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C1252 the power of love

Love is a matter between two people. No matter how noisy the world around him is, in Lu xuanchen's eyes, only the attitude of the woman in front of him is what he cares most. Mao

Rong Rong raised his eyes slightly and collided with the beautiful Danfeng eyes of the man. Lu xuanchen has a pair of perfect eyes, which makes people indulge at a glance. Now, his eyes are full of feelings. Looking at her so deeply, Mao Rongrong only feels that his heart is speeding up, and his brain is lack of oxygen, so he can't think. "

is Mao Rongrong the man you rejected me?" Han Caisheng has been secretly in love for a long time. Last time, he summoned up the courage to send a bracelet to express his love, but he was rejected by Mao Rongrong. He thought that Mao Rongrong's pursuer was a much better business elite than himself. What he never dreamed of would be a career that Mao Rongrong once despised the most. Mingxing is also the most popular and hot idol star recently. Han Caisheng is real I'm not happy. For example,

if the other side's occupation is a business genius, an industry elite, and Han Caisheng will feel that he is not competent enough, it is natural that Mao Rongrong does not pick himself. But now, this male star who just has one face and one body will throw him out of a few streets is not satisfied with Han Caisheng's loss.

Mao Rongrong sees her colleagues all around her. She suddenly calms down. Maybe if she doesn't force herself, she doesn't have the courage to admit that she really loves Lu xuanchen. This man, like a fire, burns her life, making her pay for the tenderness of being cared and loved, and the love of being missed and remembered. Mao Rongrong's heart, even if he holds it again, and if he holds it again, can't be denied. "

Yes, I love him!" Mao Rongrong's voice sounded in the silence. The women's eyes around were shocked by her bold expression. Unexpectedly, they called her iron lady. Even Mao Rongrong, who called her an old maid behind her back, fell in love with a man.

What's more hateful is that they fall in love with Lu xuanchen, the male star they all like. "

Rongrong, have you agreed?" Lu xuanchen's face flashed with ecstasy. He thought that he would be rejected by her if he came abruptly.

"Yes, I have. I will marry you and be your wife!" Mao Rongrong's voice is very firm. The bright eyes behind the hidden glasses sparkle a little tears. He can come here recklessly to propose to her. How can she still let him sad?

Lu xuanchen hugged her tightly into his arms, his thin lips against her hair, whispered, "Rongrong, thank you for not rejecting me again!"

A group of people nearby were shocked, like a fool, and countless expressions flashed on their faces. "

go, let's go back!" Mao Rongrong didn't want to let other people watch it. He took Lu xuanchen's hand and stood up. "

Mao Rongrong, why don't you explain that the man you hated most before was the man who didn't do his job and ate with his face? What's the matter with you now? " Han Cai is mad, regardless of his image.

Mao Rongrong looked back at him and said calmly: "I misunderstood their actor's industry before. In fact, the profession should not be divided into high and low. There are hard-working people in every industry. I like him and strive for his career. I can't afford him. I know you always like me, but love things..." "

I have to withdraw tomorrow!" Han Caisheng finished, turned around and left.

Mao Rongrong's expression is startled, Han Caisheng unexpectedly wants to withdraw capital? Do you really hate her that much?

From the office building, Lu xuanchen has been holding her hand, but Mao Rongrong is thinking with a low brow. Obviously, her love goes well, but her career is blocked, which makes her a little troubled.

"You're embarrassed that he's going to withdraw?" Lu xuanchen asked in a low voice. "

he holds 27% of the shares of the firm. If he wants to withdraw his capital, it will be a great challenge for our firm." Mao Rongrong sighed. "

it's all my fault. I shouldn't come to your company to propose, but I really want them to know our business, which is fair to you. I want you to be my wife in a fair way!" Lu xuanchen's special self reproach.

"You are not wrong, I am not wrong, you have the courage to come to my office alone today to propose, I am very happy, also very moved, really!" Mao Rongrong temporarily abandons the pressure of work and looks up at the man sitting in the driver's seat. Although the mood is complex, it is joy.

"Really?" Lu xuanchen smiles. "

well, I know you want me to accept your feelings openly, so that I won't be criticized again." Maorongrong said with a light smile, the whole person was also gentle. "

when will you take me to see your family? As for my family I have only my grandfather who has passed away. I will take you to his grave to toast some other day. " Lu xuanchen immediately thought about the preparation for marriage.

"You come here today to propose. It must be a scandal tomorrow. My family will also know. When they call me, let's go there again. Don't worry!" When Mao Rongrong heard about his dead grandfather, he was inexplicably sad for him. Even if his career was successful, he would always feel lonely. Suddenly, he wanted to form a family with him so that he could go.

"Well, I'm just worried that your family won't accept me. After all, my career is sensitive!" Lu xuanchen laughed at himself.

"No, my family urges me to get married every day, for fear that I won't be able to get married. My mother also says that if I can bring back a boyfriend to show her, she will pack the dowry and me out immediately." When it comes to her family, Mao Rongrong has a happy smile on her face. Although she is not from a wealthy family, her parents protect her, love her and treat her as a treasure in their hands. Even if they say they want to marry her casually every day, she is 26 or 27 years old, and there is no real urge to get married. "

really? Then take me back to see your mother. Maybe she will pack you for me when she is happy. " Lu xuanchen said with a smile. Mao rongbai glanced at him and said, "it's a real advantage!"

"I don't think I've taken advantage of you. I can't be wronged like that!" Lu xuanchen's dark eyes scanned her.

Mao Rongrong blushed inexplicably as soon as he listened to his unorthodox words.

When she got home, Mao Rongrong was about to turn on the light, but her hand was suddenly caught by the man. Then she heard the sound of the door being closed. "

Lu xuanchen What are you doing? " Mao Rongrong felt that he was carried by a big hand, a rotation, dizzy fell into a warm and strong arms. She breathed with fright.

The man's deep and charming voice sounded in her ear: "you don't mean I'm taking advantage of you? If I don't take it once, will I really be wronged? "

Mao Rongrong is speechless to him in an instant. This man has really found a good excuse. On the moist cheek, she was held up by a warm palm, and Mao Rongrong's breath was trembling. Obviously, she was the first product to compensate for this gentle and delicate feeling. Her body stretched into a straight line. In the dim light, her beautiful eyes flashed very fast.

"Shut your eyes!" Lu xuanchen saw that her eyes were shining and could not help but cajole her.

Mao Rongrong actually listened to his words, closed his eyes, felt the thin lips of the man, and pasted them gently on her lips.

This kind of gentle and careful was loved, Mao Rongrong unconsciously, all over the body is soft up, relying on the arms of a man, feeling his sincere and warm. But

can really restrain for a long time. When touching her soft body, Lu xuanchen's whole body is also tense.

"Rongrong..." Lu xuanchen called for her name in a hoarse voice. "

MM!" The woman hiding in his arms, her body still slightly quivering, totally strange feeling, made her fall in love instantly. Is this the magic of love? In the past, she always felt that cuddling was a very terrible thing, but now, she even thought that she didn't want to rely on men's arms. "

I I'll turn on the light! " Lu xuanchen did not dare to go on, for fear that he would lose control.

"Don't turn on the light, Lu xuanchen. Don't you want to do anything else?" Said Mao Rongrong suddenly.