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C1828 marriage examined

A plane, rushed to the sky, Nangong Yao with Moyun and Nangong Siqing back to Nangong home.

On the plane, Nangong Siqing didn't wear a school uniform, but dressed like a little princess. Her face was also as cute as a girl. She took her mobile phone, turned on the flight mode, secretly photographed mouyun from time to time, and then took the beautiful photos secretly. When she got off the plane, she could pass them on to Nangong Yao.

When the plane landed, Nangong Yao found that his messages rang one by one, and he was stunned. Naturally, Mu Yun, who was next to him, heard the voice of the messages. Moreover, there were at least ten more messages. She inevitably had to think more, and immediately turned her head to the window dissatisfied.

Nangong Yao was a little flustered at the bottom of his heart. Just got off the plane, who sent him a message to bomb?

He quickly took out his mobile phone and saw the photo sent by Nangong Siqing. His eyes were stunned.

Later, he lifted his thin lips up. Sure enough, there was no white pain in his niece, so he would think about it for him.

In fact, he also wanted to secretly take Muyun's photos. He wanted to have some of her photos stored in his mobile phone. However, as a big man, he usually has a cold personality, which is not easy to do. Now, a little niece is around, which saves his heart.

Nangong Yao saw Mu Yun's footsteps fall back about a meter. He stopped immediately and waited for her.

Mu Yun is depressed but wants to go around him, walk forward quickly, the man's long arm will hold her waist a hug, tightly hug into the arms.

"Let go."

Mu Yun lost a resentful look to him, with a strong tone.


Get off the plane, you're in a bad mood?

Jealous? "

Nangong Yao of course guessed why she was angry.

Walking in front of Nangong Siqing, she turned back and spit out her little tongue, which made her aunt jealous and proved that she had an uncle in her heart.

"Who is angry?

I don't have one. "

Mu Yun is angry and wants to pull his finger.

"Don't be angry. I'll show you the information."

Nangong Yao smiled softly.

"No look."

Mu Yun is this stubborn temper. Although she is angry because of SMS, she doesn't want to see it.

"Really not?

It's a beautiful woman

Nangong Yao deliberately played a trick on her.

Mu Yun was really angry at this moment. She directly put her hand on his waist and let go of it.

"No, it's fighting."

Nangong Siqing hears his uncle's scream, and immediately looks back to see Nangong Yaojun's face is miserable.

Nangong Yao lost his image and quickly handed his mobile phone to Mu Yun: "Siqing took a lot of photos of you on the plane just now. She sent them to me just now. You can see if they are beautiful."

Mu Yun is about to attack. Suddenly she sees her photo in his mobile phone, and she shivers.

"It's over long ago?"

Mu Yun slouched and shook her long black hair, saying that he had not wronged him in beating him, who let him dare to tease her.

Nangong Yao laughed bitterly. Sooner or later, he would be ruined by the big one and small two.

Nangong Siqing immediately jumped over to take Mu Yun's arm: "Auntie, if you want to know if my uncle has any opposite sex, ask me. I know everything."


Nangong Yao's calm face was not easy to stir up waves again.

Nangong Siqing blinks at him, and Nangong Yao has no choice but to smile.

Mu Yun also laughed: "OK, Siqing, how many ex girlfriends does your uncle have?"

"I didn't, not one."

Nangong Yao immediately yelled for answers, because he couldn't believe that his niece had played another trick.

"I asked Siqing."

Muruna gave him a look.

Nangong Siqing immediately said with a serious face: "I can assure my uncle that there is only one person in his heart from the beginning to the end, that is the one who saved my grandmother despite his own safety in the fire."

Mu Yun is stunned. Nangong Yaojun is ashamed. Suddenly, his niece seems to have more words.

Muyun turns to look at nangongyao. Nangongyao comes over and touches Siqing's head: "Siqing, don't talk about this again, otherwise it's like I'm paying her back."

Nangong Siqing said solemnly, "we are paying for our kindness. My aunt saved my grandmother. You promised me by your own example. I treat you with my heart."

"Siqing, the good don't learn, but the bad. Do you know what it means to make a promise by example?"

Nangong Yao is almost frightened by niece's thoughts. How old is this child? He knows so much. When he grows up, he can still get it?

"Uncle, are you afraid that I will learn badly?"

Nangong Siqing runs away smiling.

Mu Yun's cheeks are also blushing at the moment. Seeing Siqing go far away, she immediately leans to nangongyao's side: "you promised to repay me with your life?"

"Even you make fun of me?"

Nangong Yaojun's face was stiff, and he was very aggrieved.

Muyun had to shake his head, smile and answer: "no, I just feel it. I like the way you repay your kindness."

Nangong Yao was stunned. Then he directly reached out and held her hand: "there are many ways for me to repay my kindness. I want to marry you and take care of you."

Nangong family has always been a family style business model. It selects a main successor and several auxiliary ministers. Although their relationship is tense, the family discipline is the creed they keep in mind. The important task of the successor is to lead the whole family to flourish and last for a long time. Therefore, their responsibilities are greater and their daily workload is more It's not easy. Of course, the heirs are elected. Nangong Yao was pushed to a high position when he was young. It's not a good thing for him. He hasn't married 30 years ago. As for his wife to be married in the future, he has to face the heavy selection of everyone. Until everyone votes, he can marry each other and give birth to a new heirs. Moreover, he must be qualified and excellent heirs, When you give birth to a daughter, you have to abdicate. Only a son is the foundation of your roots.

Nangong Yao has never mentioned this matter to Mu Yun. Moreover, such strange marriage conditions are unknown to outsiders. However, Nangong Siqing knows it. She starts to sigh at a young age.

If aunt knew that she would be included in various examinations, she could marry into Nangong's house. I wonder if she would buy air tickets overnight to return home.

Of course, my uncle didn't mention it, and she won't say it. I just hope that everyone will be more tolerant and don't let my uncle's hard found love be broken up.

Nangong Yao asked Siqing to accompany Muyun back to his villa manor, and he went directly to the company.

The clansmen of Nangong family have their own important positions in the company. All kinds of cousins and cousins add up to 15 people. Some of them are younger than Nangong Yao and some are older than him. However, when they saw him suddenly appear in the company, they also asked for a family meeting. Everyone was surprised.