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Luo Jinyu looks at Liu Lan and refuses to admit that there are still people behind her, so he knows that Liu Lan is more afraid of the power of the group behind her. Indeed, although he can let Liu Laozi make the decision for him, he can't be cold enough to ask for the lifeblood of the whole Liu family. After all, the way of thinking of businessmen was originally smooth. Today they are enemies. Maybe they can achieve cooperation for their interests tomorrow But politicians are different. Only one side will become a winner.

Although Luo Jinyu was eager to help Ling Mo Feng get a piece of evidence, Liu Lan refused to give them away. He could not force them any more. He said to Liu Lan coldly, "since you have confessed, do you choose to surrender or want to see me in court?"

Liu Lan's frightened soul trembled. As soon as she heard about the court, she was afraid. How proud of a woman she used to be, she felt that her whole life should be glorious. But who ever thought that a mistake for a while had built her reputation for half of her life.

Liu said angrily, "turn yourself in. Somehow you can keep this family and not let it go bankrupt."

Liu Lan knows that her father's decision is also disappointing and sad. She can't be a good mother or a good wife, but she wants to be a good daughter. If her father says it, it's like a heavy shackle on her. Her eyes are inexplicably sour, and she nods like she's going to die: "OK, I'll listen to my father, I'll turn myself in."

Luo Jinyu believed that Liu Lan's confession was complete this time, and he said in a low voice: "in the future, Yang's family and your Liu's family have nothing to do with each other. If you want to find their mother and daughter's trouble again, it's just that you can't get along with me. I'm not a kind person. If you want to challenge my bottom line again and again, don't blame me for my ruthlessness."

"President Luo is relieved that we won't trouble Yang's family any more. Let's cut off this bad relationship." The old man put down his words here. In the future, the two families will give up their grudges and will not have any more.

After Luo Jinyu left, Liu Lan was still sitting on the ground, the whole person could not say the sadness of decadence.

The old lady ran in and saw her daughter in a daze. She immediately asked the old man, "what's wrong with Lan'er?"

"Ask her yourself. I've already reminded you, don't connive at her. You still go to trouble with her. How old are you? You don't have to face to bully a little girl." The old man was also very angry with the old lady, and felt that she had lost the identity and steadiness of her elders.

The old lady was scolded. Although she was unwilling, she was still indignant: "my daughter is born by herself. Who am I protecting without her? You don't have a share. "

The old lady is also a strong person, but when she heard Liu Lan's cry, she almost fainted.

"What? surrender oneself? In prison? " The old lady couldn't believe what she heard. The words were terrible.

Liu Lan got up from the ground: "Mom, don't get used to my two children any more. It's time for them to recognize the facts, let them know more, don't use their opinions, don't provoke Luo Jinyu anymore, just let them live a good life. My mother is a failure example, or let them learn from me!"

Liu Lan turned himself in this afternoon and confessed everything.

Just after she recorded the record, she saw Lin Enron in the corridor, who was holding hands to bake. She was angry. She should have been caught in. Both of them looked at each other and saw the astonishment in their eyes.

"Liu Lan, why are you here? What are you doing here? " Lin Enron was frightened and asked her loudly.

"I'll plead guilty." Liu Lan is a lot calmer.

"What? You plead guilty? What are you guilty of? Do you know you hurt me? Liu Lan, do you want to be frank and lenient when you hurt me? I'll tell you, there's no way. " Lin Enron is going to be pissed off. Liu Lan feels like she's killing her.

"If you don't covet money, you won't be here. Now you blame me. I didn't ask you to help me at the beginning." Liu Lan sneered.

"Hurry up!" Two policewomen nearby urged her with cold voices.

Lin Enron was silenced by Liu Lan's words, and his face turned red with anger.

But the truth is that if she doesn't be greedy and reach out, today's sin has nothing to do with her.

Lin Enron sat in the interrogation room with her hands baked. She was asked a lot of questions. What did Liu langang just say? Lin Enron didn't know. So in order to alleviate her guilt, she said everything according to the facts.

"Besides you two, is there any third party involved in this matter? Are there any accomplices? " A woman in plain clothes suddenly asked her.

Lin Enron immediately said, "I don't know, but I heard Liu Lan said that she seems to have contacts with another person, but I don't know the name of the other person."

"So there's someone behind you?" The interrogators immediately turned serious.

"There should be. I have to ask Liu Lan. I don't know. I just feel that she has contacts with another person." Lin Enron was telling the truth, but she didn't expect that it was because her truth almost caused her death.

The car that escorted Lin Enron was suddenly hit by a big truck in the middle of the road.

The car turned over the side guardrail and stuck in a ditch.

Because the two people on the copilot were wearing seatbelts and kept their lives, Lin Enron, who could be held in the back seat, was not so lucky.

Her face was cut by one side of the glass, and one of her thighs was squeezed, and blood trickled from her legs.

Lin Enron screamed in fear and weakness, and finally passed out.

When she woke up, she was in the hospital. Her face was numb and her legs were unconscious.

She got used to it for a while before she sat up, but she found that she couldn't make it.

Next to her, a nurse reached out to help her. She suddenly found something strange. She quickly reached out to tear off the quilt covering her, and saw that she had only one leg left, while the other side was empty.

"What happened to me? What about my left leg? Where have you been? What did you do to me? " Lin Enron instantly covered his ears and screamed, unable to accept such a tragic blow.

"Miss Lin, the leg is gone. It's better than the life. Your leg is under heavy pressure. Your nerve is dead. You have to cut it to save your life." The female nurse still sympathized with her. She was so beautiful. She lost a leg and left a scar on her face. It was more painful than death.

Lin Enron could not accept such a blow. He was too stimulated and passed out.

However, more than an hour later, she woke up again, but when she was about to wake up, she heard someone talking next to her.

"Why didn't you die? Can her mouth be covered? " Someone nearby said it with extreme coldness.

"Life is very hard. She's not dead like this. She'll die sooner or later if she wants to talk around again."

Lin Enron was so scared that she secretly lifted her eyes and found that it was a man and a woman talking. She didn't know each other, but she looked at her as if she was looking at someone dead.

"When she wakes up, give her a good warning not to die." The man turned and left.

Lin Enron's fear almost drowned her. Who did she offend and what did she say wrong?

Lin Enron just thought that he would be so miserable was killed by Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu, but the conversation between the two people in front of her made her question. If it was Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu who wanted to kill her, they would not say these inexplicable words.

Don't you

Lin Enron's heart suddenly shrank. She suddenly thought of what she said in the police station. She seemed to point out the man behind Liu Lan. Are they going to kill people?

Lin Enron wanted to pretend to be dead, but she was found by the woman next to her.

"Lin Enron, don't pretend to be dead. Remember what I said." The woman opened her mouth expressionless.

Lin Enron opened her eyes and looked at her. The woman was wearing a mask. She could not see her true face, only knew her voice was cold.

"You did this to me?" Lin Enron's painful questioning.

"If you want to live, you only need to admit that Yang ChuChu's incident was directed by Liu Lan. For the rest of the decoys, you should dare to say one more word, and you will enter the morgue tomorrow." When the woman finished, she turned and left.

Lin Enron's eyes opened angrily, a dead grey.

Ling Mo Feng's plane fell to the ground. He took a long look and walked slowly from the crowd to the waiting motorcade. This trip was a victory.

But somewhere in my heart, some of them are empty and need someone to fill them.