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C996 mad at him

With Bai Wanqing's mobile phone number, Ji Yueze pulled it out at the first time. White

Wan Qing's gentle voice rings: "Hello, who is that?" "

aunt, it's me, Ji Yueze!" His voice sank.

Bai Wanqing took a cold breath. It may be due to his deficiency of heart, which is instinctive.

"Aunt, where is Bai Yiyan? I saw your mother, but she said Bai Yiyan never came back. Do you know where she is Ji Yueze's voice was a bit aggressive.

Bai Wanqing was not a strong woman. When Ji Yueze asked her, her head was big.

"Young master Ji, actually, I don't know where Xiaoyan has gone. She didn't say hello to me." Bai Wanqing is not Bai Zhenzhen. There are not so many crooked things in her stomach. At the moment, she does not know her answer. She has told Ji Yueze the answer.

"Is it? You don't know, or do you want to hide it for her? Don't you worry that she will be kidnapped by the bad guys again, whose life and death are unknown? " Ji Yueze's voice is more excited.

Hearing this, Bai Wanqing's head was blown up, and she was even more frightened.

"Young master Ji, it's not so dangerous. There are more good people in the world. Xiaoyan can't be so unlucky and kidnapped!" Bai Wanqing also began to worry anxiously, but he still had a little luck.

"Bai Zhen really offends people. Now that they know that she is Bai Zhen's daughter, all of them will put the old accounts on her head. Aunt, she is your raised child, don't you worry?" Ji Yueze has confirmed that Bai Wanqing is the one who knows the truth, and he is stepping closer.

Bai Wanqing had no choice but to sigh: "well, as you say, I'm really worried about her. She's gone. She said you don't want to go to her." Season

the more he looked, the more his voice sank: "what does it mean to go? Where did she go? " "

she went abroad. The morning before yesterday, I didn't know which plane she took and where she went. She didn't tell me. She just asked me to find a way to delay you for a few days." Bai Wanqing has explained everything at the moment. Instead of letting Bai Yiyan be in danger, it's better to let her come back and continue to face the relationship with Ji Yueze. Life is a big thing, death is a small thing, and any emotional knot can be untied.

"Aunt, why didn't you tell me earlier? Why did she leave? Doesn't she want to see me in her life? " Ji Yueze's mood broke in a flash. Nothing could break his heart at once, which made him cold and his voice tremble. "

I think that's what she means! I don't know what she thinks, but she is determined to leave. I have advised her, but I can't persuade her, master Ji, about you. I also know that it's really hard for you to be together! " Bai Wanqing suddenly with a cry, think of the way Bai Yiyan's feelings go so hard, she really love her. "

she really dares to do it." After Ji Yueze said this, he hung up his cell phone directly. The two assistants in the same line of

obviously felt that the atmosphere of the carriage was like ice, and Ji Yueze was on the edge of the outbreak. Their faces were gloomy and horrible, as if they were going to kill people. Two

assistants dare not breathe for fear of suffering. Season

the more Ze holds the mobile phone, the blue tendons on the back of the hand burst, as if to crush the mobile phone. "

very good, dare to break up unilaterally, she is more and more promising!" Ji Yueze gnaws his teeth and mumbles to himself, but his eyes turn red all of a sudden, which is infuriated.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" Asked a nearby assistant, shaking his voice. "

call me and ask someone to check Bai Yiyan's exit record. Hurry up!" Ji Yueze, after the pressure, or choose to face calmly.

He would never allow the woman to break up unilaterally without his consent, which is too damaging to his male self-esteem.

"OK, I'll find someone right now!" The assistant nodded his head in a hurry. Because of the working relationship and the power of Ji's family, it was not difficult to know Bai Yiyan's exit record. Ten minutes later, the assistant gave an answer: "boss, country D!" "

what is she doing there?" Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed sharply: "you can find out if Bai Yiyan has any relatives or friends in D country." "

OK, it may take some time, boss wait a moment!" The assistant wiped a handful of cold sweat, and rushed back to the urgent work.

In fact, the two assistants were also very surprised. I can't believe that Bai Yiyan dared to get rid of their boss. This is a big scandal. If the media knew about it, how could it be blacked out.

But I have to admit that Bai Yiyan has a kind of personality. Maybe it's because she can hold it up and put it down that she is charming. Unlike other women, she tries everything to get Ji Yueze. Unfortunately, there is no good result in her initiative.

"Damn..." Ji Yueze was cursing in anger all the way, but he didn't know who was cursing. He was in such a bad mood that he couldn't sit still. Now we can confirm Bai Yiyan's whereabouts at last, but the accompanying sadness makes Ji Yueze look blue for a while and white for a while.

Is he not good enough for her? Or she loves to remember revenge. She recorded all the things he had done to her in the account book. This time, she gave it back to him once and for all. It's

. He admitted that he had shared his hand with her several times before, but which time did he not take the initiative to find it back? What about her? It's such a long way to go after a breakup. Besides, Bai Wanqing helps to cover up her whereabouts. She's really ready. Is it really clean to break up? Ji Yueze was so annoyed that he punched the back of the seat and shook the assistant.

I'm afraid the boss's cell phone will hit him on the head.

Back to the city, back and forth for more than ten hours, it's already evening. Season

the more Ze, tired, tired and disappointed.

He came back home and lay on the sofa powerless. Just on the way, the assistant had found out that she had no relatives or friends in country D. was she running to that strange place alone to avoid him? He

must play this kind of good and painstaking trick. As long as she says a word, he can't afford

Yes, he doesn't break up or want to break up with her. He must get her back and ask clearly why he has such a big joke with him and why he can't face it with him.

Out of the window, starry sky, a person's time is obviously lonely.

Ji Yueze immediately dialed a phone to go out: "book tomorrow's air tickets for me, and find a few people to accompany me abroad."