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C1635. An informal dinner

Ling Mo Feng sat on the sofa with LAN Yanxi in his arms. Suddenly, he thought of the message that his younger sister sent to him. He felt inexplicably guilty for a while. He looked at the girl's look in his arms with low eyes. Suddenly, he hoped that she would never know about it in her whole life.

"Yan Xi, what would you like to eat at night? I'll cook it for you myself. It's early today. " Ling Mo Feng may be due to a lack of heart, so he especially wants to show off and please the woman in his arms.

LAN Yanxi smiled with his eyes narrowed and his head askew. He thought about it carefully: "I want to do something romantic with you. I'll get a candle for my steak."

Ling Mo Feng listened to her words and couldn't help but smile: "OK, you like it. Then I'll make dinner. You'll arrange the scene."

"Well." Lanyanxi immediately stood up from his arms.

"By the way, Yanxi, we will move out of here the day after tomorrow." Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought of an important thing and said.

LAN Yanxi was shocked and looked back at him: "move to the presidential palace?"

"Yes, I know it's not easy for you to get used to it and move to a strange environment. It's hard for you." Ling Mo Feng walked towards her and touched her long hair with his fingers.

"It doesn't matter to me. I like it wherever you live." LAN Yanxi smiled with his eyes narrowed. Ling Mo Feng knew that she didn't cheat him. He was in a happy mood.

Lanyanxi walked upstairs step by step, opened her box, found a heart star's cup of wax, she took it and stood up, suddenly saw a black skirt in the cabinet, her mind flashed an idea, and immediately reached for it.

This is a very simple little black dress, single leg split, when walking, let a pair of white legs appear, it is very sexy.

LAN Yanxi glanced at her broad T-shirt shyly. She suddenly felt that she had to wear a better look on a romantic night, otherwise, it would be out of place.

She quickly changed the black skirt. Recently, she has gained some weight, but she is still not over 100. She is still the thin one. But compared with the previous one, she has more flesh feeling now. Wearing this skirt is the most beautiful appearance. Lanyanxi tied up her long hair randomly, and drew a delicate and beautiful picture of her naughty hair A little face.

LAN Yanxi smiled for a while, then turned around happily and walked downstairs.

As soon as she got to the kitchen door, she heard that the man seemed to be cutting things. Her hands were behind her, and she leaned half way to see. Ling Mo Feng had taken off her coat. Wearing a white shirt, she stood there adjusting the sauce. Next to it was a bottle of newly opened red wine. The wine was fragrant, but the man didn't take it up to drink, just put a small amount of it to mask the steak.

"I caught you drinking?" Lanyanxi deliberately scares him.

Ling Mo Feng's face was startled, and he immediately spread out his hands. His face was innocent: "No."

"I don't believe it." LAN Yanxi's mouth curled.

Ling Mo Feng is going to cry and laugh. The little woman is still very grumpy. With one hand on the platform, he leans down his tall body and asks her with a smile in his eyes: "what do you want to do? You believe me?"

"I have to check..." Blue Yanxi's big beautiful eyes flashed.

Ling Mo Feng immediately reached for her tiny chin and asked in a hoarse voice, "is this the way to check?" Before LAN Yanxi reflected, the man's thin lips were printed.

Lanyanxi wanted to make a joke with him, but he didn't expect that the man made a joke more seriously than her.

"No, no, no Don't try. " LAN Yanxi was a little upset by his kiss. He immediately backed away two steps and raised his hand in fear.

The man's dangerous eyes are shining with pride: "how, have you checked them out?"

"Well, you won, but you can't do it." LAN Yanxi can only be soft. If she talks about playing smart, she thinks she's invincible. But when she meets Ling Mo Feng, a really smart man, she finds out that smart is useless. A man can see through her at a glance and kill her.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her, then his eyes fell on her: "why change clothes?"

Blue Yan Xi a stay, this just full face of bashful low head go, whisper say: "this dress is not good-looking?"

