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When Bai Yiyan is pushed to the production room, she sees Ji Yueze standing at the door, painfully and concerned. She reaches over and holds her hand. Her voice asks gently, "Xiaoyan, you are so hard. Our daughter is very lovely!"

Who said ugly just now? At this time, I am very eager to survive and praise by force.

Bai Yiyan smiled weakly: "it's not her son, will you be disappointed?"

"What are you saying? I never said I wanted a son. " Ji Yueze rushed to express his sincerity.

Bai Yiyan is only joking. She knows that Ji Yueze is not so pedantic. He really doesn't care about his child's gender.

Bai Yiyan is pushed back to the ward. The old lady and LAN Yue are sitting in the ward with the baby in their arms. With the help of the nurse and the doctor, they prepare some milk powder for the baby.

When the old lady and LAN Yue saw Bai Yiyan's car coming in, they all stood up and walked towards her.

"Xiaoyan, thank you so much for filling in such a lovely granddaughter!" LAN Yue is very gentle to Bai Yiyan, and does not impose the resentment of the previous generation on the younger generation. Therefore, although she is not very close to Bai Yiyan, she is also polite and friendly.

"Mom, this is what I should be!" Bai Yiyan answered softly.

The old lady also came over. Although there was a big gap in her mind just now, she was very happy to see the full vitality of little life.

"Just after the birth, it's important to have a good rest. Let Yuesao take care of the baby. Don't worry about it. The Yuesao I invited has received professional training and will take good care of the baby." The old lady came up and said.

"Thank you grandma." Bai Yiyan is grateful.

Ji Yueze watched his grandmother and mother accept Bai Yiyan more and more. He was also very happy. He managed to keep this family in the door of happiness.

The old lady was old, so she went back first. LAN Yue stayed with Yuesao to help take care of the children.

Bai Yiyan's baby was consumed too much, so she went to sleep first. When she woke up, she found something different. At this time, a doctor came to check the baby. Seeing that she woke up, she came to remind her: "Mrs. Ji, the baby has just been born, so she has to be breast fed."

"Nurse? But But I don't have any milk now. How can I feed it to her? " Bai Yiyan is her own Mommy. Now she is in a fog. She can't be surrounded.

The doctors and nurses standing nearby all laughed, and Ji Yueze asked modestly: "Dr. Wang, Xiaoyan has just given birth and her body is still empty. Let her have some milk powder first, and then breast milk in a few days."

"It's better to breastfeed if your body is empty. After all, breast milk is the most suitable food for the little guy. Now bring the baby in your arms and let her suck more for a while. If you can't, we'll find a doctor to help you." The doctor was kind enough to remind them.

LAN Yue has come over with her baby in her arms. She is experienced. She didn't quarrel with Bai Yiyan until she fell asleep. Now, it's time to nurse her baby.

After the doctor left, LAN Yue put the child gently in Bai Yiyan's arms. Bai Yiyan did not know how to reach for her arms for a moment, so she saw a small face, opened her eyes, and looked silly.

"Let her go and suck. If she does more, there will be milk!" LAN Yue urges in a low voice.

"Is that really OK? However, I feel a little pain now. " Bai Yiyan asked with a embarrassed smile.

Knowing that the young people are shy, LAN Yue said to Ji Yueze, "you can help them." With that, she turned and went out.

Ji Yueze stooped and watched Bai Yiyan nervously hold the little guy higher and ask her to breast milk. At first, the little guy was not very happy. He immediately cried, but Ji Yueze couldn't do it.

"She's so young that she's going to have to breastfeed. Is it too hard for her? Besides, she's just born. How can she have any strength?" Ji Yueze feels that this is not good. He strongly protests.

Bai Yiyan can only continue to let the little guy suck, while guiding her little mouth, said: "I also read these posts on the Internet, saying that the baby will be suckled as soon as it is born."

Just then, the little guy really found the right direction, and the little mouth immediately strongly sucked up.

Bai Yiyan is only a little ticklish. She looks down at the small mouth, which is moving all the time. She is very cute.

"Don't look!" Bai Yiyan sees Ji Yueze staring at the little guy without blinking. She blushes and hands out angrily.

Ji Yueze was not convinced at once and said wrongfully, "what can be covered? I have to see if my daughter is full."

"No, don't watch it. Go and pour me a glass of water!" Bai Yiyan felt embarrassed, so she assigned a task.

When Ji Yueze saw that her face was red, he had to stand up straight and smile and say, "it's still red. How long have we been married? Where are you that I haven't seen before? "

"Ji Yueze..." Bai Yiyan immediately stared at him angrily.

"Well, I won't make you angry. Who let you give birth to such a lovely daughter?" Ji Yueze quickly smiled and softened, turned around and poured water for Bai Yiyan.

The news that Bai Yiyan gave birth to her daughter came to Bai's house. Bai Zhenzhen was very excited. However, because of the mistake he made, he dared not go to congratulate her in person. He only entrusted his sister Bai Wanqing to prepare a big red bag for her granddaughter and bought many gifts to send.

Bai Yiyan stayed in the hospital for a few days and then moved home. Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan came to see her.

Ji Yueze is sitting on the sofa in the living room with his sleeping daughter. He just coaxed the little guy to sleep, and finally he calmed down.

"It's a sweet sleep for the little guy." Ji Xiaohan bent over to look at the little niece, her thin lips could not help but go up, as if she saw her daughter when she was a child, which must be so popular.

Ji Yueze couldn't hide her inner love. She looked at her daughter's sleeping face gently and lovingly, sighed: "she can't leave anyone now. She wakes up as soon as she puts it down. She can only fall asleep when she holds it."

"Is it? Just born, just glued to you? You'll get it in the future. " Ji Xiaohan is also really happy for his brother. He is married and has a daughter. His life is determined. He is afraid that he will not make trouble again in the future and let himself deal with the aftermath for him.

"Brother, give you a hug!" Ji Yueze immediately forced his daughter into Ji Xiaohan.

Season owl cold handsome face a stupefied, frightened he hurriedly reached for steady, but because have no experience, holding such a small person, he unexpectedly some at a loss, can only stabilize the arm, dare not move: "name son?"

"I took a small name, Mo Mo, because she was red and black when she was born. I took these two words in response to the situation. I wonder if she will blame me later." Ji Yueze laughed half jokingly and half seriously.

"It's not serious, is it? However, Mo Mo sounds like a boy, so you don't want to choose another one?" Season owl cold speechless white younger brother one eye, has he become the daddy so?

"It doesn't matter. No matter what it is called, I like it. Xiaoyan agrees. I asked grandma and mom. They have no problem. Let's call it that way." Ji Yueze is not going to change it. He just wants to call it that name.

Tang youyou also beat to see, smile praise way: "long really lovely, look like small Yan."

"Just like her, I don't see anything like me!" Ji Yueze looks lost.

Don't be discouraged, "Tang youyou quickly comforted him." children are like one another every day. When she grows up, maybe she will be like you! "

"Is it? There's another way of saying that. I'll wait and see. There must be something like me. " Ji Yueze talks about his daughter, and that happiness can't hide.

Season owl cold stiff arm, holding no weight in the arms of small dots, thin lips can not help but up.

Tang youyou sits beside him and hears his dull smile. Looking up, she sees that the man's eyes seem to be starry. Her heart is slightly shaken. The man's gentle smile looks most beautiful. Looking at his little niece's eyes can be gentle and indulgent. If one day, he will have a baby to hold him. I don't know what he will look like again.