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C1868 is the son's request

In the afternoon, Xia Xinnian added more than an hour's class in the company, because she had too much work at hand to leave.

She wanted to call jimucheng so her son wouldn't look for her.

However, she turned over her mobile phone and found that she didn't save the man's number.

At seven, a strange number called in.


She spoke like a business.

"It's me. Why don't you go home so late?"

The man's deep, cold voice came through the telephone line.

Xia xinnianleng for a moment, and then found that it was the voice of jimucheng.

"This is your number?"

Xia Xinnian asked no questions.

"You didn't save my number?"

Men seem to be pissed off in an instant.

"Oh, I'll save it now!"

After Xia Xinnian finished, he typed directly and saved two words of robber.

Jimucheng finds out that this woman calls him so casually. Her beautiful face is black again.

After saving, Xia Xinnian put the mobile phone back to his ear: "is the son there?

I'll have a word with him. "

Jimucheng didn't expect this woman to ignore him directly and go to find her son.

"Mommy, come back soon. Dinner is ready!"

Xia Yuchen's childish voice came.

Hearing his son's voice, Xia Xinnian was relieved at last. Then he said gently, "son, Mommy may have to work a little longer. You can eat with Daddy. I will go back before nine o'clock!"

"Oh, well, Mommy, did you have dinner?"

Although the little guy is a little lost, he still cares about Mommy.

"I'll eat it!"

Said Xia Xinnian softly.

"Then you must remember to eat. Don't be hungry and faint!"

Little guy would say that because Xia Xinnian had such a case before. At that time, she fainted because of hypoglycemia, but in little guy's mind, she was starved.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing: "don't worry, Mommy is in good health, I won't be hungry again!"

"Well, Mommy, I'll wait for you to come back!"

After the little guy finished speaking, he hung up.

Seeing that his son didn't give him a chance to talk, jimucheng hung up his cell phone and handed it to him.

Why does this mother and son ignore his existence so much?

Is his sense of existence so low?

"What did you say about your mommy getting hungry and dizzy?"

Jimucheng wants to brush off a wave of existence.

The little guy immediately said sadly and heartily, "last year Mommy fainted in the company because she didn't have a good meal."

"Is that the case?"

The man Mou color slightly shakes, cannot see, that woman unexpectedly so desperately.

"Daddy, how about Would you send dinner to Mommy?

Mommy is so busy that she will forget to eat. "

The little guy's big black eyes rolled.

Jimucheng Jun's face flashed a little surprised. He asked incredulously, "did you ask me to send her food?"

"Yes, daddy, Mommy is the softest. If you treat her well, she will treat you twice as well. I promise not to cheat you!"

A convincing little face of little guy, full of earnest.

Jimucheng's face is complex and contemplative. This kind of active and courteous thing is not like his style.

"Well, daddy, well, Mommy is very poor, you can help him to send some food!"

The little guy immediately exerted his ability of removing Jiao. Two little hands gently waved with one big hand of jimucheng, and big eyes were full of pleading.

"Well, I gave it to her for your sake!"

Jimucheng couldn't refuse his son's request.

"Daddy, you are so nice. I love you so much!"

The little guy pounced on him, hugged him, and confessed.

Jimucheng looks at the son of the villain, and his face is full of convinced spirit.

That woman taught her son something. He cared about her enough and was good enough.

"Dad, go pack quickly. I think uncle Butler has made a lot of dishes!"

The little guy drags jimucheng's big hand and drags him to the dinner table.

Jimucheng immediately asked the housekeeper uncle to take the heat preservation box out. With the help of Xia Yuchen, all the dishes that Xia Xinnian liked were loaded.

Ji Mucheng is carrying two heat preservation boxes. He can't believe it. He's a good-looking young master of Ji family, and he will become a delivery man.

Besides, it was delivered in his top limited edition sports car.

Xia Xinnian didn't go hungry, but ordered a takeout. His colleagues in the whole office ate it in a meeting room.

Just as Xia Xinnian was eating with relish, suddenly, the door of the conference room was pushed open by a man. The lady in the front desk said incredulously, "Ji Jimucheng is coming! "

The whole conference room was in an uproar, and then there was silence.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the little sister.

"Really Really, he is outside, looking for Xinnian! "

Xia Xinnian holds the chopsticks with her hands slightly frozen. She frowns, puts down her chopsticks and gets up.

In the heart of some angry think, this season to find a company in Mucheng is to do?

Outside the door, there was a long, straight figure, still in a suit, just pulling a tie and unbuttoning the white shirt, which was a bit lazy and relaxed.

Jimucheng stood at the front desk, one hand on the front desk, fingers tapping the table, showing a little impatience.

Beside his arm, two pink heat preservation boxes are particularly eye-catching, because they are different from the cold mature temperament of men.

Xia Xinnian walked out quickly. Seeing him, his pretty face naturally stretched into a cold color.

"Why did you come?

I'm eating. "

Xia Xinnian's voice is neither cold nor hot.

Hearing her saying that he was eating, the fingers of the table were suddenly knocked, and a pair of deep eyes stared at her like ice: "have you eaten?"

"Just about to eat!"

When Xia Xinnian answers, his eyes inadvertently sweep to the two heat preservation boxes beside him.

When jimucheng saw her, her handsome face showed a little uneasiness, and her face was even more gloomy: "your son asked me to deliver it, take it to eat!"

Xia Xinnian was stunned directly, and her beautiful eyes widened unbelievably.

"I'm gone!"

Jimucheng sees her a pair of frightened expression, he is more remorseful, why should send rice to her to eat?

She's not a three-year-old. Can she really starve to death?

In this way, jimucheng fled in the surprised eyes of Xia Xinnian, jumped on his sports car, blew the accelerator enough, and disappeared in an instant.

"Miss Xinnian, where are the jimucheng people?"

Suddenly, a group of female colleagues rushed out to see how handsome the legendary heirs of Ji's family were.

Unfortunately, they came a little late, and the man had left.

"What is this?"

It was found that Xia Xinnian was carrying two heat preservation boxes in his hand and asked curiously immediately.

Just now, the little sister at the front desk was surprised and said, "isn't this what jimucheng brought here just now?"

All eyes are on Xia Xinnian.