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C1813 moving feelings

When the rain stopped, Nangong Yao's heart was hurt. Muyun looked back at him and saw that his handsome face was a little pale. She also knew that what she had just said was too much. However, she really didn't want to get married. Her father found a new love within a year after her mother left. She and Ge Ke accepted it on the surface, but in the deep heart, this barrier has not passed.

She doesn't believe that there are people in the world who are willing to treat her sincerely. Everyone has shortcomings. Maybe they love each other at first, but when it comes to a certain time, when the love is weak, it will become the pain of two people.

"You don't want to get married because of your parents?"

Nangong Yao asked softly.

Mu Yun's body shook slightly. He didn't answer. He went out of the tent.

After the rain, the temperature dropped suddenly on the top of the mountain. With the coolness, another tent came out.

"Look, there's a rainbow. I have to take a picture."

Li Qing jumped up happily and hurriedly found a camera to take photos.

Mu Yun stared at the clean sky in the distance, but his heart was in a mess.

Nangong Yao sat in the tent and didn't want to go out. He was still angry.

"And Mr. Nangong?"

Li Qing asked immediately.

As soon as Mu Yun turned around, he found nangongyao still in the tent.

She had to bend down and drill in, and saw that the handsome face of the man was turned away, and his eyes seemed to be a little red.

"Can you stop being angry?"

Murun asked him in a low voice.


Nangong Yao answers her calmly.

"We're not kids. You're going to be angry with me all the time?"

Mu Yun also has some helplessness. She thinks nangongyao looks mature and steady, and should be able to see things rationally. Unexpectedly, he has such a personality when he starts his temper.

Nangong Yao raised his eyes and stared at her: "you haven't answered my question just now."

Mu Yun knew that she couldn't avoid the problem, she nodded: "you guessed it right, I just don't want to get married because of the emotional problems of the previous generation."

"What are you afraid of?"

Nangong Yao suddenly grabbed her hand and leaned forward, almost to her lips.

Mu Yun is frightened to hide behind, flustered way: "I am not afraid of anything."

Nangong Yao saw the panic at the bottom of her eyes. He let go of his hand. Maybe he was too hasty to make her feel safe.

Mu Yun quickly came out of the tent, and her pretty face turned red for no reason.

"Mu Yun, tell me honestly, are you two doing bad things in it?"

Li Qing suddenly came up and asked in a very gossipy way.

Muyun was already embarrassed. When she asked, she was even more embarrassed.

"Don't be a liar. We're just hiding in there."

Moyun dare not admit it.

Nangong Yao came out of the tent, tall body, let the woman feel very safe, Li Qing's eyes couldn't help but look a few more.

After the rain stopped, the group continued to hike to the top of the mountain.

After the heavy rain, the mountain road is wet and slippery. Many times, we need to help each other.

"Mr. Nangong, give me a hand."

Li Qing deliberately followed nangongyao's back and saw that she met a block stone. She showed a woman's weakness and cried in a coquettish voice.

Nangong Yao turns around and reaches for her hand. Li Qing deliberately fails to stand firm. She leans against him, and Nangong Yao stabilizes her in time.

Muyun walked at the back, suddenly saw Nangong Yao helping Li Qing. Her heart was sour, inexplicably blocked.

This feeling came so suddenly. When she noticed it, Nangong Yao stood in front of her and held out his hand to her: "I'll help you. This stone is too big. Be careful about wrestling."

Mu Yun looks at his outstretched hand. Unconsciously, he puts it away. The man holds it tightly and carefully holds her over the stone.

Li Qing looks back at nangongyao. When she helped her just now, she was a gentleman. But now she helps Muyun, but it's full of tenderness.

Mu Yun's mood seems to be tied up by something. When she came out to play, she wanted to have a good time. No matter her heart or body, she could relax through walking and scenery. But today, what's wrong with her?

Seeing nangongyao helping Li Qing, she even felt uncomfortable.

Is it only allowed for this man to help himself?

What's the reason?


When Zhang cau was leading the way in front of him, he accidentally fell down and was covered with mud. He was very embarrassed.

"Slow down, everyone. There is moss here. It's too slippery."

Zhang cau reminds you in front.

Nangong Yao's eyes are always on Muyun. Although she hurt his heart just now, he found that he couldn't care about it. In his heart, he still paid attention to her.

Muyun can also feel that the man's eyes are still blazing. This kind of feeling makes her confused. From small to large, she only feels the warmth of her family, but never knows that when love comes, she will be so confused.


Li Qing suddenly made a cry of surprise. Then, after her foot slipped down for a while, she jumped back directly. Nangong Yao was the only one behind her. Nangong Yao had no choice but to continue to hold her.

Mu Yun looks at Li Qing leaning on nangongyao's shoulder. She looks soft and helpless. Her heart quivers. What's wrong with Li Qing today?

It seems to be very delicate.

Moreover, she seems to be deliberately approaching nangongyao.

The sixth sense of a woman is very accurate. Muyun later realized that he, as a friend, showed special concern for nangongyao.

Nangong Yao has a kind of charm that attracts women to want to lean over. The noble and elegant that comes with her is not something that men can pretend. Although Li Qing despises him as a company employee, the figure of this man is irresistible to women.

"Li Qing, are you ok?"

When Muyun saw that she was tired of cats, she asked her about it.

"Moyun, I don't know what's wrong. Maybe it's a little cold just now. I'm not strong."

Li Qing shows her pitiful expression and wants to win sympathy.

"Is it?

I have medicine for cold prevention in my backpack. I'll take it for you. "

Mu Yun cooperates with her and hands over the two pills directly: "since you come out to climb the mountain, you still need to exercise more. Next time you come to climb the mountain, bring your boyfriend here."

When Li Qing heard that Mu Yun had been promoted to her boyfriend, her face suddenly changed and she said, "why, I'm afraid I'll take Mr. Nangong away."

"Not afraid, really afraid. You've always been popular with men."

Mu Yun answers her with a smile.

"Ah, Muyun, then you have to see him well. So handsome, many people will remember."

Although Li Qing didn't tear her face immediately, her tone was already stabbed.

Mu Yun frowned gloomily. When he looked up, he ran into Nangong Yao's eyes. The bottom of men's eyes was full of happy smile.

Mu Yun's face is red. She seems to be fighting with Li Qing just now.