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C801 a bold guess

Over the past night, the first thing that Ji Xiaohan came to the company was to ask Lu Qing about the results of his investigation, but the results were disturbing.

"We have investigated all the real estate under Bai Zhen's real name, but we haven't found her whereabouts. Young master, I doubt that she should be hiding abroad. Do we need to expand the scope?" Lu Qing asked nervously. He could feel the gloomy face of Ji Xiao. "Is there anyone around her who can threaten her? There are no children! " Ji Xiaohan has been busy looking for Bai Zhenzhen, but he forgot to go to investigate her further. Last time, his grandmother asked her to investigate, he only checked Bai Zhenzhen's current general situation. He hasn't looked into whether she has children. Lu Qing shakes his head: "last time I investigated her, I mentioned briefly that she has never had a child, so she should have no children. However, I thought I found some photos of her before. She often takes a little girl out to play, and I don't know if she is a bastard, but she is a dissolute woman like her It's not surprising that there are illegitimate girls. Maybe she was secretly raised by others after she was born. "

"Is the picture still there? Show me! " Ji Xiaohan is hearing that she has many photos with a little girl. He wants to make sure.

"Just a moment, I'll call it out!" After Lu Qing finished, he picked up the iPad at hand, searched for it for a while, and found some old photos scanned.

"I found it. Here, young master, please have a look!" Lu Qing said, and walked quickly to Ji Xiaohan's side.

Season owl cold heavy eyes, staring at the picture that smile happy little girl, handsome eyes for one rigid.

Although this small face looks only eight or nine years old, he always feels familiar and seems to have met her somewhere.

"Do you know the name of the little girl?" At the moment, Ji Xiaohan is upset. Naturally, he can't think of where he met at the first time.

Lu Qing nodded: "what I know is the girlfriend of the second young master, the girl named Bai Yiyan!"

My heart seems to have been hit by something. At last, Ji Xiaohan is right, but his eyes are complex and deep.

"It's her!" Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan's eyebrows are tighter together. From this picture, although Bai Yiyan and Bai Zhenzhen are nieces, their relationship seems to be good.

"I've also inquired about it. People who know Bai Zhenzhen say that she likes Bai Yiyan very much. They often take her out to play when they have time. They also say that Bai Yiyan's fans make up for her yearning for children." Lu Qing explained.

Ji Xiaohan looks even more worried. Is Bai Yiyan the key figure?

But now she is my brother's girlfriend, he can also feel that my brother is not the same to her, absolutely in love with her.

If you really want to take Bai Yiyan as a hostage to threaten Bai Zhenzhen, I'm afraid it's useless.

"Young master, do you think it's possible that Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's illegitimate daughter, and then she is raised by her sister?" Lu Qing suddenly raised a question, which made the cold face of Ji Xiao more shocked. Lu Qing continued to boldly speculate: "it's not impossible for a woman like Bai Zhenzhen to pay attention to fame and wealth. Even if she has a daughter, she won't take it with her, which will prevent her from looking for other men. Her relationship with Bai Yiyan is too close to me. Look at their faces carefully

, which is somewhat similar."

Ji Xiaohan's heart is even more disordered. He looks at Lu Qing coldly: "don't say this in front of my brother."

Lu Qing shuddered and felt that his words seemed to touch some taboos. He quickly closed his mouth and nodded his head: "don't worry, I'll just mention it to you. It's just speculation!"

"I know. You can continue to expand the scope and see if she has gone abroad." Said the season owl in a cold voice.

"OK!" Lu Qing nodded and turned to work.

Ji Xiaohan's fingers are monotonously tapping on the table. Just now, Lu Qing's bold guess is still in his mind.

If Bai Yiyan is really Bai Zhenzhen's daughter, the relationship between her brother and her is really unclear.

In order to investigate this matter, Ji Xiaohan plans to ask his younger brother and Bai Yiyan for lunch.

Bai Yiyan's impression on Ji Xiaohan is still very good. Her eyes are clear and her personality is bright. She doesn't look like a woman with a mind. What's more, how do he know her brother? He also wants to know.

Although Bai Yiyan looks innocent, Ji Xiaohan can't help but guard her.

If she was really Bai Zhenzhen's daughter, would Bai Zhenzhen have planned to marry her daughter into Ji's family, and then she took the opportunity to get rid of the crime and continue her comfortable life?

Thinking of this, Ji Xiaohan is surrounded by a cold cold. Thinking of her father being seduced by her and giving up her family, it shows that this woman is very clever and can definitely do this kind of thing.

After receiving the phone call from Ji Xiaohan, Ji Yueze agreed very happily, and asked the eldest brother to take Bai Yiyan with him.

Ji Xiaohan had intended to take a good look at Bai Yiyan again. Naturally, he agreed to listen to her brother's request.

After finishing the business at noon, Ji Xiaohan asked Lu Qing to book the restaurant. The three met in the box of the restaurant.

Ji Yueze walked in front of him without expression, and Bai Yiyan followed him in panic, as if she had been wronged.

Bai Yiyan never imagined that she would be so oppressed one day. She used to say anything, but now, if she wanted to say anything, she dare not say anything. Like a prisoner waiting for trial, she can only helplessly beg God to treat her once.

"Don't be nervous, Miss Bai. It's just a meal!" Ji Xiaohan has a sharp look at Bai Yiyan, and finds that she is scared of cold sweat in the winter. However, she feels a little sad. So, thin lips make up a smile, which seems to comfort her.

Bai Yiyan forced a smile: "thank you for your concern. I'm ok!"

Ji Yueze's hand, playing with a mobile phone, long fingers, playing the aircraft in the flight.

Bai Yiyan stares at her mobile phone and makes a face. How long does this man want to hold her mobile phone? She has been playing since she collected it in the morning.

Although he knew that he was waiting for his aunt to call her, Bai Yiyan's heart was still hanging high. "Oh, don't break it!" Bai Yiyan's heart shrank when she saw the man's fingers slipping and her mobile phone almost landing.