Ling Mo Feng but step by step toward her, blue Yan Xi scared back a step, back against the arm of the wall, a pair of eyes shining at the man's dark eyes, can not guess his mind.

"Do you know that I can't make dinner in this way?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were close to her ears and her voice was hoarse.

LAN Yanxi's brain was blank for a moment, then she blinked: "why can't we make dinner? I'm not in your way. "

"I'm hungry to see you dressed like this." There was a hint in the man's voice.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful face was immediately ashamed. She even understood what he meant.

"Don't mess around. Let's make dinner." LAN Yanxi Snickers.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly pulled her petite body and let her back to him. He held her directly: "what if I want to have a meal improperly?"

LAN Yanxi hurriedly struggled, flustered and full of some expectations. His voice trembled: "Ling Mo Feng, what are you doing?"

Ling Mo Feng's voice was smiling, and his lips were kissing her long hair: "guess? There's a prize. "

"What's the prize?" LAN Yanxi immediately asked curiously, but she felt like a cat scratching her heart.

"Later." The man was dumbfounded.

Lanyanxi didn't expect Lingmo Feng was really a man who could count his words. The kitchen was a place where words could not be said. Lanyanxi was shaking her thin legs and lying on the sofa, motionless. Suddenly, she found that there was a small black box in front of her eyes, and her squinting eyes were suddenly opened.

"What is it?" LAN Yanxi's voice is still crisp, as if he hasn't slowed down.

The man immediately opened it and handed it to her to see: "I bought it before and always wanted to give it to you. Because I was too busy, I always forgot it."

"You gave me another ring?" LAN Yanran asked in surprise.

"I also saw it by accident. I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to give it to you." Ling Mo Feng said softly.

"It's a sapphire. It's beautiful." LAN Yanxi looks at the shining jewel. She is very excited. She thinks the gift is not valuable. The man's heart is the most worthy of her collection.

"Just like it." Men see her happy smile, the mood is warm.

"Of course I do." LAN Yanxi said, he put it on himself, raised his hand, looked left and right, and felt beautiful.

Ling Mo Feng attached himself to her forehead and kissed: "it's almost eight o'clock. I have to make dinner for you."

LAN Yanxi found that the time passed quickly. The man came home at half past six. In a flash, it was more than eight.

Ling Mo Feng fried two more eggs on top of the dinner. Looking at her exhausted appearance, Ling Mo Feng felt that she really had to make up for it.

LAN Yanxi rested for a while and jumped again. She ran to him, hugged him tightly behind Ling Mo Feng's back, and put her face on his shoulder: "thank you for your gift. I have to give you one in return these two days."

Ling Mo Feng smiled softly: "no, do we still need a salute? All my people are yours, all my things are yours. "

"It's worthy of being Mr. President. The way to speak is to be wise. Well, I love your words." LAN Yan and Xili pretended to be the Royal elder sister.

Ling Mo Feng can't help her. She seems to have the ancient spirit and strange ways in her mind.

After the steak is fried, LAN Yanxi lights up the candle. She dims the lights around her again. The light of the candle takes the spotlight and reflects her rosy face, which is comparable to that of peach blossom.

Looking at the beauty under the lamp, Ling Mo Feng took the knife and fork, cut the steak into cubes, and then put it directly in front of her: "eat it, I haven't cooked for a while, I don't know how it tastes."

LAN Yanxi immediately took a fork and ate it, praising: "it's delicious."

Ling Mo Feng has also paid for it. It's really worth it.

Two people in the wax light, to solve a dinner, warm and romantic atmosphere, as if all the troubles disappeared, each other's eyes, only each other.

"Tomorrow at noon, I'll ask Cheng Yuan to send you here, and we'll get a certificate." When Ling Mo Feng was packing, Wen Sheng told her.

"Oh, I see." LAN Yanxi is lazy again after eating and drinking.

Ling Mo Feng looks up at her, but shakes his head and chuckles. She just reflects such a big thing as marriage?