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C673 she's getting more and more beautiful

Aunt is crying on the phone. Bai Yiyan's heart is in a mess. She didn't expect Ji Yueze to go to aunt so soon. It seems that he really hates aunt's destroying his parents' marriage.

What can I do?

"Auntie, don't cry. Did he tell you anything?" Bai Yiyan can only comfort her a few words first, but she knows that the most important thing for her aunt is to live a comfortable and rich life and face. These words of comfort are of no use. "He said it would make me have nothing. Xiaoyan, I'm so scared. They have great power in the family. It's easy for them to defeat me. I try to avoid the family as much as possible. As soon as I return home, I changed my name. I've spent all these years safely. Who brought up the old story of that year? Did I offend anyone? " Bai Zhenzhen is so scared that he shivers. His voice trembles with fear. His mind is in a mess. He thinks, who did he offend in the most time? Would those people deliberately show the photos to Ji's family?

Bai Yiyan has no clue. She doesn't even know how her aunt's relationship with Ji Yueze's father was.

"Auntie, calm down first. Maybe you can apologize to him for this matter..." "It's no use. I just had to kneel in front of him and beg him to forgive me, but his eyes are so terrible that he won't forgive me at all. Xiaoyan, you are the life-saving grass of aunt. Would you please help me to beg for love? I'm really afraid of losing what I have now. As long as you help me, I have no children under my knees, and my future property will be left to you, isn't it good? " Bai Zhenzhen just wants to find someone to help her get through this difficult situation. She also saw the news about Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze. Although she was a little uneasy at that time, she was also fearless. She felt that such a long-term event would never be revealed again.

"Aunt, I may not be able to help you with this matter. I have broken up with him. We have nothing to do with each other!" Bai Yiyan thought that she could not even get her father's watch back, so she felt that she had no hope at all.

"What?" Bai Zhenzhen was shocked again. It was true that Ji Yueze said he broke up with Bai Yiyan just now.

"Aunt, are you ok?" Bai Yiyan asked with concern.

"You can't help me, what should I do?" Bai Zhen is very sad and afraid.

Bai Yiyan is silent on the phone. Yes, she and her aunt are in the same situation. They don't know what to do.


In a beautiful manor, Yang ChuChu lies lazily in the arms of a man, enjoying delicious food and wine, which is a relaxed atmosphere.

Luo Jinyu decided to take a week off due to his foot injury. With his lovely little girlfriend, he came to this beautiful and fresh air foreign Paradise Resort and enjoyed a rare world of two.

"Is your leg better? I'll push you there for a walk! " Yang ChuChu cares about the wound of Luo Jin's foot every day, asking again and again, like a close little wife.

Luo Jinyu put down his nervous mind and was deeply concerned by the gentle care of the little woman. Her thin lips raised a beautiful smile: "much better, I can walk by myself slowly, without you pushing me!"

Luo Jinyu found that he was a big man with a height of 1.8 meters. He was in a wheelchair. Don't mention how awkward he was. Besides, he asked a weak and slender girl to push him for a walk. If you think about it, he would feel his handsome face is dim.

So he insisted on standing up and acting on his own.

"Well, don't be afraid to be strong. It's all agreed. You can't move around." Seeing that he really stood up, Yang ChuChu immediately blushed in a hurry, and his small hands dragged his strong arm to ask him to sit back.

Luo Jinyu was worried that she would be too tired to take care of herself, so she didn't want to trouble her. Unexpectedly, the little woman was still stubborn, but she just didn't let him move.

"Clearly, I am a man, not as delicate as you think!" Luo Jinyu's thin lips chuckled and looked at her anxious face red. Inexplicably, she was so cute that she reached out and pinched her face.

"I don't care. In my eyes, you are a wounded person. You must follow me." Yang ChuChu tooted his mouth. When his big palm reached out, she immediately took the initiative to rub her face against his palm, like a obedient and clever kitten.

In the eyes of men, the gentle appearance of little things has become fatal attraction.

Luo Jinyu found that although he had just arrived here yesterday, he felt that it was very dangerous to get along with such two people.

It's not that this little thing has any hurt power. He's worried about himself. His arrogant self-control is facing the edge of collapse.

She is really beautiful, pure like a little flower, let people always weigh in mind, want to pick.

"Well, go and pour me a glass of ice water. I'm thirsty!" Luo Jinyu still listened to her, and no longer tried to be brave.

Seeing that he was obedient at last, Yang ChuChu, with a small mouth, smiled like a child, ran to bring a glass of water.

"I want ice water!" When Luo Jinyu took a sip, he found that it was warm water, and his handsome face flashed over with no words.

Just praised that this little thing is obedient, how can it change immediately?

"Don't drink cold, you will get sick!" Yang ChuChu began to take care of him again. Then, she grinned again, and said softly, "Luo Jinyu, listen to me, you must be right!"

Luo Jinyu wants to drink ice water. He wants to water out the flames all over his body. But this little thing makes him drink hot. He only feels that his body is getting hot.

"It's very clear. Is it boring to be here with me?" Luo Jinyu hurriedly shifts the topic, the deep Mou son also turns his head to the distance, where a large area of a large flower sea, beautiful eye-catching.

"No, I like everything here. I don't need to worry about other people's eyes any more. Thank you for bringing me here. I really want to live here with you all my life and live such a peaceful life." Yang ChuChu said happily, this is also her heart's truth.

"You must be tired of it!" Luo Jinyu shakes his head and chuckles, doting on his face.

"If you don't get tired, I won't!" Yang ChuChu is sure to say that, like a soft kitten, he is tired of lying in his arms. He has long hair, which is laid out on his strong legs, and a delicate and bright face. In the sun, it is extremely dazzling.

Luo Jinyu looks at it, but he can't calm down. His fingers gently fall on the corner of the woman's raised mouth. He has to admit that the little woman lying on her legs is growing up, more and more charming. "Luo Jinyu, do you want to kiss me?" Yang ChuChu saw his eyes dark and obscure, and his mouth hooked.