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C1609 fear of escape

LANBO's accusation made Lanlin pale. Her hands were pinched in panic. Her brain was running fast. She didn't know what LANBO said to them, but Lanlin had a sense of fear of disaster.

"Uncle, aunt, there must be some misunderstanding in this. How can I harm my sister? She is so kind to me that I can't care about her. What kind of person am I? You know that I've been timid since I was a child. How dare I persuade sister Yong to harm others? " Lanlin said, while quickly red eyes, a face of injustice and grievance.

Blue mother is a woman. She is sensitive and easy to detect her mind. Besides, she always compares her daughter with the other two daughters of blue family. She has to be more careful about what LAN Yanxi and LAN Lin observe. At the moment, LAN Lin shows her innocent and pitiful expression. She immediately gets angry and scolds angrily: "you little hypocritical girl, what's your mind, Don't think I can't see it. You just want to make my daughter worse, and you're satisfied. "

"Auntie, you can't say that about me. I don't, I really don't." Lanlin's tears fell down, and she said, "when you see that grandpa is in hospital, you will come to deal with me. You are so terrible. First, you are LAN Yanxi. Now, you are me. Are you really selfish as long as you are LAN's daughter, who has blocked your daughter's road to wealth?" Lanlin was not stupid. She immediately led the matter to the old man's hospitalization. She said that, on the contrary, her husband and wife's face changed greatly, and their hearts gave birth to more disgust.

"Don't talk about the old man. It has nothing to do with him. It's you. You gave my daughter the fruit knife and asked her to kill people. Don't you dare say that?" Blue mother asked angrily.

LAN Lin's heart trembled. This damned blue fiber even said this. It's really sick.

LAN Bai saw that Lan Lin didn't refute immediately, and knew that she must be guilty. He immediately scolded more angrily: "Lan Lin, what did you say and do to my daughter?"

"Uncle, even you are going to ask about my fault. What can I do? I can't let her kill people. I really don't have one. Can you make some sense? " LAN Lin said, then she covered her face and began to cry.

Just at this time, her mother walked in quickly from the door, LAN Lin saw the Savior, immediately sat on the spot, crying more sad.

When the third lady of the blue family saw that her daughter had been bullied by the two elders, she would not give up, and immediately scolded her back in a black face: "what are you doing in my house? I will do it myself to educate my daughter. I don't need you to guide me."

"Your daughter taught my daughter to kill people, and you taught her that too?" Blue mother sneered.

When Mrs. blue three heard this, her face changed. She looked back at her daughter and asked, "have you really done this?"

LAN Lin killed and didn't admit it. She immediately shook her head: "I don't have it, mom. They just don't like me and want to bully me."

"You're a dead girl, and you're hard mouthed." Blue mother said, want to go forward again.

Mrs. LAN San immediately stopped in front of her daughter, pushed her hard and roared: "what are you doing? Do you want to beat my family in my house? Do you really think you are in charge of the blue family? "

Lambert grabbed his wife's arm. "Let's go first."

Blue mother's hate eyes are about to burst with blood, staring at Lanlin, ferocious.

Blue three Madame also is to protect a daughter to be anxious, have no fear of color return stare, until they disappear to leave.

LAN Lin just got up from the ground, put a tear on her back and cried to her mother, "Mom, is Grandpa going to die soon, so they bully us like this?"

"They dare. Their daughter is shameless and wants to harm my daughter. I will fight with them." Mrs. LAN San has already known the tragedy of LAN Xianxian. Instead of feeling different, she feels very happy.

"Mother, my daughter is afraid." Said Lanlin in fright.

"Don't be afraid. I'll call your father right now. Before the old man can breathe, he dares to mind our family's business and let your father talk to them." Mrs. LAN San comforts her daughter immediately.

"Mom, I want to go to my grandmother's house for a few days. Now go. Help me pack up. I'll book a ticket." Lanlin is still afraid. She feels that just now, blue mother looked at her eyes as if she was going to kill her.

It's true that blue fiber used to be the apple of Blue Cypress's eye. They can't be spoiled. Now they are angry when they encounter such a tragic event.

"It's OK. I'll clean it up for you. It's just If you live for a few days, you'll have to come back. In case the old man really loses his breath these days, the distribution of heredity is still a big problem. If you get the stage, you'll have a share. " Mrs. LAN San told her daughter not to forget this important thing.

"If Grandpa really left, of course I have to come back. I'm just going to relax." Lanlin replied immediately.

LAN Bai forced his wife back home. LAN Mu asked him unwillingly, "why don't I scold that little bitch?"

"It's not the time yet. My father is still in the hospital. If there is a fire at home, my image in my father's eyes will be even worse. How can I take over the company then?" Lambert is still worried about his future.

"You know career, daughter doesn't matter?" Blue mother is angry with him.

"Of course not. I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to clean up their family even though I've grasped the management right of the company? At that time, I will sweep them out of the door for a minute. " Lambert said angrily.

Blue mother think carefully, this is also a good way to revenge.

"Well, I don't want to make trouble now, but you must get the management right of the company. Don't let me and the children down. We will count on you for the rest of our lives." Blue mother immediately soft voice, hugged her husband.

Lambert's eyes showed fierce light. He would get the power of management by any means without his wife's warning. When big brother died, the power of management was in his hands. However, there was one thing that made him uneasy. It was his brother, LAN Chen, who was afraid that there would be evidence. It was his brother who went to collect the body that day. He just went to hide In foreign countries, it's still a step too late to catch up. I asked my third brother to handle the affairs of my eldest brother. I don't know if he would get any evidence.


LAN Yanxi personally fed the old man half a bowl of porridge, but he didn't drink the soup. The old man just said that he couldn't drink it. LAN Yanxi could only put down the bowl, and looked at her grandfather who could only rely on the instrument to hang her life at the moment. Her heart seemed to be crumpled, and her pain was not good.

The old man looked at her, but she quickly turned around and went out. As soon as she left the door of the sick room, tears rolled down. She couldn't do it without sadness, and couldn't control the tears. She couldn't do it, but she was miserable.

Uncle Yu came to comfort her: "you should have a rest, young lady. I will watch for you and guard for you, don't let anyone make trouble."

"Thank you, uncle Yu." LAN Yanxi wiped his tears and thanked him.

"Don't say such kind words to me. The old man is my relative. I'm sorry to see him like this." Uncle Yu sighed.

LAN Yanxi wiped away his tears and went back to the ward. The old man was still looking at her. Then he waved to her. LAN Yanxi went over. The old man suddenly said, "Yan Xi, Grandpa wants to discuss something with you."

"What's up? Grandpa, you say, I listen. " LAN Yanxi immediately attached himself. The old man didn't have much strength to speak. His voice was very low.

"When I'm gone, I want to leave the company to you, or donate it." It seems that the old blue man made a big decision before he said such a thing.

"Why, Grandpa, isn't the company your work?" LAN Yanxi was very surprised.

The old man laughed twice and said sadly, "I wanted to make more money to make my family more comfortable. Now I find that the family conflicts are all caused by more money. On the contrary, those brothers and sisters of ordinary families can live together harmoniously. I feel sad for the blue family who look like enemies."

LAN Yanxi can feel the sadness in Grandpa's heart, because she is also experiencing all this.

There is a real gap between people. Some families can continue to be rich, but some can't. the decline often starts at the beginning of family differences. The blue family has been less than one year.