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Someone adored her

When she finished speaking, she didn't even notice that the other party was about to let go. She quickly broke free, causing the other party to let out a chuckle and release her hand.

Tang You You hurriedly pointed to the sofa opposite them. "Please sit!"

The moment he sat down, he introduced himself, "Hello, I'm a musician. My appearance didn't scare you, right?"

Tang You You quickly shook his head: "No, your clothes are normal too! It suits your temperament. "

"As long as I don't scare you! My name is Jiang Nuo Yi! "

Hearing that, Tang You You immediately opened her eyes wide: "Oh, I think I've heard of your name before. You write songs very well, many of the famous songs were written by you! I really didn't expect you to be so talented at such a young age! "

"Have you really heard my songs? Do you like it? " Seeing her shining eyes, the corner of Jiang Nuo Yi's mouth also rose.

"I like it, but she does like listening to those love songs you wrote. They are truly poetic and full of emotion. You must be a person with a very rich heart, otherwise, it would be impossible for you to write such beautiful songs, right?" Tang You You praised.

Jiang Nuo Yi lowered her head and laughed humbly: "To be honest, I am not very rich, but I have always felt that I am a very special person. There are many aspects that are unique, I don't know if you are interested in understanding me!"

Tang You You could not help but be taken aback. "Didn't you come to ask me to cooperate?"

Jiang Nuo Yi nodded his head: "Yes, I have had a few performances recently, and would like to ask you to design a few sets of clothes for me."

Tang You You laughed dryly, "Please forgive me for my bluntness, but I don't think you would like my design style. My design style is a little feminine, but what you obviously like are neutral clothes."

"Now that you look at me, I'm very neutral. That's just one of my sides. Actually, I can also be very feminine. You might not guess, while I'm walking on the road in female attire, there are quite a few Star Controllers who have come to poach me." Jiang Nuo Yi said somewhat complacently.

Tang You You nodded his head, "It's not hard to tell, you do have the potential to be an idol star. However, I still want to ask curiously, why did you find me with so many designers? "

"I feel that you might be the inspiration for my next song. I want to get closer to you so that I can understand you!" Jiang Nuo Yi suddenly stared fixedly at her, and the words she said caused Tang You You to be greatly shocked.

She blinked her eyes in embarrassment. "You said I am your source of inspiration? Why do you say that? You probably haven't even seen me! "

"I've seen you before, but you probably don't have any impression of me. That was many years ago, when you were still a high school student and I was two years ahead of you, you were very pure and I had already noticed you." Jiang Nuo Yi's tone suddenly changed, as though he was speaking with emotion.

Tang You You was even more shocked, she tried her best to remember this Jiang Nuo Yi fellow's name, but unfortunately, she really had no impression of him.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't expect that we were still alumni!" Tang You You smiled and shook his head.

Jiang Nuo Yi nodded, and answered seriously: "Yes, even though you weren't eye-catching in school at that time, I still felt it, that you were very beautiful at that time!"

Tang You You was already feeling embarrassed from his praise, "Really? At that time, I was just like an ugly duckling! "

"No, you're not. You're so pure!" Jiang Nuo Yi immediately retorted.

Tang You You was a little helpless: "Maybe I was pure before, but now, I don't dare be this narcissistic anymore."

"Tang You You, I had actually been paying attention to the matter regarding your new press conference since long ago. I had always thought that it would be impossible for it to be you, but after seeing your work photo in your company, I was able to confirm that it really was you. I never thought that your business would be so successful, and moreover, marry such a rich man." In Jiang Nuo Yi's expression, there was still a trace of sadness.

Tang You You didn't notice the dim sadness in her eyes and said self-deprecatingly, "Perhaps all my luck in my life was used on this moment, I never thought that I would become like this."

"What makes me even more envious is that you actually have two such beautiful children. Your daughter looks very much like you when you were young." Jiang Nuo Yi's tone revealed a trace of happiness.

Tang You You did not expect that a good meeting with a customer would actually change his mood and start to talk about matters of a young age.

Jiang Nuo Yi nodded his head: "Yes, I am serious, you won't take me for a joke right?"

Tang You You quickly shook his head, "Of course not, since you are my school friend, I can actually give you a preferential treatment."

"There's no need, I can't even afford to pay this little bit of money. Since I'm sincere, you should be sincere to me!" When Jiang Nuo Yi heard that she wanted to give her a discount or something, she felt as if her pride was hurt, and immediately spoke out in a serious tone.

Seeing her expression, Tang You You did not dare to joke around anymore, she nodded her head: "Alright then, when I finished drawing the design, I will let you have a look, when that time comes, if you are satisfied, can we talk about it in detail?"

"There's no need to wait for the script to come out before we start discussing. I'm here to look for you to design your costume!" Jiang Nuo Yi immediately said in all seriousness.

"I'm afraid you won't be satisfied …"

"If I could see you a few more times, how could I not be satisfied? "Like I said, my new song was inspired by you!" Jiang Nuo Yi suddenly laughed, giving Tang You You goosebumps for no reason.

Strange, why did she feel uncomfortable facing Jiang Nuo Yi who was smiling all over, when she was also a woman?

Did she think too much?

"Oh, that's great. I wish you a great success with your new song!" Tang You You suddenly wanted to end this meeting quickly.

Suddenly, someone said that they wanted to find inspiration to write a song from her, this feeling was originally very good, but Tang You You felt that something was wrong.

"Definitely, because I will write it very carefully!" After Jiang Nuo Yi finished speaking, he extended his hand out: "Give me the contract, I'll sign it first!"

Tang You You suddenly felt that she did not want to contract with him, but since Jiang Nuo Yi was her client and had such sincerity, she could not find any reason to reject. Thus, she could only console herself, thinking of all these for money.

After Jiang Nuo Yi signed the contract, she didn't say anything that made Tang You You feel uneasy. She stood up, shook her hand again, and turned to leave.