Bai Yiyan should look like her mother.

But now, Bai's mother has a totally different face from Bai Yiyan. What he called is different. It's really different. Bai's mother is a very rich round face, and her eyes and nose are different from Bai Yiyan. White

Yiyan is full of beauty. She has beautiful eyebrows, big eyes, small and straight nose, and natural lips. It's a kind of beautiful feeling when she smiles.

Ji Yueze is surprised. Does Bai Yiyan look like her father?

Otherwise, if it's really like her mother, it's not at all like it.

Ji Yueze can't help frowning. In this way, Bai Yiyan looks more like Bai Zhenzhen. Bai Zhenzhen is really beautiful. Besides, she and Bai mother are sisters.