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C965. It's enough to spoil you

The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl squinted and stared at her for a minute. Don

his heart rate accelerated, but her face paled slightly. She felt that she had just said something too much. Although she felt that it was her kindness, in Ji Xiaohan's opinion, she was an emotional betrayal. "

let me just say that if you are not happy, I will not see him in the future!" Tang youyou is a little guilty of being stared at by him. At last, she can only give up the decision, which is not reliable. Ji

Xiao Han looks at the change of her expression on her face. At last, he gently twists his finger on her clear face: "I didn't say against you. If you think it's meaningful to do this and can help him, of course I believe you!" "

really?" Tang youYou can't believe it. She feels that he will definitely object to the tyrannical character that can't stand sand in Ji Xiaohan's eyes. "

Yes, Lu xuanchen, I've been looking for someone to stare at him for a long time. I don't think he's a person who doesn't know how to measure. If this method is really useful, try it. I don't want a man to put you in his heart all his life. It's also a very scary thing for me." Season owl cold light smile, looking at her just been stared at the panic expression, reached out and touched her hair: "rest assured, I'm not as stingy as you think!" "

thank you so much Tang Youli rushed to him and held him tightly.

Season owl cold gently kissed her forehead: "well, you really want to thank me, another way to come!" Don

understood his meaning in a flash. He had a hot face and took a step back: "then hurry to take a bath!" Xiao Han looks at her coquettish appearance and has long been in a state of mind. No matter how complicated things are now, as long as he comes back to this home and sees this woman, the only thing he can think about is to be with her. This feeling is really calm and relaxed.

After leaving the hotel, Yang ChuChu drove to the downstairs of Luo Jinyu's private apartment.

She took the elevator to the top floor and took out the key to open the door. When she opened the door and saw that the room was still dark, she was relieved immediately.

"Who did you go out to dinner with at night?" A deep male voice rose in the dark. "

ah..." Yang ChuChu stares at his chest in fright, reaches out his hand to turn on the light, and sees Luo Jinyu sitting on the sofa, as if he was just waking up. "

why don't you turn on the light?" Yang ChuChu immediately walked towards him, muttering in a low voice.

Luo Jinyu seems to have been working all day, a little tired, but looking at her eyes, she is sharp. "

you haven't answered what I just said!" The man is extremely persistent to ask. Yang chuckled: "are you doubting me? I actually had a meal with sister youyou. " "

yes?" Luo Jin's eyes narrowed and stared at her.

Yang ChuChu couldn't stand his sharp eyes, as if he could see through everything. "

well, I'll tell you the truth. I actually had dinner with Lu xuanchen and sister youyou!" Yang ChuChu can only surrender.

"You and Lu xuanchen have been gossip. How can we meet and eat in private?" Luo Jinyu saw her today's press conference. The questions asked by the reporters were too sharp. Luo Jinyu was dissatisfied with this.

"That I actually have a reason, but can I not say it? " Yang ChuChu stealthily glances at him, then asks entreatingly.

"Why can't we say that?" Luo Jinyu reaches for her. Yang's delicate and soft body half leans on his arms. After thinking about it, he decides not to speak.

After all, it's about Tang youyou's reputation. Although Lu xuanchen and her have no secret, they can meet and eat in private. If someone really wants to know about it, they really don't know how to describe it.

"Will you stop asking? I swear to God, I have never done anything to betray you. " Yang ChuChu immediately raised his hand solemnly. Luo

Jin Yu really has no way to deal with her. Recently, living with her, he found a thing. As long as she looked at him with these clear eyes, he would immediately feel soft. "

OK, remember what you said!" Luo Jinyu didn't ask any more questions. Yang raised a smile on his lips and stood up happily from his arms: "have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet!" Luo Jinyu also stands up from the sofa.

"You didn't eat it? When did you come back? " When Yang ChuChu heard that he didn't eat, he was instantly distressed.

"Just came back soon, the company is busy recently!" Luo Jinyu said in a low voice. He opened the refrigerator and took a look at the food in it. His handsome eyebrows twisted: "there is nothing to eat!"

"Or I'll go out with you to eat!" Yang ChuChu walked over at once, holding his arms in his hands. "

let's go to the supermarket at the gate of the community to buy something to eat. It's not too far away!" For Luo Jinyu, time is still precious. After a busy day, he thought that he would come back early in the evening and rest at home with this little thing. Now he has to go out again. He really feels bored. "

well, let's go!" Yang ChuChu, no problem!

Two people out of the door, Yang ChuChu habitually put on the mask, through the garden path of the community.

Suddenly, a small ball rolled to Luo Jinyu's feet. Two

individuals stop, Luo Jinyu stoops to pick up the little ball, and sees a little guy running towards him. The voice of milk says, "uncle, it's my ball!" Luo

Jin Yu looks at the little boy, smiles at the corner of his mouth, and hands the ball to him. The little boy is afraid of him, because Luo Jinyu is born with a superior momentum, and children will instinctively cringe when they see him.

The little boy took the ball carefully from his hand, then turned around and ran away. Next to him, Yang chuckled out: "look at you. You scared the children."

Luo Jinyu shrugged helplessly: "I didn't scare him, why should he be afraid of me?" "

because you give people a severe feeling." Yang ChuChu continues to snigger.

"Stern? Really? I am so kind! " Luo Jinyu said no words. "

I don't know if we will be afraid of you when we have children!" Yang ChuChu suddenly became curious. After listening to the words "children", Luo Jin's eyes became a little darker. Yang

was so clear that she didn't know what she had inadvertently said. She said directly to the man's heart. She continued to laugh: "if it's a son, she will definitely be afraid of you. If it's a daughter, she may be like me, not afraid of you!"

Luo Jinyu suddenly reached over and held her small hand tightly. In a low voice, he said, "it's too far away for me to spoil you now."