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Muyun sat in the office, dazed, and couldn't concentrate on preparing lessons. Her relationship with Nangong Yao developed too fast. Taking advantage of her control, she didn't want to use this mentality to teach and educate people, so she changed classes with other teachers. She decided to go to see her elder brother at noon.

Mu Weicheng's recent life has been very good, and he is also preparing for the wedding.

Mu Weicheng sat down at the dinner table and looked at his sister's expression. He frowned and said, "where has your relationship with Nangong Yao progressed?"

"Brother, if I marry him, will you object?"

Moyun asked him endlessly.

"Marry him?"

Mu Weicheng shook his hand twice, and the tea was about to splash out.

"Yes, I think he is good. I have feelings for him, too. I want to marry him."

Murun said it as if she had thought it over.

"Xiaoyun, marriage is not a joke, let alone an impulse. How long have you known him, how dare you marry him?"

Mu Weicheng is really frightened by his sister's words. He and Ling wennuan have decided to stay together for so many years. Isn't Nangong Yao going to confuse their sister?

"Who said that love must be a long flow of water, some people love at first sight can be happy for a lifetime, ah, I call you out to eat today, is to tell you about this matter."

Mu Yun knows that big brother is worried about herself, but she has made a decision.

Mu Weicheng can't refute that love can be divided into many kinds, but there are also many definitions of happiness.

"Do you have any decision?"

Mu Weicheng knows her sister. She is calm and rational from childhood. She knows what she wants. She will never make a decision easily.

"I want to quit my present job, go abroad with him, and be a teacher in school for many years. Although this job is very good, I still want to change my life."

Muren said softly.

"Although I think you are too impulsive to do all this, I am your eldest brother. If I don't support you, who else will support you?

You are my sister. Do whatever you want. "

Mu Wei Cheng smiled softly and did what her brother should do to support her.

"I knew you wouldn't stop me, brother."

Moyun smiles.

"Well, I'll ask Nangong Yao to have dinner at home in the evening. I'll have a good chat with him to see what his plan for your future is."

Mu Weicheng also smiled, but he was helpless. If his younger sister was really taken to live abroad by Nangong Yao, he would like to see her later. I'm afraid it's not so easy.

"Elder brother, I have talked with him about the future. There is a charity under his company. I may work there. While I have no children, I may do something more meaningful with him."

"Well, it's good to have an idea. No matter what happens, just remember that big brother will always stand behind you and support you."

The gentle mouth of Mu Weicheng.

In the evening, Nangong Yao brought a lot of gifts and stood downstairs in the residential area where Mu Weicheng lived.

Mu Yun looked at the gifts in his hand, and couldn't help laughing: "I told you not to prepare things, just like your own home, just a little bit."

"I can't be casual. I'm here to see my parents."

Nangong Yao still has a serious expression.

Ling wennuan opens the door and sees Mu Yun and Nan Gong Yao. She says hello.

Nangong Yao came in, and lingnuan was surprised when he saw how many things he had carried in his big bag and small bag: "Mr. Nangong, you are so polite, just come to have a meal."

Mu Weicheng came out of the kitchen, holding his white shirt, as if he was making dinner. When Nangong Yao saw him, he became nervous and went to say hello: "brother mu, thank you for your invitation."

Mu Weicheng nodded and said to Ling wennuan, "wennuan, take care of them first. Dinner will be ready soon."

Ling wennuan immediately made tea and brought the washed and cut fruit. Mu Yun and Nan Gong Yao sat on the sofa, their eyes touched from time to time. I don't know why. Nan Gong Yao's expression at the moment of Mu Yun Jue was lovely, like a shy big boy.

It made her sit next to him and grab his big hand.

"Xiao Yun, don't mess about."

Nangong Yao suddenly seems to be hit by the electric current. He is scared to tighten his big palm. He dare not let Muyun lead casually.

"What are you afraid of?"

Mu Yun immediately came to be interested, and moved over some.

Nangong Yao couldn't help but laugh at her.

Ling wennuan came out of the room and saw that Mu Yun was flirting with Nangong Yao. She couldn't help laughing and deliberately pointed out: "I'll go into the kitchen to help."

"I'll go, too."

Mu Yun doesn't tease Nangong Yao. Seeing that his handsome face is red, he decides to let him go.

Two women crowded into the kitchen, Mu Wei Cheng looked at them strangely: "Why are you all here?

It's not polite to leave the guests alone. "

"It's OK. He's used to being alone."

Moyun said with a smile.

Ling wennuan looked at her with a smile: "I think he is afraid of you. Muyun, tell me quickly, do you often bully him?"

"How is it possible?

Am I that kind of person? "

Moyun shakes his head.

Mu Weicheng listened and sighed a sigh of relief. Maybe he was worried about something superfluous. Although his sister looked very quiet, she was actually a woman with a temper and character. Ordinary men could not deal with her.

Nangong Yao suddenly appeared at the kitchen door: "excuse me, what can I do for you?"

Nangong Yao suddenly found the way to get along with the Mu family. It's not like his family here. There are servants to help him. The master and the servant are very clear. When he comes home, he doesn't need to do anything but accept other people's services. But in the Mu family, it's different. Mu Weicheng doesn't invite servants. There are only two people in the family, he and his wife. Housework is all about housework Shared with each other.

Nangong Yao has never tried this kind of interaction mode since he was young, because he always felt that the man was outside in the battlefield, and that such a small thing at home could be done with money.

But in fact, no matter how good or rich men are, they have to share the responsibility of a family with their wives, even if it's as small as a chore.

Nangong Yao knows this and is more uncomfortable sitting on the sofa, so he also goes outside the kitchen door and plans to do something.

But the three people in the kitchen stared at him as if they were looking at the little animals in the circus.

Nangong yaojunmou is shocked. Is he wrong?

"Muyun, take care of him as soon as possible."

Ling wennuan hurriedly pushes Mu Yun out.

Muyun is unprepared and pours into nangongyao's arms.