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C1980: he's more active

Tie Ting sits in the car and looks back at Ji Tingyan, who is standing in place. She holds her hands tightly.

Lu Mengmeng is so happy that she finally gets back to the game. Ji Tingyan will hide in the toilet and cry.

"Brother bonding, shall we have hot pot in the evening? I haven't eaten it for a long time. I want to eat it. " Lu Mengmeng is holding his hands and holding them against his chest, with a lovely expression on his face and blinking at tieting.

"When the company comes, I'll arrange a car to take you home. You can have whatever you want." Tie Ting leaned on the seat of the chair and closed his eyes.

"What? Why send me back? I haven't had enough time. I don't want to go back. Brother Funing, please, let me stay for a few more days, OK? " Lu Mengmeng's face was anxious and his eyes were red.

"I have something important. I don't have time to play with you." Tie Ting answers her indifferently.

Lu Mengmeng is like a child, sitting next to him, sulking.

When she got back to the company by car, it was dark. Lu Mengmeng packed her suitcase and was directly sent away by the special car. She was unwilling and thought tearfully. She would come again next time. As long as she didn't get married, she would have a chance.

Tie Ting stood on the balcony and made a phone call to tie Xun.

"Isn't mom aware of this?" Tie Ting asked him in a low voice.

"She doesn't know, brother. Don't worry. I'm already investigating carefully." The clear voice of the man came.

"OK, I see. I'll be right here." Tie Ting hung up the phone, stared at the snow under his feet, and bit his teeth secretly.

Wang orange didn't reflect, he was left behind, he was a little stunned.

"Wang Cheng, Mr. tie has something urgent to do. Just leave xiaonai like this." Cheng Yue grabs Wang Cheng's lapel and questions him in a low voice.

Wang Cheng quickly shook his head: "I don't know everything about the boss. I don't know a lot of personal matters."

Ji Tingyan has already calmed down. Seeing Cheng Yue bully Wang Cheng, she quickly dissuades him: "OK, stop making trouble. He must have something important to do. Let's play by ourselves."

Cheng Yue pushes Wang Cheng away. Wang Cheng looks innocent.

The journey continued, but Ji Tingyan did not have that kind of relaxed mood, she looked out of the window scenery, many worries.

The time with tie Ting is very short, only less than two days. By reason, she won't sink so deep. She has always felt that she is a rational and mature woman. She doesn't have the impulsive passion when she was young, but now she seems to have a little face. She has an impulse to turn around and go back to find bondeng. No matter where he is going and what he does, she wants to accompany him. This madness makes Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes shocked.

The car is very quiet. There is a local folk song in it. Ji Tingyan finally suppresses the crazy idea. As a woman, she should keep the minimum Jin holding. She must not be too active and lose.

Just, does love win or lose?

It's the best thing to enjoy that pleasant process.

Ji Tingyan keeps her eyes on the view out of the window.

If tie Ting really wanted her to be with him, he would not leave her here.

The result of reverse thinking is to make the mood more depressed.

Before dark, I went to another town, where I stayed in a hotel. Wang orange arranged it properly. In the evening, I also enjoyed the famous local food.

After dinner, Ji Tingyan heard her cell phone ring. She took a look. It was her eldest brother, Ji Mucheng.

"Hello, big brother." Ji Tingyan takes her cell phone and sits on the sofa.

"Where has your love journey progressed? How are you doing? " Jimucheng is very concerned about her sister.

"Elder brother, it's only a few days. I'm not a fairy. I know everything. When does Yuelao want to lead me? That's what he's busy with. I just want to relax now." Ji Tingyan is speechless. Isn't the company enough to worry about? She's in charge all day long.

"I care about you, too. I'm afraid you are too wooden and don't understand the customs." Jimucheng laughed.

"I don't understand customs?" Ji Tingyan's eyes are wide.

"Don't I know your character? In the past, parents were not allowed to fall in love. That was before. Now the standards are different. Adult men have to learn to enjoy the beauty of love. " This is the rhythm of teaching my sister to do bad things.

"Brother, believe it or not, can I talk to my sister-in-law about this?" Ji Tingyan was so angry that she scared him.

"No, don't talk to her. It's a matter of our brothers and sisters." When Ji Mucheng heard this, he was frightened and immediately became serious.

Ji Tingyan chuckles and says, "my sister-in-law is very good at managing you. If you make a mistake, what will my sister-in-law make you kneel?"

"I've never knelt." Jimucheng said with a conceited face.

"Well, I have to advise my sister-in-law that if you make a mistake, you should kneel on the keyboard." Ji Tingyan said proudly.

"You're really my sister. It's not enough to bully me when I was a child. Now I don't want to think about my good. OK, I don't care about you, but if bondeng dare to do something sorry to you, I will repair him." Jimucheng did not dare to talk. He put down his cruel words and hung up.

Ji Tingyan stares at her cell phone and is stunned. Do you want to repair her?

She looked at her mobile phone, and suddenly wanted to send a text message to bondeng. After inputting a few words, she deleted them quickly, and then deleted them. I didn't know how many times she deleted them back and forth. Finally, she directly threw her mobile phone on the bed and took a bath.

If we say no, we will never take the initiative.

After taking a bath, Ji Tingyan comes out and sees her mobile phone on. She walks quickly to see if there is any missed call. It's from bondeng.

Empty heart, as if filled with warm water, Ji Tingyan this sad discovery, an afternoon of unhappiness, it was so cured by him.

Ji Tingyan is about to call back when her cell phone rings again. She chuckles and takes a deep breath, pretending to talk casually.


"Are you in the hotel?" The man's low voice came, showing concern.

"Well, Wang Cheng is very thoughtful." Ji Tingyan has a soft voice.

"I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry. You won't be angry with me." Tieting stood in front of the guardrail of the airport and watched a plane soar into the sky.

"If I get angry, will you come back to me?" Ji Tingyan deliberately embarrasses him.

"I'm at the airport now. I'm about to board the plane. Maybe I can't come. Please keep this account. I'll pay it back when I see you next time." Tie Ting sighed. If it wasn't for the hurry, he wouldn't have left her at this time.

"I'm joking with you. If you have something urgent, please do it first. It's OK with me." Ji explained softly.

"Well, we'll get together when I get back. Hang up." The man's low voice is full of reluctance.

Ji Tingyan waits for the other party to hang up, but finds that the other party hasn't hung up. She is ruthless and hangs up directly.

Tie Ting is at the airport. Where is he going?

At dinner, Wang Cheng introduced him to the company, which runs many projects. He needs to travel to different countries all year round and is a busy man.