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When a person likes another person, even if they know there is no chance to be together, they still want to let the other party know their thoughts. If they don't say it, they will never know it. If they say it, there may be a little chance of success.

At this moment, Wang Xin, by intoxication, strengthened his courage. If he doesn't speak out his heart, he will never be reconciled in his life.

Bai Yiyan comes out of the restroom and suddenly sees a person coming. She is scared and flashes to the side.

"Miss Wang? Why are you here? Are you drunk? " Bai Yiyan thought it was someone who was about to avoid, but she found that Wang Xin was coming. His eyes and face were red and he was drunk at first sight.

"I'm not drunk, Xiaoyan, I I like you. I really like you. I have to say it today. If I don't say it again, I'm going to be crazy. " Wang Xin immediately went to the first two steps, and was very close to Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan instinctively backed away a few steps and kept a safe distance. She didn't expect Wang Xin to tell her at this time. In fact, she had seen that he had a little meaning for himself.

"Miss Wang, you must be drunk. It's not early. I have to go back. Happy birthday!" Bai Yiyan knows that it's no use pretending to be stupid, so she has to seriously say, "I've always treated you as a friend and colleague. You know I have a boyfriend. I'm grateful for your love, but we're still more suitable to be friends."

"Do you look down on me?" Wang Xin felt as if he had been stabbed by something. He opened his hand to prevent Bai Yiyan from passing through the corridor. "

How can I look down on you? Have you misunderstood anything? " Bai Yiyan's face was already a little unhappy, because Wang Xin's move made her a little uneasy. "

I don't get it wrong. You just look down on me. Xiaoyan, I have no money and I'm not handsome, so I don't deserve to like you, do you?" Wang Xin is on the cusp of a bull. He must ask for an explanation.

Bai Yiyan couldn't help crying and laughing, but said: "I've never felt this way before. You're very kind and helpful. You're sure to find a girl who likes you, but I really just treat you as a friend!"

"I don't want to be your friend, Bai Yiyan. I like you at first sight. You are so beautiful." Wang Xin is a little dizzy and incoherent at the moment. Looking at Bai Yiyan's beautiful appearance, he really wants to go and hold her. "

Xiaoyan, let me hold it once, just once, OK? Please, I really like you. I dream of you every night! " Wang Xin suddenly jumped at her, trying to hold her and satisfy his fantasy.

"Wang Xin, don't do that!" Bai Yiyan immediately dodges again. At the moment, her face looks ugly. "

If Ji Yueze hugs you, you will be smiling. If I hug you, you will be disgusted, right? For the sake of how much I like you, would you please give me one wish? " Wang Xin is extremely sad in an instant. He still feels that Bai Yiyan is so cold and callous that he even refuses to accept this small request. "

he is my boyfriend, of course I like him, but we are just colleagues. You are really over behaving." Bai Yiyan's face has changed at the moment. Even if she treats Wang Xin as a friend or benefactor, it is absolutely impossible for her to let him do this to herself. "

Bai Yiyan, what do you pretend to be? Do you know how bad your reputation is online? " Wang Xin was enraged, and immediately spit out bad words.

Bai Yiyan is shocked. She looks at the drunk man with a totally strange eyes. She really can't overlap him with the smiling man when she first met him. "

Wang Xin, why do you say that to me?" Bai Yiyan questions him angrily. "

why? I can't stand your pure appearance. Bai Yiyan, you wander in front of me all day, but don't let me hold you. Do you know that I am burned every day? What if you let me hold it once? Am I really not worthy of your daughter, a murderer? " Wang Xin is mad at the moment. He only feels angry. He hates himself and can't even get a woman. Bai

Yiyan's only affection for him also lost. She sneered: "it seems that you really know me well, Wang Xin. Did you help me at this time of day?" "

if you are not beautiful, do you really think there are so many men on the pole to help you?" Wang Xin was enraged, and what he said at the moment was out of his mind.

"How do you behave like this?" Bai Yiyan sneered. "

that's better than your daughter, the murderer. At best, I won't teach them how to kill." Wang Xin sneers. "

asshole!" Bai Yiyan could not help cursing. Wang looked at her crazily: "you look so nice when you are angry. Ji Yueze is really lucky."

"Get out of the way!" Bai Yiyan really doesn't want to talk to him.

"Bai Yiyan, you seem afraid to let people know you're here. If you let me hold you now and kiss you, I won't tell you your address. If you don't agree, do you believe it..." Yi Yan's face froze. She suddenly realized that the man in front of her was really terrible. He even knew his own affairs so well. "

are you threatening me?" Bai Yiyan was so angry that she shivered. "

Yes, I'm threatening you. If you want to continue to live in anonymity here, you'll agree to my terms, but just give me a hug and kiss. You won't refuse such a simple thing." Wang Xin's face was a little smug with a smile.

"So it seems that you invited me here for a long time. Wang Xin, to be honest, I really despise you. I heard that your style in school before was not very good. Originally, I didn't believe it. Now, it seems that you are really a hypocrite and disgusting!" Bai Yiyan has heard before that Wang Xin had an indistinct relationship with several girls who came to practice. She still doesn't believe it. Now she finds that she is too simple. "

men and women, isn't that the case? Don't pretend to be very lofty. It's not like our country. The style of work here is much more open. What's wrong with you feeling what I want? " Wang Xin sneered. "

do you know what's threatening me?" Bai Yiyan's mouth trembled.

"Bai Yiyan, aren't you afraid of being exposed? It seems that you have made a lot of enemies. " Wang Xin hums and smiles. "

Yes, I may have another enemy now." Bai Yiyan finished, raised her foot, and kicked Wang Xin in the chest. "

Bai Yiyan, you..." It suddenly occurred to Wang Xin that Bai Yiyan was good at it. "

threaten me? You are teasing me? Wang Xin, you will regret it! " Bai Yiyan turns over and kicks him hard in the face. In the small corridor, Wang Xin even loses the chance to resist.