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C1567 sweet as honey

LAN Yanxi swallowed the medicine forcibly, raised her eyes and smiled at the man's eyes. Her heart beat faster and her eyes fluttered. She saw the man's hands on his quilt.

The hands were slender and white, with distinct bones, motionless, as beautiful as art works, and blue Yanxi's face was ashamed.

She couldn't help reaching for the man's finger and asked shyly, "what are you smiling at me?"

"Yan Xi, how can it seem that you are more anxious than me?" Ling Mo Feng likes to see her blush. Her skin is clear and delicate. Once her face is red, it is pink like peach blossom, which makes him bite her.

LAN Yanxi's face was even more embarrassed. He put out his hand and pushed it on his chest angrily: "I don't have it. I feel sorry for you. I said clearly that I would like to get engaged. It has been delayed until now."

"You're not sorry for me, really, illness and your physiological period are normal things." Ling Mo Feng soothes her gently, and doesn't want to see her moving.

LAN Yanxi just raised her eyes and looked at him: "Ling Mo Feng, I never felt that I was not worthy of anyone before. But after meeting you, I found that if I was better, I would not be worthy of you. I was so flustered."

Ling Mo Feng saw that she began to say silly words again. He could not help but cling to her forehead and kiss her. For a while, he patted her face gently: "Yan Xi, I don't know what you mean by what you say. Otherwise, we will try tomorrow night. It should be worthy."

LAN Yanxi shivers all over, and Mei Mou immediately opens a circle. OK, Ling Mo Feng always drives under her unprepared condition, which makes her unprepared.

"You are not serious." Blue words hope to say on the mouth, but eyes dye full of smile.

Ling Mo Feng immediately gently pasted her body, hands propped on the bed on her back, thin lips were close to her, breathing was entangled.

"Yan Xi, you are younger than me, beautiful and capable, and your family background is better than me. I should say that I took advantage of it." The man said, as his thin lips moved to her ears, he was really taking advantage of it.

"You don't have one. You want to find a more beautiful woman and a more capable one. It's just an idea. Besides, my family is not the best, but it's not the best. You still have a chance Ah, you bit me? "

LAN Yanxi didn't have time to express her opinion, so she felt a pain at the root of her ear. The man even bit her. Although he didn't use his strength, he still hurt her.

"Does it hurt?" The man asked her in a low, dumb voice.

"What are you doing?" LAN Yan asked him angrily.

"I just want you to be quiet. What we are doing now can only be meaningful and unspeakable." The man chuckled.

Blue Yan Xili reached out and hugged him, leaned his face gently on his shoulder: "you bite, whatever you bite, I'm not afraid of pain."

However, the man dared not bite her, only reached over and held her gently. At this moment, he put down all his tiredness and just wanted to breathe the fragrance of her body and stay quietly for a moment.

"Go to the bathroom and go to bed early. You have to work tomorrow." LAN Yanxi was afraid that he would fall asleep now, and pushed him gently.

"Well, you sleep first, and I'll be right here." Ling Mo Feng finally kisses her lips greedily, but frightens the little woman and pushes him away.

"No, I have a cold. I'll catch it." LAN Yanxi said anxiously.

Ling Mo Feng picked up his eyebrows: "I'm not afraid."

LAN Yanxi can't help his willfulness. He's not afraid, but she's afraid. It seems that when she goes to bed for a while, she has to stay away from him. Ling Mo Feng is not very busy now. In case she is really sick, she will be very upset.

Ling Mo Feng took a bath and came out wearing a set of charcoal grey pajamas with pajamas. Before, when he slept alone, he just wore a set of pajamas and went to sleep. Now, there is a delicate and sweet little woman in the bed. He still dare not be too casual.

"Yan Xi, what are you doing so far away from me?" When the man lay down, he found that the woman was lying on the other side of the bed, nearly a meter apart.

"I'm afraid the cold will infect you." The girl's stuffy voice came.

The man actually directly reached out to pull her whole person to come over, tightly hug into the bosom: "do not leave me too far."

The voice of tyranny and irrationality fell into her ear, making the night slightly sweet.

LAN Yanxi still likes the feeling of staying in his arms, which makes her sleep more fragrant.

Since he didn't mind, she naturally didn't insist, so she slept in his arms and dreamt of the dawn.

In the morning, she vaguely felt something warm moving on her forehead. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the man tried his temperature on her forehead with his thin lips.

She took medicine last night, and now her temperature is back to normal.

"I'll get up right away and go to work with you later." LAN Yanxi turned over and said lazily.

"If you can't get up, don't be afraid. It doesn't matter if you take another day off." The man gently consoled her.

"No rest." Lanyanxi immediately sat up and got out of bed with slippers.

The man directly moved her shoes to her feet: "well, since you insist, then go over, I'll go downstairs to make breakfast for you."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi is in a good mood in the early morning.

It was sunny outside the window. She stretched out and hurried into the bathroom to wash. When she got dressed and went downstairs, she saw the man come out with two bowls of noodles.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng raised his eyes, he saw that she was wearing a clear and beautiful appearance of work clothes, and her heart was wandering.

"Come and eat." He opened his mouth with a smile.

LAN Yanxi looks at him. He holds his sleeve and hands on the table. He looks at her tenderly, which makes her feel upset early in the morning.

"Well!" She chuckled and walked over.

Because of the lack of time, Ling didn't do too much, but it was enough for two people.

"Ling Mo Feng, is your birthday coming soon?" LAN Yanxi suddenly thought of an important thing. It was Ling Nuan, the little aunt, who called to remind her of it.

Ling Mo Feng thought about it carefully and nodded, "yes, there is more than a week left."

"Have you thought about how to celebrate? Warm said, you didn't seem to have a birthday before. " LAN Yanxi asked him expectantly.

"I'm a man. There's no need to celebrate my birthday." Ling Mo Feng replied with a chuckle.

"Before, I didn't care. Now that I know you're going to have a birthday, I have to give you a present and order a cake." LAN Yanxi said with great enthusiasm.

"What gift would you like to give? Don't waste money. " The man immediately thought that her last gift was very valuable, so he dared not accept it again.

"I'm keeping it secret now. You'll be 29 on your birthday. The golden age of a man. I'll figure it out again. If we have a baby next year, when we are 50, the baby is only 20. If we still have two children, we may have to circle around the baby later." LAN Yanxi said bored while eating, thinking about the time left for them to be alone is not very golden.

"Do you think I'm old?" The man raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

"No, just fine." Blue hopes to spit out his little tongue.

"If only I could be a few years younger. You're only twenty-three. We're a little older." Ling Mo Feng can't help feeling.

"No, I'm almost twenty-four." LAN Yanxi comforts him.

"The man bowed his head and smiled:" OK, hurry to eat breakfast, time is not enough

LAN Yanxi just chuckled and stopped talking.

After breakfast, LAN Yanxi sat in Ling Mo Feng's car. She wanted to cherish the good time with him, but found that Chu lie did not stop reporting work and arranged a day's trip.

LAN Yanxi is sitting around. She has a headache just when she hears these complicated jobs. I don't know how Ling Mo Feng copes with these problems. They are also people with brains. Why is the gap so big?

All the way to the general office, LAN Yanxi got off the bus, and the man told her, "call me if you have something, or call Chu lie."

"I see!" LAN Yanxi gave him a mischievous wink, and the man couldn't help sighing and laughing.

LAN Yanxi turned around and walked towards the office.