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Wow, hold hands!

Ji Xiao Han was busy with work, when he suddenly received a call from his son, which made him excited.

"Of course it's true. Daddy, I won't lie to you, Mummy personally told me. She said that when you return, she will tell you the answer."

Could something big have happened in Young Master's family? Otherwise, why would he be so anxious?

However, even though the driver had sped up, he still emphasized safety as he tried his best to speed up.

Ji Xiao Han sat in the back seat, his fingers could not help but reach his lips, gently pressing down on them, his thoughts churning like a tide.

Counting it, he had only known Tang You You for less than a month.

When did he become so crazy, so impulsive?

This was a matter of his life. He had already decided that if he didn't meet a woman that he was very interested in, he wouldn't consider the matter of marriage.

But now, in merely a month's time, he had forced Tang You You to do everything he could.

It seemed like the curse of love had completely wrapped itself around him.

In fact, he had never felt that he had an impulsive personality before, but Tang You You's appearance had caused him to make an exception time and time again and lose control over himself.

This woman …

As he thought about it, his thin lips couldn't help but rise up.

He didn't know where she got her charm to stir his heart so much, to make him so interested in her.

However, he had to admit that his determination to marry her became more and more resolute. He wanted to protect her and love her more and more, as if he was dreaming.

Previously, the journey home would take more than 40 minutes, but today … In less than half an hour, he was already outside his living room.

At this moment, Tang You You, who was in the bedroom on the second floor, had just finished telling her daughter a bedtime story.

In the silent night, Tang You You could hear the sound of a car turning off its engine.

The tip of his heart quivered.

Did Ji Xiao Han return so quickly?

She thought he would come back after work in the early hours of the morning.

Tang You You looked at her daughter's sleeping face, and thought about what her son had said. She felt that there was no need to hide anymore.

There were some things that she had to face. She would retreat again and again, but it was not like what she had in mind.

However, marriage was a very heavy word.

Right now, Ji Xiao Han was madly chasing after her, perhaps because he felt that she was fresh and full of passion.

In the end, the two of them would use the most honest method to directly face each other's advantages and disadvantages. At that time, would Ji Xiao Han's feelings for him still be like this?

Tang You You really had no confidence in his marriage.

Furthermore, she was also deeply powerless, and felt that she definitely wasn't charming enough to make Ji Xiao Han not feel tired of her.

However, the children seemed to be looking forward to see Ji Xiao Han and her together. The little fellows were also afraid, uneasy, afraid that they would become the children of an incomplete family.

Sighing lightly, Tang You You took a coat and put it on before walking to the door.

The moment she opened the door, she saw a tall figure standing at the entrance.

The man in the suit looked at her with a dark expression.

Tang You You's body froze as she stared blankly at his face.

"You … When did you come up? " Tang You You took a long time before he found his voice. Once he spoke, he realized that his voice was very soft, like a feather brushing.

She was somewhat disgusted that she would actually say such tender words to this man.

Ji Xiao Han's burning gaze landed on her pure and white face and met her bright crystal-like eyes. His heart also trembled a little.

"Do you have something to say to me?" Suddenly, Ji Xiao Han didn't know what to say, so he asked directly.

Tang You You was stunned for a second. Under the gentle light, her white face flushed red: "Who … Who said that! "

"Son said so!" Ji Xiao Han had already sold out the little guy without holding back at all.

Hearing that, Tang You You clenched her small fists in anger, but she felt that it was funny, "Since when did he become your little spy?"

"At any time, don't forget that he's my son!"

"He's mine!" At this time, Tang You You didn't forget to argue with him.

"Then who am I to you?" The man's voice suddenly became hoarse as he asked openly.

Tang You You's mind exploded, it was a bit blank, but right after, she heard her daughter flipping over behind her, she was so scared that she shivered for a moment, and then anxiously went around the man's side: "Let's not chat here, we'll wake our daughter up!"

"Come with me to the study!" Ji Xiao Han lightly grabbed her wrist, and directly pulled her away from the study without any explanation.

Tang You You's body tensed up, and she lowered her head to look at her wrist. His palm was still burning hot, so hot that her entire body was trembling.

"Wow!" We're holding hands! " Just as the two of them were passing by Ji Xiao Han and their son's room, they suddenly heard the sound of the little fellow laughing inside the room.

Tang You You's entire body did not look good, and she hurriedly flung away Ji Xiao Han's large hand.

Ji Xiao Han's footsteps paused, and he shot a warning look at Tang Xiao Rui who was sticking his small head out: "It's so late, hurry up and go to sleep!"

"Alright, I'm still waiting for the results of your chat!" Tang Xiao Rui muttered.

Tang You You felt extremely humiliated. If her relationship with Ji Xiao Han were to happen under the little guy's watch, she would feel it. She would never want to fall in love again in her life.