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C848 what's going on?

The most proud handsome face of Mu Shi night can't look straight at all. The thin lips are red all around, and there are red spots on both sides of the face. Even his eyebrows are suffering, like two caterpillars.

"This little guy, it's time for a good education!" Mu shiye is regarded as a drawing board, but he is not angry. As long as his daughter is happy and his father is happy, isn't he willing to do anything?

Mu Shi washed his face several times at night, and finally cleaned the red color on his face. He pushed the door out and saw his smiling sister.

Little orange didn't know what he had done. When he saw mu, he immediately reached out for hugs.

"Daddy!" The sweet, sticky and small milk sound is irresistible.

Mu Shi night put the little guy in his arms, let her sit on her strong arm, glanced at Mu Lin who was still smiling: "when you have children, see how you laugh."

Mu Lin finally stopped laughing and raised her eyebrows triumphantly: "I'm not married, but DINK!"

After listening to Mu shiye, he mourned for his friend for three seconds. When he met his sister's strong girlfriend, lohnin should have a headache.

"I'm going to work. Where are you going in a moment?" Mulin asked, with her hands around her chest.

Mu shiyejun's face is less frivolous and spirited. He kisses his daughter's little face: "I'm going to take Anxin and orange out shopping."

"Are you and Ann OK now? When will you take them home for dinner?" Murin has always been concerned about her brother's relationship.

"I'm not thinking about bringing her back at the moment!" Thinking of her mother's reflection, Mu shiye still decided not to let them meet.

"That's not the way. Mom should change her temper!" Murin also felt that her mother was too much. "By the way, last time Luo Jinyu was angry with his mother. I really appreciate Luo Jinyu's personality. He is modest but not weak!" When Mu shiye thought of the last time Luo family brothers came to have dinner at home, her mother thought that her sister's boyfriend was Luo Jinyu, but she didn't think it would be Luo hening, which led to her mother's disappointment on the face, so she began to be dissatisfied with all kinds of words, and was stung into a mute by Luo Jinyu's words.

"Lohnin doesn't seem to mind it. I've talked to my mother. I'm sure she won't talk about it again." Mu Lin shrugged her shoulders and spread out such a sensitive and harsh mother. She and her brother Sanguan were not distorted. It's lucky.

"Lohnin is really good tempered. Don't bully him all the time!" Mu shiye wants to say a few good words for a good brother.

"I like to bully him, do you mind?" murin said

When the night of mooch was completely speechless, he continued to mourn for his good brother in his heart for three seconds.

Mu Lin suddenly thought of a disturbing thing, turned around and left. As soon as she got to the door of the room, she felt sick in her stomach. She immediately ran back to her room and retched in the bathroom.

"What happened? Is it eating bad? " Murin didn't like this kind of reaction very much. She murmured a few words and planned to go downstairs for breakfast. Suddenly, she smelled a smell of lampblack. In a moment, she became nauseous again. She simply didn't enter the restaurant and went out directly.

Mu Lin takes out her mobile phone and dials up a phone to give Luo Henning: "my stomach is not comfortable. You accompany me to the hospital for an examination!"

"What's the matter? Have you eaten anything cold? " Lokhenin received the call early in the morning, and Jun's face suddenly changed. He was worried.

"Maybe. I knew that yesterday I would not drink Iced Milk." Murin murmured and complained, regretting herself.

"Wait, I'll pick you up!" Lohnin did not delay for a moment and got up in a hurry to get dressed.

"You come to the company to pick me up. I'll go to the company first!" Murin finished, hung up the phone and drove to the company.

At 9:30, lohnin appeared at the door of muleen's office, a dark blue suit, a handsome young man, and even a little bit of a big boy with red lips and white teeth.

Mu Lin listlessly sits on the office chair, and sees that as soon as he comes in, the bottom of her eyes passes a color of peace. "Here you are?" Since she got on well with lohnin, murin's aura has changed. She used to be fierce and strong in her work and speech. She is a strong woman. But now, she has a little gentle temperament. With her charming face, her temperament is mature and excellent

elegant, which can definitely make a man's mind float.

Unfortunately, only lohnin can enter the eyes of Maureen.

If other men behave in front of her, all they get is Mu Lin's icy eyes.

Only when you see lohnin, the Queen's face is like the warm sun melting ice and snow, turning into soft water, which makes people feel cool and comfortable.

"What's wrong? Let's hurry to the hospital. " Lohnin's tone was full of concern.

"Let's go. I'm not in the mood to work now. I can't concentrate!" Murin frowned a little.

When two people leave the office, they immediately attract everyone's attention. The combination of handsome men and beautiful women is always particularly eye-catching, just like a beautiful scenery line, which can refresh your mind at a glance.

Although Mulin's momentum is superior to lohnin's, lohnin's figure is the advantage. Even if Mulin steps on a pair of thin high heels, it is only beside his ears. The matching of figure is perfect.

"Wait a moment, I feel like vomiting again!" When passing by the restroom, Mu Lin enters the restroom quickly with a bitter expression.

Lohnin stood outside the door and could hear her sick retch, her face worried.

What's the matter with this? Why is it so serious all of a sudden?

Lohnin would love to go to the hospital immediately and know the result immediately.

Mu Lin vomited for a while, relieved a little, looked up at the mirror, already tearful.

"I'll go!" Murin was very healthy from childhood. She didn't have a cold all the year round. But now, she was suffering from a pale face. Did she feel that she had any incurable disease in an instant?

Murin's face was more pale, and she felt that she was probably suffering from a serious illness.

Think of here, Mu Lin walked out stiffly, a pair of beautiful eyes straight stare at Luo hening.

Seeing her eyes straight and blank, lohnin immediately asked, "what's the matter? Is it worse! "

Maureen suddenly took one of his big hands and said, "lohnin, if I am not saved, let's break up as soon as possible. I don't want you to see me disabled by illness."

"Mureen, what are you talking about?" Lohnen was frightened by her directly, and her handsome face was white.

"I always feel that I'm sick. It may be very serious!" murin said "No, no matter what, I will accompany you. Let's go!" Lohnen said firmly.