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C1557 being watched, scared

Tang youyou and Lin Mei also arrived at the police station. In an instant, the whole police station was in chaos.

Tang youyou and Lin Mei are sitting on the sofa in the reception room. Someone comes to report the progress of the matter to them.

Not long ago, Ji Xiaohan and Lin Mei's husband also appeared at the door of the police station. When they heard that her son was taken out of the school by the police, Lin Mei's husband was very excited. The two police officers also bowed their heads, blamed themselves, and apologized to him constantly.

"If something happens to my son, I will sue you." Lin Mei's husband is going crazy at the moment. Lin Mei can only sit next to her and cry helplessly. Tang youyou looks up and looks at Xiao Han last season. Both of them are in a heavy mood.

"I'm really sorry, Mr. Lai. We are also responsible for this. Your wife is not afraid of the threat of bad people. It's also a kind of kindness to us. We understand your mood. I will use a relationship to save your children." Ji Xiaohan was also in a cold sweat. When he heard that his baby daughter might be hurt, his heart almost stopped. He couldn't imagine how painful his life would be if xiaonai had an accident.

Inside the police station, the atmosphere was extremely gloomy, except for Lin Mei's constant cry and the dead silence.

Although Lin Mei's husband is anxious and uneasy, he is a little relieved with the assurance of Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan's strength is firmly believed. At the beginning, her wife wanted to apply for the job, or he actively sought for a relationship. She was highly recommended. If they are responsible, they are also responsible as parents. It seems that it's meaningless to investigate who is responsible. It's important to find the child back quickly.

Lingmo Feng just finished a meeting and walked in the corridor. His brain suddenly flashed a startling thought. Then, he turned to the adjutant Chu and said, "is Mr. President coming today?"

"It seems to be coming, but he's not feeling well recently, so many meetings have been postponed." The adjutant Chu replied.

"Well, I'll go and find him." Ling Mo Feng suddenly turned to another corridor, Chu lie saw it, and made a quick gesture to the bodyguard behind him: "follow me, sir."

Ling Mo Feng, with long legs and fast speed, soon stood at the door of the president's office.

"Sir, do you need to knock?" Seeing that he had not moved outside, Chu lie couldn't help asking him.

Ling Mo Feng managed to breathe. He raised his hand and knocked on the door. Hearing the voice of the president, he pushed the door in.

Chu lie wants to follow in, is stopped by Ling Mo Feng, Chu lie anxiously looks at him.

"Nothing." Ling Mo Feng pressed his palm, then a man went in and closed the door.

Sitting in the office chair, the old president with the presbyopic glasses looked up to see him, reached out and took off the presbyopic glasses, and looked at him with a smile: "it's rare that you would like to step into my office alone."

"I want to ask you something. Did you send someone to school to take a student away?" Ling Mo Feng didn't drag the water and asked him directly.

The president looked surprised: "the vice president's business is more and more extensive. It's worth asking me about a student."

"It's not a business. It's a matter of a child's life. Mr. President, do you have a granddaughter, too? If one day your child is taken away for no reason, will you worry?" Ling Mo Feng asked him in a deep voice with a cool face.

The old president does have a granddaughter, but a granddaughter. He has only one daughter under his knee, and he has married far away from home. It is very difficult for the old president to meet his granddaughter. He needs to cross the sea. But the old president really loves the little granddaughter with his own blood.

"I haven't done it. Don't look at me like this. I really haven't done it." The old president's face changed slightly and his tone was full of discontent. Indeed, he could not think about his granddaughter's accident and whether his heart could still beat.

"Really not you?" Ling Mo Feng narrowed his eyes and asked with keen eyes.

"I don't need to lie to you. Even if I have a bad character, I won't make fun of the lives of children. You have to believe me. After so many years of fighting, have I taken your sister's life to threaten you?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "well, can you check your subordinates for me, are there any people who are crazy to do such things?"

The old president's face is not happy again: "why do you use this kind of words to describe my people, who are also serving the country, why are my people crazy?"

"It's an indisputable fact, and you can't deny it. If you don't know about it, you should worry about whether someone has betrayed you. The infidelity of subordinates is the most terrible and deadly, isn't it?" Ling Mo Feng sneers and reminds me of his kindness.

The old president felt like he had been promoted. His face turned black and ugly: "your subordinates betrayed, which does not mean that my subordinates would betray."

"Someone broke into my office that day and wanted to kill my fiancee. Although that person committed suicide, don't think there was no evidence left." Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed a bit of murderous spirit, and he squeezed his hands tightly into a fist.

But the old president laughed: "if there is evidence, I will show it to me. If not, I'm shocked. I didn't expect that your ability to govern is so poor."

Ling Mo Feng knows that he is a cunning old fox. He knows how to break the law. He can drill too many holes. Sooner or later, he will be buried alive and never escape.

"I'll find out about this child. In addition, I'll let the media follow up the progress of this matter. How many people can be involved at that time? Do you want to look forward to it?" Ling Mo Feng finished, turned around and left.

The old president's face seemed calm. After Ling Mo Feng turned around and went out, he immediately changed. He quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone.

"Do you know that a child was taken out of school by the police? What does that kid have to do with us? " The old president called the head of an information group to see how things were going.

There was an immediate reply: "Sir, you are afraid to ask sister Mei about this matter. I heard that the missing child is the son of the teacher who arranged to teach piano at home in Ji. At the beginning, sister Mei was in charge of this matter."

"What? Damned woman. " When the old president heard that Mei Jie was angry, he hung up and called her directly.

Mei Jie received his phone call and was a little surprised: "Mr. President, is there any new task for me?"

"You are crazy, the son of the piano teacher. Did you find someone to take it away? Let him go back quickly." The old president roared with rage.

Mei Jie suddenly giggles, which makes people feel cold.

"How can Mr. President mix in such trifles? You are a big man who sits on the top of a tower and commands thousands of troops. But a child is missing. How can you care? " Mei immediately asked in a pretentious tone.

"May, what do you want to do?" The old manager listened to her tone in a unified way and asked in a deep voice. "I don't want to do anything. I want you to acquit me." Sister Mei's tone changed and she became cold.

The old manager frowned: "I promised you that if you continue to assist my nephew, Mu Weicheng, I will bear all the charges and will not affect you. Several people have signed. If you are willing to sign that contract, my words will take effect naturally."

"Ha ha, do you think I'm a fool? Everyone is cheated by you. You are an old liar. You drew us a big cake. Unfortunately, that big cake is fake and can't satisfy our hunger. You let us work hard for you. At last, you want to send us away if your body is not good. It's not so simple. " Sister Mei is biting her teeth with cold hatred, screaming like a madman.

The old president knew that this woman had an extreme personality. At the beginning, he valued her more than anything else. He felt that she would go all out to do things without any consideration. Now, her advantages have become the fatal defect that made the old president headache.

"Let the children go, we can talk about the conditions again. Ling Mo Feng's people have been focusing on this matter. If you don't want to be doomed, you should be sober." The old president reminded her seriously.

"Ling Mo Feng is on it? Are you scared? " Sister Mei gave a triumphant laugh, as if she had won.