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Ji Xiao Han immediately said very politely to Cheng Wan Lian: "Since you are the unhurried aunt, then I will also address you as aunt."

"How can I accept this …" "No matter how I address you, you can come in first. I'll pour you a cup of tea to drink!" Cheng Wan Lian was very excited and nervous, but he was even more surprised when he called Tang You You by name.

"This is to thank you for taking care of the two children. It's a small favor." Ji Xiao Han's two big palms had already been grabbed by his daughter Tang Xiao Nai, and were swaying in front of him, extremely happy.

Seeing his daughter taking care of him, Ji Xiao Han was moved to the extreme as he pinched her cheeks: "No need, Daddy won't eat it."

"Then if Xiao Nai wants to eat it, can Daddy help you peel one?" The little guy immediately laughed complacently.

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

He was cheated by his daughter again. She clearly said that she would peel him, but in the next second, it was him who peeled her. The little guy's cleverness left him at a loss whether to laugh or to cry.

"Alright!" Ji Xiao Han picked an orange and personally peeled it. After peeling it open, he fed piece by piece to his daughter's small mouth and also fed a few pieces of his son who was playing games with his head lowered to the side.

Tang You You placed a cup of water in front of him and said indifferently: "First, accompany the children and play. I'll go help aunt cook dinner."

"Go!" Ji Xiao Han replied in a low voice.

Tang You You did not look at him anymore, and went straight into the kitchen to help.

Ji Xiao Han lifted the cup of water she had poured, and took a sip with his thin lips.

He sized up the room. It was rather old, with only three rooms and two rooms, but it was still very narrow.

However, it could be seen that the owner of the house was someone who loved cleanliness. Although the things in the house were old, they were cleaned and tidy, giving off a warm and cozy feeling.

"Daddy, I want to drink too …" With her father by her side, Tang Xiao Nai immediately sat up, and started shifting all kinds of positions in her father's embrace. In her small hand, she was holding a controller, and was constantly going to change channels.

Ji Xiao Han placed the cup of water next to his daughter's mouth. The little fellow drank some water, its big eyes still staring at the television.

Tang You You squeezed into the kitchen. After being chased out by her aunt a few times, she just didn't want to go out.

She didn't want to see the man anyway, not that she didn't want to see him, but that she didn't want to be with him.

It was very uncomfortable. When she collided with him, even the air became very quiet. Then, she felt that something was wrong with her.

Tang Wan Lian seemed to see through her thoughts, so she didn't say anything else.

"Aunt, let me cook these dishes first." Tang You You still had a lot of experience in cooking.

Tang Wan Lian was still making the black fish soup and didn't have the time to fry vegetables, so she said, "Sure, you can do it."

After Tang You You cooked a few bowls of vegetables, she carried them to the table. When she came out, and saw the men and children quietly sitting on the sofa and watching TV, she was slightly taken aback.

Ji Xiao Han felt that she had come out, so he looked towards the dining hall with his gloomy eyes.

After Tang You You recovered her wits, she realized that the man was staring at her with a strange expression. Her small face was inexplicably hot, and she quickly hid herself in the kitchen.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her panicking back, and could not help but chuckle. He suddenly felt that although this woman could be so stubborn that he was annoyed, but he could be so interesting that he found his cute.

When the food was ready, Cheng Wan Lian came over and invited Ji Xiao Han onto the table to eat. She then brought the two little fellows to wash her little hands.

Tang Xiao Rui was still using the Mummy's phone to play, but he was suddenly snatched away by Ji Xiao Han: "Playing games at such a young age, you're too outrageous."

"One more round, then I'll stop. Daddy, hurry up and give me back my phone." Tang Xiao Rui immediately jumped around trying to steal the phone from her father. Her face was flushed red from anxiousness.

Tang You You immediately walked over, took the phone away from Ji Xiao Han's hand, and gave his son a stern look: "If you want to continue playing, then you're not allowed to eat."

Tang Xiao Rui drooped his shoulders helplessly: "Alright, if you don't want to play, then so be it!"

The person Ji Xiao Han was most afraid of was still Tang You You. He felt a little disappointed in his heart, could it be that in a family, wasn't it father who was the most dignified? Why did it feel like Tang You You was the only one in charge of the entire family?

Did she even put him in her eyes?

If he asked this question, Tang You You would definitely tell him, no!

"Mr. Ji, don't be so polite, eat more food. Do you want to drink? "I still have a few bottles of wine at home …"

Before Ji Xiao Han could even answer, Tang You You had already answered in his place: "No, Aunt, don't bring out the wine, he won't drink it!"

Ji Xiao Han was startled as he stood at the side. He looked at the woman who had made the decision for her with deep emotions. Who told her that he didn't drink?

Cheng Wan Lian also realized the underlying meaning behind Tang You You's words, and she couldn't help but laugh happily.

Of course, Tang You You herself did not realize that her words just now made some kind of connection with him. She only felt that, with her aunt's great difficulty in collecting the wine, it was best not to let Ji Xiao Han waste it on her. Also, with these children around, as his father, he obviously shouldn't drink.

"Aunt, you're right, I don't drink!" Ji Xiao Han replied meaningfully.