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C1633 to bear the wind and rain for her

When Ling wennuan went to school, he took out his mobile phone and quickly made up a text message and sent it to elder brother.

At the moment, Ling Mo Feng is having a very important meeting. He didn't check it in time. However, during the lunch break, when he saw the message, his sword brow twisted.

He thought that Yan Xi was too sensitive to doubt what Chen Fuyu thought of himself.

But his sister's message made him more alert. He didn't expect Chen Fuyu would go to find his sister and say such things to her.


Ling Mo Feng can't help but carefully recall the mentality of coming all the way. He feels that his feelings for Chen Fuyu have not really been touched. At least, he hasn't accelerated his heart rate for her. He has always regarded her as a friend, made progress together, and built a dream. In the process of growing up, he has encouraged each other and worked hard for her, but it seems that he hasn't been touched.

Men's ideas are always not as delicate and sensitive as women's, which seems to be innate.

Ling Mo Feng can't help but think of the feeling of his first meeting with lanyanxi. Although lanyanxi dressed herself as a strange girl at that time and wanted to disgust him, he was surprised at her because she was different. He wanted to explore her ideas and deeply understand her. On the return flight, he was the first When I discussed marriage with her for the first time, Ling Mo Feng was impressed by her idea. She even didn't talk about marriage, so she found a way out for herself. After getting married, she divorced again. She didn't want to have children. She also allowed him to find the right woman in the marriage. At that time, he was really angry at her words. I felt that this woman's brain circuit was so strange that I dare not take marriage seriously, let alone him Take it seriously.

Think of here, Ling Mo Feng thin lips can't help flying, also from then on, he found that lanyanxi is a very lovely girl, chat with her, will make himself relaxed, even thought will not be limited, follow her ideas, but explore a completely different life.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and opened the drawer. Suddenly, he saw the black exquisite small box, and his handsome face was startled.

Last night he made it clear that he would give her a surprise, but he forgot.

She won't forget it too, will she?

It's really possible that Ling found that lanyanxi's memory is not very good.

He couldn't help but put the box on a very important file bag, so that when he went back at night, he could remember to take this back.


Luo Jinyu specially accompanies Yang ChuChu to the hospital for examination. Yang ChuChu lies on the examination bed, beside which a doctor is checking the condition of her fetus.

Luo Jinyu is invited to come in and sit next to him. Suddenly, in the quiet room, there is the heartbeat of the little guy. It's powerful and fast.

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu are both surprised. They look at each other and see interesting smiles in each other's eyes.

"I heard the child's heartbeat. At present, it's very healthy." Said the woman doctor with a smile.

But at this time, the heartbeat gradually disappeared and weakened, and the expressions of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu became tense. The female doctor took the fetal heart rate detector and moved to the left for a while, and heard the heartbeat again.

"The little guy will move. It's normal. Don't worry. Come and have a check in another half month. If you have any discomfort, check it for the hospital at any time." The woman doctor smiled and comforted them.

"Thank you, doctor." Luo Jinyu thanked him.

When I came out of the corridor of the hospital, I suddenly didn't know where to rush out two reporters. At one glance, I recognized Yang ChuChu and ran to interview her: "ChuChu, did you just come out of the gynecology and obstetrics department? Are you pregnant? "

Luo Jinyu's eyebrows were tightened unhappily. At this time, four bodyguards came to the corridor not far away from the door and stopped the two reporters: "no shooting."

"Well, answer that. Your fans are sure to want to know your current situation." Journalists are still struggling.

Luo Jinyu reaches out and hugs her, and the two quickly enter the elevator.

"How can there be journalists here?" Yang ChuChu asked helplessly.

"I must be crouching here looking for a target." Luo Jinyu also felt a little upset. He found that these media reporters were all pervasive, but he didn't like his life being exposed. Before, he was famous for his low profile, and many people didn't know his appearance. But now, because of Yang ChuChu, he has not only been featured in capital letters by the media, but also dug out his details. He was really upset This kind of thing.

"I'm afraid there will be another scandal tomorrow." Yang ChuChu chuckles bitterly. She just wants to be a low-key person and act carefully recently, but it seems that she is always unsatisfactory.

"If you don't want this thing to come out in the open, I'll take care of it." Luo Jinyu doesn't like to see her frown, which makes him sad.

"Do you want to use money again? You love me, I love your money. Let them write. I'm not afraid. " Yang ChuChu immediately reached out and grasped the man's palm, and put his face on his arm.

"I just don't want to upset you. You are a little pregnant woman now. Your mood can't fluctuate." Luo Jinyu smiled and shaved her little pretty nose, saying softly.

"I want to be a pregnant woman with a strong heart, so I'm not afraid of their scribbling. Just in time, my popularity has declined a little recently, and there is no work out, so I can only rely on this thing to increase my popularity." Yang ChuChu immediately replied with a smile.

"If you can think like this, I'm at ease. If you think your popularity is low, I'll think of another way to increase your popularity." Luo Jinyu immediately replied softly.

"What can you do?" Yang ChuChu blinked.

"Is high-profile show of love one of them?" Luo Jinyu asked with a smile.

"Yes, but how are you going to show?" Yang ChuChu's curious expression.

Luo Jinyu looked at her little face full of questions, immediately reached out to pick up her chin gently, and the thin lipstick went down.

Yang ChuChu trembled, and meimou saw the flashing monitoring probe above the elevator. She subconsciously reached out to push Luo Jinyu away, but the man seemed unwilling to let her go and deepened the kiss.

Yang ChuChu's consciousness was a little confused, and his breath was short. Finally, the man let go of his hand, and his thin lips raised a chuckle: "now practice it. When we get to the car, we'll have someone take a picture of the scene."

"Ah No, I don't want popularity. " Yang ChuChu immediately reached out and shook.

The man laughed and said, "why? Aren't you worried about your popularity? "

"I haven't worried about it. I think the popularity depends on my acting skills. If there is such a scandal every day, even if the popularity goes up, it will never last." Yang ChuChu, blushing, explained firmly.

"Have ambition." The man praised her.

"I know you don't like to be photographed. Luo Jinyu, do you feel that you are in trouble with me?" Yang ChuChu said with a coy smile

"No, why?" Luo Jin's eyes are surprised.

"I'm just worried. Before I met you, you were so low-key, but now when I'm with you, you seem to be robbed every day. It's said that last time someone told you about your secret, you got angry on the spot. If the girlfriend you're looking for isn't in the entertainment circle, you won't have such trouble." Yang ChuChu blames herself very much. She doesn't make Luo Jinyu's life more comfortable, but she makes him always fall into the situation of scandal. She is very guilty.

"What? Regret to seduce me? " Luo Jinyu attached to her ear and asked with a light smile.

When the elevator door opened, Yang ChuChu was stunned in the elevator, looking at the handsome man's smiling face with beautiful eyes: "who seduced you? It's you who seduced me. "

Luo Jinyu shrugs his shoulders: "no, you are the first to take the initiative."

"I didn't. I didn't take the initiative. I didn't." Yang Chu stamped his feet in embarrassment.

Luo Jinyu saw that her angry face was red. He quickly reached out his hand and held her in his arms. His thin lips kissed her on her forehead: "well, I took the initiative. I seduced you. You can't help my seduction. You took the initiative to give me a hug."

"What did you say I seem to have the audacity? " Yang ChuChu's sparkling eyes are wide open.

The man was immediately amused and said, "it doesn't seem to make any sense to say this now. All the children have it."

Yang ChuChu Dudu mouth, indeed, who active who passive, it does not matter.