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After Ji Yueze got Bai Yiyan's grandmother's address, he contacted his two assistants at the first time, asked them to arrange two cars, and then set out. Bai Yiyan's grandmother lives in a small town. There is no direct flight. She can only drive on the highway. It takes more than five hours. Ji Yueze can't take care of so much. He always feels that Bai Yiyan is not right. Is she going to say goodbye to her grandmother? Her ultimate goal or want to leave him? This idea is like a storm in my heart, gradually forming. Season

Yueze gets on the bus, and the two assistants are still in a state of face covering. "

drive to this place!" Ji Yueze directly left the address to them, then screwed his finger on his eyebrow and closed his eyes. This is a kind of passive taste. It's really not good. Ji Yueze can't help biting his teeth.

If he finds the woman, he must teach her a good lesson. Dare to let him so painstakingly hurt himself, never let her go easily.

Ji Yueze drove to look for Bai Yiyan. It's a secret. He didn't even tell his eldest brother, Ji Xiaohan. Luo

villa! Luo

after Jin Yu moved out of the villa, now only Luo Henning lives here alone. In the early morning, he was woken up and scared away his dreams when he saw his mother sitting next to his bed.

"Mom..." Lokhenin hurriedly climbed up from the bed and sat up. He was surprised. Fortunately, Mu Lin didn't come to sleep with him yesterday. Otherwise, his mother came here at this time and saw an unspeakable scene. He would be very shy. Lo

the mother looked at her little son's bleary face and sighed, "come down to breakfast. When is it? She's still sleeping in. You're a dead boy!" Luo

heningjun's face was red with shame, and he shouted: "Mom, it's not because of big brother's business that you suddenly come here?" "

it's for his business. He's going to revolt. I didn't sleep well all night!" Luo Mu said with emotion that she stayed in the hotel last night. After thinking about it all night, she still couldn't accept that her proud eldest son wanted to marry a female star.

"Mom, you will be very angry. Isn't it just a distant relationship? What are you afraid of? Now who cares? " Of course, lohnin is going to help big brother to put out the fire and say good words. He reaches for a mother's shoulder and comforts him. "

you don't talk nonsense here. What do you know? Is this a distant relationship? Their identity is far away! " Lom threw his hand away and turned out of the room. Luo

Henning frowned and thought, big brother, this is a big thing.

Alas, he knew that one day, but he came a step earlier than he thought.

I hope the love between big brother and Yang ChuChu is firm and loyal, and we can get through this difficult situation.

No matter what, lohnin has a headache. On the one hand, he is my dear brother, and on the other hand, he is my dear mother. What should he do? It's hard to stand in line.

Lohnin brushed his teeth and went downstairs dressed neatly. Lohnin sat down at the table with a livid face for breakfast. "

mom, have you met the eldest brother?" Lohnen hurried over and sat down to eat.

"I went to see him last night, and met Yang ChuChu. The little girl, perhaps, after listening to what I said, got angry and ran away. Alas, I can't stand this anger. There will be more fun in the future." With a sigh on her face, Luo Mu also had a lot of opinions on Yang ChuChu's urgent departure yesterday.

"Maybe the little girl is shy, Ma, don't ask so much of her!" Lohnin continued to comfort his mother. "

do you live with your elder brother when you are young? How shy you can be. " Lom sneered. Luo

Henning knew that her mother was upright and strong. If Yang ChuChu could not become her ideal daughter-in-law, it would be a bit difficult.

"Mom, tell me, what are you not satisfied with Yang ChuChu? I want to reflect with my elder brother! " Lohnin just wants to stand in the middle and play a round. He just wants this thing to be perfect.

"Well, I'm not satisfied with everything about her." Luo Mu snorted.

Lohningjun '

"Are you my own son or not? Why do you always say good things for her? Don't you see my angry face is blue now?" Luo's mother is angry now. She hears that her little son also praises Yang ChuChu. She feels her chest is stuffy and short of breath.

"Well, Ma, don't be angry. What can you do if you are angry? Big brother and I will be hurt. " Lohnin has been a sweet talker since he was a child. Although he has less enthusiasm and prudence for business, his image in front of his elders is also very good with his mouth.

Luo Mu was really laughed at by him. She pointed to his forehead and said, "you will be obedient. Your eldest brother's wood will only annoy me. By the way, how are you getting along with Mu Lin? Has she been working in the company recently? She is pregnant, but be careful about her health! "

Lochnen had already taken Mulin to see the elder of Luo's family, and also said about pregnancy, so Luo's mother was very concerned about Mulin.

"Mom, don't worry. She's handing over the work to her brother now, but there are so many things in the company that can't be done in one or two days. Give her more time." Lohnin speaks softly for his woman. "

I'm worried that she can't stand it. After pregnancy, people will be tired." Lom lowered her voice. "

I will go to take care of her every day now. Don't worry. I'll make an appointment for lunch!" Lohnin proposed with a smile. "

OK, I just want to see her!" Luo mother nodded, happy face.

Lohnin saw that the success of the transfer of his mother's mood, he secretly relieved.

"By the way, call out your eldest brother too. I have nothing to say to him." Luo Mu suddenly mentioned Luo Jinyu again. Luo

Henning's shoulders span. Alas, it's not so easy to change the topic.

"OK, I'll call big brother. Mom, when you see him, don't quarrel with him. In public, you can't quarrel. The influence is not good!" Lohnin exhorted with a smile.

"I don't quarrel, I just want his attitude!" Lom looked worried.

"I think it's too urgent for him to make a statement now. I think he likes Yang ChuChu very much." Lohnin was surprised again.