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Suddenly, Tang You You thought of something, and she could not help but mention it to Liu Xi: "Mother, I would like to invite a friend of mine over for a chat!"

"Which friend of yours? Fashion? Do I know him? " Liu Xi asked curiously.

"Yes, that's him. Godmother, do you still remember him? When you were young, you saw him too, right? "

Tang You You answered seriously: "Godmother, I can swear that I don't have any thoughts towards him, it is just out of friendship, I want to help him, of course, if Ji Xiao Han finds out about this, he will definitely be angry, so, I want to ask Godmother, can you help me invite him?"

Liu Xi actually knew that it was impossible for Tang You You to be entangled with him. They had known each other so long ago, and now that both of them had grown up, if they really called each other, they would have been together a long time ago.

"Alright, I'll give you a call and ask!" Liu Xi was not afraid to shoulder this blame for her, because he knew that she was using the name of friendship.

In the afternoon, Liu Xi knocked on the door and came in. He shrugged his shoulders and said somewhat helplessly, "I have already contacted Lu Xuan Chen's manager and conveyed your intention of inviting him in. However, Lu Xuan Chen refused."

"Oh!" Hearing this result, Tang You You looked startled, but, with her understanding of Lu Xuan Chen, he might really not be someone who would ignore his own principles just to win people's hearts.

"Then do you want to call him yourself?" Liu Xi could not help but ask.

Tang You You shook his head: "No need, there's definitely a reason why he can't say it out loud."

"Alright!" Liu Xi nodded.

After Liu Xi left the room, Tang You You sighed. She wanted to help Lu Chenxuan this once, but unfortunately, he did not accept her kindness.

Anyway, they were only friends.

Coincidentally, Luo He Ning was going to the Mu Group for a meeting. The two companies had just formed a cooperation project, and it was actually jointly agreed upon by Luo He Ning and Mu Shi Ye.

Luo He Ning had been choosing clothes to wear since morning in his room.

However, no matter how he chose, he felt that it wasn't good to wear it on his body.

As a result, his gaze fell upon his big brother who just happened to pass by the door of his room, and he immediately dragged Luo Jin Yu in.

"Big brother, can you help me see which clothes look better on me?" At this moment, Luo He Ning could only place his hopes on his big brother.

Luo Jin Yu looked at him strangely, and frowned: "All these clothes were carefully chosen by you, aren't they all good looking?"

"Then there has to be one that looks the best. Big brother, you have a sharp eye, please help me pick one." Luo He Ning smiled bitterly and begged his brother.

Luo Jin Yu was amused by his brother's expression. He pointed to one of them: "Wear this on your body."

"Really? Actually, I've always thought that this one is pretty! " Luo He Ning immediately realized that his taste was the same as his brother's.

Luo Jin Yu lightly stroked his beautiful chin with his finger: "He Ning, do you have an important date today? Moreover, the target is a woman. "

Luo He Ning was slightly shocked, and quickly covered it up: "No, I don't have a date. You know I don't have a girlfriend."

"Then why did you start focusing on your clothes? Weren't you the one who didn't even take care of your hair before you left? " Luo Jin Yu exposed him immediately.

Luo He Ning immediately tried to reason with him: "Isn't it normal to pay attention to appearances? "I see that Big Bro dresses himself up mature and handsome every day. When those women in the company see you, their eyes go straight. Big Bro, tell me honestly, did you take a fancy to any one of them?"

"Boring!" Luo Jin Yu rolled his eyes at him, then turned and left.

"Big brother, don't tell me that you already know who you belong to? Did I know him? Was she beautiful? Isn't it very dignified? "Moreover …"

"Alright, you're so noisy!" Luo Jin Yu interrupted his blabbering and went down to eat breakfast.

Seeing that his brother avoided talking about feelings, Luo He Ning became even more suspicious. Maybe there was someone he liked now.

Furthermore, that person could actually be Mu Lin!

Even Mu Shi Ye felt that since his big brother was the most suitable for his sister, then would he himself still have a play to sing?

Luo He Ning, who was in a good mood a moment ago, instantly jumped off his shoulder. He felt that he had failed, although he clearly liked the other party, he did not even have the courage to confess.

When, exactly, would his goddess look at him directly?

In the end, Luo He Ning still wore a black suit and left the house.

Seeing that Mu Shi Ye, who was originally in charge of this meeting, had temporarily become Mu Lin, his entire body suddenly shook.

In the meeting, all of his thoughts were on that woman's calm and collected tone.

"Luozheng …"

Mu Lin suddenly shouted out his name.

"Luozheng!" The person beside Luo He Ning lightly pushed him.

Luo He Ning quickly regained his senses, looking a little embarrassed: "What?"

"Do you have anything to add to my proposal just now?" Seeing his distracted look, Mu Lin instantly frowned.

Actually, it was not only Luo He Ning who was paying attention to Mu Lin.

Ever since the last time Luo He Ning took her to the hospital with an injured leg, he gradually started to take a closer look at her.

At this moment, looking at him in a daze, the woman's sixth sense instantly jumped out.

He was definitely thinking about that woman!