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C1648. She was bullied

LAN Yanxi can't stand six mouths. She can only say nothing with full of anger. She is just sad that grandpa died like this. She can't hear his voice and recitation any more.

It was more than four o'clock in the afternoon, and lanyanxi was still wet. Chengyuan asked the doctor to borrow a thin blanket to cover her. She looked haggard and pale as paper. She stayed by her grandfather's side and refused to leave, but the doctor refused to let her stay in the morgue and forced everyone in the Lanjia to leave.

Lanyanxi is too sad. At this moment, she hopes someone can hold her and cry happily on her shoulder.

LAN Chen is still angry. LAN Yanxi suspects his daughter. He wants to scold her again. Suddenly, there is a rush of footsteps in the corridor. It sounds like a lot of people are coming. Everyone looks up in surprise and sees a group of people turning out in the corridor. The leader is Ling Mo Feng who is in a hurry after receiving the news.

Lanyanxi was still strong. She wanted to finish her grandfather's later work first. But now she saw the man walking towards her, and she found that all the strength was disguised. At this moment, she was only weak and helpless.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was full of anxiety and worry. When he saw LAN Yanxi, who was wet all over, his heart seemed to be hurt by something.

In an instant, he stepped in front of lanyanxi. He reached out and straightened her long hair, which had been stuck on her cheek because of the moisture. He said in a low voice, "I heard about your grandfather. I'm sorry. I'm late."

LAN Yanxi's eyes were sour, and her tears broke down like a dike. She fell into Ling Mo Feng's arms and finally stopped pretending to be strong and could cry freely.

Ling Mo Feng held her tightly in his arms. He felt the sadness and despair of the woman in his arms.

LAN Chen and LAN Bai exchanged a look. LAN Lin saw Ling Mo Feng suddenly appear, and she felt cold all over. She was still guilty.

"Mr. President, the old man of my family has already left. We will deal with his affairs. Take her away so that she doesn't talk nonsense in front of the old man again." LAN Chen immediately spoke to Ling Mo Feng.

When Ling Mo Feng turned to LAN Chen, his face, which was still tender and tender, was as cold as frost, and even his voice was cold: "she cared about Grandpa blue most. She would never talk nonsense. When the old man was in the hospital, his body had recovered a lot. Why would he die suddenly? Was it really an accident?"

"Ling Mo Feng, what do you mean? Do you still doubt that my daughter killed her grandfather? It's ridiculous. You're not the son-in-law of our blue family. We don't need you to take charge of our blue family affairs. The old man is my father, and I'm very sad that he died. But it's already a fact. We can only accept this fact if we are in deep pain. The old man has gone, can't he leave safely? " LAN Chen's voice rose suddenly, and Ling Mo Feng felt that he was deliberately helping LAN Yanxi to make trouble here.

"Yanxi and I have got the marriage license. I am the son-in-law of the blue family. The old man has gone astray. The reason why Yanxi doesn't accept you is that I will investigate for her to see if it's an accident or an artificial one. Do you think there is no evidence left when the old man goes? Don't be so naive. Anything you do will have traces. " Ling Mo Feng sneered coldly.

When Lanlin heard that Ling Mo Feng wanted to investigate the matter, her face froze with fear, and her hands squeezed the corners of her clothes nervously.

"Brother in law, you may not know the reason for this, so you will misunderstand that there is something wrong with it. I can tell you again..." Lanlin is eager to defend herself.

However, Ling Mo Feng coldly interrupted her words: "I don't need to listen to you, I will let the people under my hand to investigate the incident clearly and then tell me."

Ling Mo Feng finished, reached out to embrace the blue Yan Xi who had already cried to be powerless and turned to leave.

LAN Chen immediately glared at their backs angrily and scolded angrily: "we have power and power. We have to interfere in the business of LAN family. It's really meddlesome. Second brother, do you think Dad's death is not an accident? Do you also believe in the rigid speech of LAN Yanxi? "

Lanbai's face is still silent. That's because he's worried about too many things. The old man left. He's still sad. But he thought that the great foundation of the blue family had been abandoned by him, and all the wealth of the blue family had been cut off. Those sad things have become dispensable. Now lanchen has been quarreling with lanyanxi about his daughter's affairs. He is really upset.

"Let's wait for Ling Mo Feng to find someone to investigate and discuss this matter. I don't know what's going on now." Said Lambert immediately, with a cool face.

"What? Second brother, what do you mean? Do you even suspect Xiaolin will hurt her father? How could Xiaolin do such a thing? " LAN Chen's brow, blue and sinew, jumped up in a rage.

Lanlin also cried out immediately, with a look of being wronged: "Er Bo, you really misunderstood me, I didn't, I didn't hurt Grandpa, I can swear to heaven, if I have the intention to hurt Grandpa, I can't die easily."

The side has been silent blue two Madame suddenly grumbled to hum a: "what is your heart to install the vicious mind, we certainly don't know, just like at the beginning you hurt my daughter, even your elder sister can harm people, what else can't do?"

When Mrs. LAN San saw someone criticizing her daughter in this way, she immediately refused and shrieked, "don't lie about it. My daughter is innocent. She doesn't spend as much time as your daughter. Don't wrong her."

"The microfibrils have all been sent for treatment. We have found the most authoritative psychiatrist to treat her. She will certainly say what your daughter has said. At that time, I will see how your daughter escapes. Some people are black and won't write on her face." Blue two Madame immediately hate of biting teeth scold to return.

Lanlin's face was pale with fear. She could not help but shrink behind her father. She thought all things were safe. Unexpectedly, when these things really happened, everything became full of holes. Even if she wanted to defend herself, she couldn't find a reason. She was obviously frightened.

"Second brother, don't deceive people too much." LAN Chen immediately angrily left a sentence and left with his wife and daughter.

LAN Bai's heart suddenly jumped. Mrs. LAN San wanted to catch up with her and scold her. However, LAN Bai caught her and said, "don't make any trouble. This matter doesn't matter to us."

"It's none of our business. Your father is dead. He's still dead. Lanlin is the only one with suspicion. Of course, we need to suppress this cheap girl so that we can make a bad impression on her." Blue two Madame hate hate to resent to stare at husband.

"I've said enough. Don't worry about it." LAN Bai's face suddenly turned to be iron and green. He yelled at his wife without any reason: "are you really willing to fight until our family is ruined?"

Blue two Madame immediately aggrieved covered the lip to cry, how can husband change so unreasonable? He was not like this before, but he is always sensitive and suspicious recently. It seems that he is on guard against something, which makes Mrs. LAN two under great pressure. She is unhappy every day. The prosperity of the blue family is really in the past. It seems that there is a layer of cloud over everyone's head, as if it is always sunny.

Ling Mo Feng left with LAN Yanxi in his arms. As soon as he got to the elevator, the woman in his arms was soft and her head was directly in the man's arms. He passed out in a coma.

Ling Mo Feng's heart clenched and held her tightly. Next second, he leaned over to hold her in his arms. Chu lie took out his cell phone and arranged for the doctor to come and treat her.

Ling Mo Feng looked down at the pale, sad looking little woman in his arms, and couldn't help biting her teeth. The people in the blue family were too much. While he wasn't there, he would bully her to death. One day, he would let the people in the blue family understand that no one's woman dared to move.