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C905: too sweet

"We found Bai Zhen, but because Bai Yiyan concealed her whereabouts, my brother caught her on the spot, and they started to make trouble again," said Ji Xiaohan "

How did Bai really find it?" Tang youyou looks surprised. She knows that Ji Xiaohan sent many people out to look for her, but she hasn't heard from her all the time. Now it's suddenly there. It's really curious.

"She came to the door by herself to plead guilty!" Ji Xiaohan feels that this white woman is really a cunning woman. She must be very smart and can disguise herself. Otherwise, she can't escape for so long.

"Why did she do that? Does she feel like she can't escape? " Tang youyou feels that this behavior is somewhat abnormal. When he is most desperate, he will think of turning around. "

maybe, but maybe it's for Bai Yiyan." Season owl cold a sneer. Tang also sighed: "she is Bai Yiyan's aunt. I didn't expect that they have such a good relationship."

"Well, don't talk about her. Now that she has been settled, I'm not afraid of her running!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to waste this wonderful time talking about hatefuls.

"Well, take a bath. I'll read some more books. I'll report to the company tomorrow!" Tang youyou smiled.

Ji Xiaohan takes off his suit jacket and wears a white shirt. The whole person looks gorgeous and noble. Don

said he wanted to read a book, but his eyes were still secretly stuck on the back of the man.

Ji Xiaohan's figure is really good. Where he exists, he always attracts countless eyes.

Tang youyou's heart has been in a mess for a long time, so when she sees him around, she can't concentrate on other things. It's like the center point where Ji Xiaohan will shine. She just wants to see him.

"What are you staring at me for?" The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl sweep, catch the eyes that she secretly aims at, thin lips hook, smile charming. "

no No! " Tang youyou blushes and beats. He stares at the book in his hand.

It's a pity that she didn't read any punctuation marks in the book. Season

the owl cold makes a bad way to walk over with long legs, props up on her side, thin lips evil spirit rises: "stare at your husband, is there any idea?"

Husband two words, make Tang youyou shake.

Haven't you got married yet? At best, it's her fiance. I don't know where his confidence comes from, so I call myself her husband.

"No idea!" Tang youyou is like a nervous child, answering mechanically.

"Oh!" As if the man really believed her words, he directly released a hand, in front of her face, one by one untied the button of his shirt, and the picture was almost bleeding.

Tang youyou only felt a heat in his heart. He knew that he was intentional, but he still couldn't control his eyes. He stared at his shirt, which was a little bit cracked. He saw his strong chest "

stop, stop!" Tang youyou is so angry with him that he has no temper. This man just knows how to challenge her nerves. OK, can't she admit defeat? Season

Xiao Han directly lost his voice and laughed. He pinched his finger on her white face and said, "it's not a shame to admit that I have an idea. I'm your person anyway!" Don

youyou is so ashamed that he blushes. He gives a dry smile: "OK, go to take a bath now, everything will be done after taking a bath!" "

OK, that's what you said!" Season owl cold suddenly attached to her ear: "do not regret!" Don't's brain is buzzing. What did she just say?

No, no, no, this is definitely not what she said. How could she become shameless with this man? When Xiao Han came out of the bathroom, he was still covered with crystal beads, which set off his healthy and strong body. The picture feeling was very strong and impacted the vision of Tang youyou.

"Don't look, watch out for the pain in your eyes!" When the man came over, the first thing was to grab the book in her hand and throw it away.

Tang youyou opened his mouth and saw her poor book on the ground.

The next picture can only be said to be indescribable.

Ten thousand words can't tell Tang youyou's bitter history. Only when you have backache, leg ache and head ache can you tell what happened just now. Time


Tang youyou got up early in the morning. The two little guys didn't need to go to school. At the strong request of the old lady, they could sleep late and no one could wake them up. At the breakfast table, there are only Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou. LAN Yue and the old lady insist on waiting for the two little guys to wake up and eat together. After having breakfast, Ji Xiaohan takes Tang youyou to the entrance of the company's hall by the way. Don

youyou pushes the door to get out of the car, but the man gives her a look, clasps her wrist with his big palm, and refuses to let go.

"Why!" Tang youyou thinks he has something important to say to himself, and asks him with his mouth.

The man reaches out his hand and points out his face. Tang youyousecs understands. He blushes and kisses on it quickly. Then he is free. Close the door of the car, Tang youyou still feels hot. It's really shameless and impetuous to have a cold life with the season owl recently.

However, maybe this is the best proof of intimacy and the daily behavior between husband and wife.

It's not too sweet.

Tang youyou comforts himself by stepping into the office. Liu Xi smiles and holds a bunch of flowers.

"You are welcome back!" Tang youyou takes Gan Ma's bunch of flowers and gives her a big hug. "

thank you, mummy!"

"Thank you. I can't compare this bunch of flowers with yours. Don't dislike it!" Liu Xi joked. Don

youyou's face is red again: "how can I dislike it? I'm the most clear about Ganma's mind!"

When Tang youyou returned to the company, the first thing was that he was asked for new year's red envelopes. Although it's etiquette, Tang youyou prepared a lot and gave it to his colleagues.

If there was jealousy and hate for Tang youyou before, it's only envy now.

The fact that Tang youyou is going to be the younger grandmother of Ji's family has been nailed to death. So many women want to be in the upper position, but they have no chance. It can be seen that how deep does Ji Xiaohan love Tang Youyou, plus her son and daughter who gave birth to Ji's family, I'm afraid that no one will have a chance to dig the corner root of her.

Compared with the sweet happiness of Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, Ji Yueze's feelings are a mess. Although he and Bai Yiyan are calm on the surface, they seem to be separated by an invisible wall. At a certain time, they will feel abandoned by each other.

Bai Yiyan felt this feeling most strongly.

She even felt that she should be used to it. Who separated her from Ji Yueze?

When can we have a really stable day for this love?