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C1326 embracing also requires strength

When LAN Yanxi returned to her position, her colleagues around her also looked at her with a surprised expression, as if they were wondering if she had lost her mind. Such a good opportunity for communication and learning, she gave up easily. Besides, isn't the purpose of her coming to work in the general office for promotion?

Maybe a lot of people will consider others' affairs from their own interests and positions, but in fact, what you care about is not necessarily what others value.

Just like LAN Yanxi at the moment, she is helpless and depressed. She really doesn't want to be promoted. She just wants to be closer to her boyfriend.

The old president sat back and looked at Ling Mo Feng with a smile.

Ling Mo stares at the stage impassively and ignores him.

The old president didn't say much, of course, he would not ask Ling Mo Feng, what is the relationship between LAN Yanxi and him, and whether he was engaged as rumors, which belongs to his own fight, and the old president had to pretend to be stupid.

At the end of the party, everyone stood up orderly from their positions. When a large number of leaders left first, some ordinary staff began to walk out the door one after another.

"Lan Yanxi!" Suddenly, there was a voice calling for her. Lanyanxi stopped and watched Qiao Zhuo, who had already walked out in front, stand by and wait for her.

"Why don't you go out?" LAN Yanxi asked him strangely.

Qiao Zhuo spread out a hand: "I'm really surprised by you. At such a good opportunity, you say don't do it. You're really unpredictable!"

Lanyanxi knows that her behavior just now is amazing, but she has her ideas and is not controlled by others.

"It's no surprise. I just don't think I have enough ability. I want to learn more in the office!" LAN Yanxi said lightly.

"That's why I admire you!" JOJO sighed with a face.

"What do you admire me for? I'm a woman, the chance of promotion is not so important to me! " Blue Yan Xi is still indifferent smile.

JOJO nodded. "You're really different from other women!"

LAN Yanxi smiled twice politely: "no more, I have to get on the bus!"

"Good!" JOJO nodded and waved at her.

Lanyanxi quickly got on the car, sat in the position, dizzy and distended.

Tonight seems to be a very long time.

I don't know if it's because I can't talk to Ling Mo Feng. This feeling of seeing and not talking is really too painful. She decided to have this opportunity next time. She would rather not.

It's the most comfortable thing for her to go home and wait for him.

Not long after the old president left, Ling decided to leave, accompanied by a group of his faction leaders.

Yang he stood at the door to see him off. He saw the man come out of the room with a blue face and a large group of people behind him.

She originally gathered the courage to see the cold handsome face of the man, all of a sudden, it all disappeared.

I don't know if it's her illusion. She thinks that today's vice president is different from the past. Without that kind of affinity, it gives people a cold, hard to approach indifference.

He passed in front of her with a cold air.

Yang He's inner enthusiasm was frozen into ice in an instant. She looked at the far away man sadly, watching him stoop to sit in the car, and then the car disappeared at the gate.

The confession failed. The staff in her position didn't have the chance to contact the noble man alone. Yang he wanted to cry and cry.

There is no more painful time than now. Before, because her family was poor and self abased, she felt that the whole world was watching her jokes, and she didn't want to cry.

But at this moment, the tears in her eyes suddenly fell down. She quickly turned around, ignored the astonished eyes of other etiquette ladies nearby, and ran to the direction of the bathroom.

Ling Mo Feng is sitting in the car, and his two adjutants are sitting beside him.

"Would you like to give Miss LAN a call, sir?" Asked the adjutant of Chu, he also felt Ling Mo Feng's mood was particularly bad today, as if who moved his most precious treasure.

"No, go straight to her!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice.

"The president is trying to test your relationship with her this time. Is he trying to threaten you with Miss LAN?" Adjutant Chu was still worried.

"I don't know what the result of his trial there is. If they think I have a good relationship with Yan Xi, she will become my weakness. If they think we have a bad relationship, they will surely feel that she can't use it!" Ling Mo Feng is wringing eyebrow heart, slightly show the analysis way of fidgety.

"What is the gentleman going to do?" Asked the adjutant Chu curiously.

"I want Yan Xi to go abroad to be an exchange student!" Ling Mo Feng said after a moment of silence.

"The old president also wants to take the opportunity to split you up. If Miss LAN doesn't go, he will be suspicious. However, the duration of exchange students is one month. In this month, you won't see each other, just afraid of Miss lan..." The adjutant Chu is not blind. It can be seen that lanyanxi also likes his husband very much. The girl is stubborn and doesn't know if she can agree to it.

"I will advise her!" Ling Mo Feng stared at the street out of the window, but he was very upset.

He has been used to having her around, even if he can't meet every day, knowing that she works in the general office, his heart is stable, but now, he has to face separation, and the man can't control his emotions.

LAN Yanxi sits in the car, Mei Mou looks out of the window, holding the mobile phone tightly in her hand, but she dare not send him any messages.

Has her existence become his trouble and burden?

If so, she will be really guilty and self reproach.

In the deep night, LAN Yanxi has returned to Ling Mo Feng's home. She is sitting alone in the living room. Her brain is a little swollen and messy.

What's the purpose of the old president not taking back that prize?

Is it forcing her to make a choice with Ling Mo Feng?

It's really too much to choose to play tricks at such a party and face so many people, which makes her in a dilemma.

LAN Yanxi curled up in the corner of the sofa. At this moment, I want to see him.

She's really at a loss.

Just as LAN Yanxi recited this expectation, there was a sound of the car stalling outside the door.

Her whole body a vibration, looked up, saw in a towering figure, quickly walked into the living room.

"Hope!" Ling Mo Feng shouted her name in a low voice.

Blue words and beautiful eyes flashed a touch of happiness. Next second, she even had no time to wear shoes, so she rushed to him.

Men also open their arms, tightly embrace her into their arms, as if to melt her into their own body to be reconciled.

Lanyanxi never knew that a hug also needed strength, but she really held him tightly with her hands and was unwilling to let go.

"Sorry to worry you!" In my ear, there was a deep apology from the man.

LAN Yanxi shook his head and said in a muffled voice, "I'm worried about you. I'm not worried about myself!"

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips can't help kissing on her forehead, soft hair, as if only in this way, can I miss that share and tell her.

The two people held each other tightly for a long time. The man released his hand and saw that she was still wearing work clothes and didn't take a shower to change clothes. It can be seen how long she had been sitting here alone.

"How do you sit in the living room?" Ling found that the living room was very cold, without heating.

"I'm waiting for you. My intuition tells me that you will come to me!" Lanyanxi is still in the mood to make fun of him.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but smile: "yes, I want to see you, too!"

"I saw you at the party just now, didn't I? But you are so cold to me! " Lanyanxi began to accuse him of the crime.

"I I'm just acting, but I've been thinking about you in my heart! " When the man saw that she misunderstood him, his nervous handsome face turned red.

LAN Yanxi snorted, "tell me the truth, did you let me go to the party?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "yes, I did!"

"Now that it's like this, what should we do?" Lanyanxi is not angry, but very happy, because he really opened the back door for himself.

"That's what I want to tell you!" The handsome man's face was slightly strained.