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C1070 angry and distressed

At about eleven o'clock in the night, Yang ChuChu finally finished filming the two scenes of the night scene. She was tired and frozen for a long time. The whole person was very tired. Her hands were cold and her face was pale.

It's very easy for everyone to be an actor, because they can appear in front of everyone all the time, but they also have to make great efforts behind them, which is not easy.

Yang ChuChu walked out of the shooting site and looked at the side of the road involuntarily. Her heart was quivering. Luo Jinyu's car even stopped there. Yang

it is clear that the whole person has a sense of collapse, although she told herself rationally not to go in the past. But her legs are already running towards the car. She is still heartless. She really ignores him. Is he going to spend a night in the car in such a cold night?

Yang ChuChu, dressed in his coat, rushed to the side of the car. Before she could reach out and knock on the door, the door opened for her, revealing the tired eyes of the man.

Yang ChuChu stared at him. After watching the car door for a long time, Yang ChuChu finally resisted the impulse to jump into his arms and said in a low voice, "Why are you still here? It's cold now. You'd better go back. " "

Where are you staying tonight?" Luo Jinyu knows that she must have a place to live. "

I I live in the house rented by the crew. Hurry back. Don't you have to work tomorrow? " Yang ChuChu really doesn't want him to stay up all night. She will die of heartache. "

if you are really worried that I will freeze to death here, follow me. I will send you here in the morning!" Luo Jinyu saw her deep affection for herself from her anxious eyes. He just lost his dim eyes, which brightened up again. He deliberately embarrassed her.

"I'll have a play in the morning tomorrow. I can't go with you. Go on your own. There's a hotel half an hour away. You stay in the hotel for one night. Drive again tomorrow. It's not safe to drive at night!" Yang ChuChu whispered with concern. "

there will be a hotel in half an hour. Why don't you stay with me?" Luo Jinyu's eyes, which had just brightened, were dim again, and there was a hurt expression in his eyes. Yang

was stunned, suddenly he felt as if he had said too much. "

get on the bus!" Luo Jin ordered her in a hoarse voice. Yang took a clear look at his clothes: "wait for me for a while, I'll change my clothes!" This is the costume of the crew. She can't leave without it, so she went back to the dressing room and put on her own clothes. Her whole heart was still pounding.

Just now, Luo Jinyu found that she could not refuse her hegemonic request. Besides, she almost got in the car. Crazy

crazy! Yang

she has never felt the impact of ice water. She can't do it on the one hand and can't do it on the other. Yang

when he changed his clothes, he said hello to the assistant, bowed his head and walked quickly to Luo Jinyu's car. Luo

Jin Yu didn't let his assistant follow him. He drove his car and took Yang ChuChu to the hotel. Yang

was also very tired. He sat on the copilot and leaned against the back of the chair, then narrowed up accidentally.

Luo Jinyu looks at her cold pale face. It's so hard to make a movie. I don't know why she still sticks to her career. Is it really necessary for her to work so hard at a young age?

But the more angry, the more distressed, this taste, even not contradictory. But half an hour later, there will be a star hotel built on the hillside. At this time, there are few people. Luo Jinyu stops the car and goes to check in first. When everything is done, he returns to the car and sees Yang ChuChu's little head is nodding on the car. He looks sleepy. "

clear, here you are, I'll hold you up!" Luo Jinyu said in a low voice.

"No, no, I'll go myself!" After Yang ChuChu finished, she reached into her bag and fumbled for it. After a while, she touched a pair of sunglasses and came out. Then she put them back and continued to touch them. She touched a mask. Then she quickly put it on her face and got out of the car with a strong spirit. Luo

looking at her childish behavior, Jin Yu did not know what her mood was like for a moment.

He found that he seemed to have some real assholes.

Yang ChuChu saw him stupefied beside him, and immediately blushed: "I still have to wear a mask to have a sense of security." "

I know, let's go!" Luo Jinyu's stupor was not because she was wearing a mask, but because of her confused appearance just now.

Two low-key through the hall, into the elevator.

"So tired!" Yang ChuChu leaned against the elevator wall and looked up at the number rising. She murmured. Luo

Jin Yu suddenly reaches over and wants to hold her in his arms. He feels that she is about to stand unsteadily. Yang

but suddenly he stood up straight, dodged for a while, and whispered: "no, this is the elevator!"

Luo Jinyu's hands froze like this, and Jun's face was stunned, and there was a thick loss.

Yang ChuChu cried in the bottom of his heart, what is he doing?

They all follow others. Are they still here to pretend to be pure? But some of the reactions are instinctive. Just like now, her mind is always thinking, stay away from him, and then a little further. So the reaction just happened subconsciously. Brush

and open the door. Yang ChuChu follows Luo Jinyu in.

Before Yang ChuChu put the bag down, the man's tall body came over to her. In a second, her back was pushed against the wall, and the man's burning breath came. Yang

it's clear that the whole person is dazzled, but in a moment, she can't help but reach out to hook his neck and send herself.

Mingming is very tired, but the enthusiasm of the two people is not less than half, because it is Luo Jinyu. He feels as if he has become an indefatigable machine, just want to squeeze out every enthusiasm of her. At last, she fell into a coma and fell asleep. Luo Jinyu took a bath and looked at her lying on her side. The half exposed two white jade thin arms made her look like a fairy falling into the world. Luo

Jin Yujue must be crazy. His strong sense of possession to her is so turbulent that even he is shocked.

How much he loves this woman, maybe, really can't even make it clear to himself. Only

felt that without her, his life would become meaningless. He just wanted her to be around all the time. Lift the quilt and lie in it. Luo Jin embraces her with his big hand, clings to her and falls asleep slowly. That night, he didn't dream, so he accompanied her until dawn.