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The old lady asked Ji Yue Ze a lot of questions. At the dining table, the old lady's voice could be heard.

After dinner, the old granny and the old man went back to the villa on the mountainside to rest. Ji Yue Ze and his sister were playing with the two little fellows upstairs.

Tang You You returned to her room, took a bath, and decided to find Ji Xiao Han later to help him find her parents.

Around nine in the morning, Ji Yue Ze decided to return. When he walked out, he saw Tang You You wearing a white robe, standing on the balcony to make a call.

Tang You You was calling his aunt to find out more about her, because her aunt was also a native.

When she was speaking, she turned around and saw Ji Yue Ze standing at the stairs in a daze.

The moment Ji Yue Ze saw her turn around, he quickly ran downstairs.

It was as if everything that had happened wasn't intentional at all!

However, a trace of inexplicable sorrow had been born in the depths of his heart.

Ji Yue Ze felt that he was sick, the heavens had twisted his life.

He originally thought that he could play with his emotions, but he didn't expect that he would end up being tied down by them when he was caught off guard.

At this moment, it was already deep into the night! The more Ji Yue Ze thought about it, the more he felt that he was as lonely as a homeless wolf.

In a private room of a restaurant, Yang Chu Chu's palms were sweating, feeling helpless.

She didn't think that the matter of her going to the Luo Group to negotiate a endorsement would finally become her meeting with Luo Jin Yu.

Yang Chu Chu felt that she must be crazy.

At this moment, when the time returned to around seven o'clock, Yang Chu Chu had already been waiting in the private box for more than half an hour.

She was not sure if Luo Jin Yu would come over, but she was still very nervous. She thought that it would be good if he didn't come over, as he would save her the suffocating feeling when she looked at him.

Just as Yang Chu Chu was about to turn around and leave, a pair of large hands pushed open the door of the private room.

"Sorry, there's a traffic jam!" When Luo Jin Yu entered, he saw that she was pulling his handbag with the intent to leave, his gaze darkened slightly.

Yang Chu Chu was also shocked by his sudden appearance, following that, she quickly placed the bag in her hands down on a chair, then sat down again. She shyly lowered her eyes and answered: "It's okay, I just arrived not long ago, I am just … "I want to go to the washroom!"

She didn't want Luo Jin Yu to misunderstand that she wanted to escape just because she didn't have the courage to face him.

Although Yang Chu Chu was timid, she still wanted to seize this rare opportunity to meet her again.

"Aren't we going to the bathroom? "Go on!" Luo Jin Yu's tyrannical body already sat on the chair, his gloomy gaze fixed onto her body, and said with a low voice.

"Oh …" I'll be right back! " Only then did Yang Chu Chu realize that he did not seem to be lying, and anxiously pushed open the door and went out.

He didn't know why, but he felt that this girl was very interesting.

Perhaps it was because she liked to blush, or perhaps it was because the way she looked at him was always filled with panic.

People couldn't help wanting to tease her.

Luo Jin Yu felt that he had a kind of wicked taste, but he couldn't say it. He just felt that being with this girl, he felt completely relaxed.

Yang Chu Chu stood in the washroom, looking at her red face in the mirror, she was extremely vexed.

She hurriedly used cold water to pat her face. Fortunately, she didn't powder her face today and only wore a light eye makeup and a lip gloss. Otherwise, her face would have been even more blurry at this moment.

There was nothing to be afraid of. Just go in later and have a meal with him.

Yang Chu Chu comforted herself and slowly walked back into the private box. The moment she walked in, the atmosphere became tense.

Looking at the lazy man who was sitting on a chair at the side, Yang Chu Chu felt extremely nervous again.

"Did you order?" Luo Jin Yu put down the phone in his hand, raised his head and asked her.

"No …." No, I don't know what kind of dishes Luozheng likes to eat, so I didn't order it! " Yang Chu Chu replied in a low voice.

Only then did Luo Jin Yu wave his hand and let the waiter outside the door in. He took the menu and looked at it, then casually ordered a few dishes.

"Let this lady order!" Luo Jin Yu raised his hand.

Yang Chu Chu immediately waved her hand: "No need, you've already ordered a lot of dishes, enough to eat!"

"How many dishes do you like?" Luo Jin Yu's voice was low and filled with power.

Yang Chu Chu's mind was in a mess as she glanced at the menu and randomly ordered two dishes.

After the waiter left, he closed the door and the air in the room instantly became still.

Yang Chu Chu continuously bit her lower lip, not daring to look randomly with her beautiful eyes.

Luo Jin Yu's eyes lightly swept across her. "You seem to be very afraid of me!"

"En!" Yang Chu Chu replied casually, and then immediately replied in astonishment: "No no, I'm not afraid of you!"

"Yang Chu Chu, do you have a boyfriend?" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran asked.

Yang Chu Chu was shocked, and shook her head: "No."

"Then why don't you hang out with me?" Luo Jin Yu very straightforwardly confessed, and almost did not even make a turn, and did not give Yang Chu Chu any time to think, to ask that question.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned. She felt that every minute and every second she was with Luo Jin Yu was like a roller coaster ride.

"You … What did you say? " Yang Chu Chu thought that she was hallucinating, a pleasant surprise came so suddenly, and it was so sudden that she couldn't believe it.

"I want to date you. I'm single too." His voice was very magnetic, and every word he spoke would cause Yang Chu Chu's heart to race.

"That... Quarterly, are we being too fast? "You have no idea what kind of woman I am, and …"

"Do you think I'm too old?" Luo Jin Yu was instantly slightly displeased, and asked about her considerations.

Yang Chu Chu hurriedly shook his head: "Of course not, you aren't much older than me either."

"I'm twenty-eight years old this year! "What about you?" Luo Jin Yu reported his age. Twenty-eight years old, just the right age for mature men, and also the most charming age. But to Yang Chu Chu, twenty-eight years old, seemed to really be a little too old.

"I... I am eighteen! " Yang Chu Chu's voice was so soft that only she could hear it. That's right, she was a little too young, would he despise her?

"The difference between us is ten years!" Luo Jin Yu had never felt that he was really that old, but at this moment, he hated himself for not being younger by more than a few years.