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C578 finally meets again

"Ji Yueze..." Bai Yiyan looks at the strong sadness in Ji Yueze's eyes. She subconsciously reaches for his sleeve.

"You go down first and leave me alone for a while!" Ji Yueze is a little fidgety to get rid of her hand. Then, she turns around and sits on the sofa beside her. It seems that the whole person suddenly gets cold.

Bai Yiyan is a little bit bored, but she can understand the mood of Yueze at this moment.

The woman he likes is close at hand, but he doesn't even have the courage to talk to her.

I can only watch and do nothing, which is absolutely the most painful torture.

"Well, I'll go down first!" Bai Yiyan did not disturb him, although she wanted to say a few words of consolation and concern to him.

But she is the actor he paid for. What qualification does she have and what status does she have to persuade him?

Being treated so coldly by Ji Yueze, Bai Yiyan is not angry at all. She is just a spectator, watching this sad drama.

But why?

Looking at this man alone lonely sitting here, her heart is stuffy feeling?

Now, downstairs!

Ji Xiaohan sits on the sofa with his daughter in his arms. Hearing the sound of the car, he immediately puts down his daughter and watches her run out.

"Mommy, is this little orange sister? How did she come? " As soon as Tang xiaonai ran out, she found that mommy was holding a small spot in her arms. She immediately opened her eyes in surprise. When she saw the little face clearly, Tang xiaonai recognized her instantly.

Tang youyou crouches down and puts down the Orange: "yes, this is uncle Mu's little sister. Would you like to play with her for a while?"

"Well, I'll play with my toys for her. She can play with all my toys!" Tang xiaonai has the power of tolerance as a sister in an instant.

Murin, who walked in side by side with Tang Youyou, had a forced expression on her face. When she saw that Ji Xiaohan was also there, she went straight to say, "Ji Zong, I'm really sorry to run to your house to have dinner."

But Ji Xiaohan laughed: "general Mu is very polite. You are welcome here any time. What about your brother?" "Well, forget about him. In order to pursue women, he has already thrown his daughter to me. He flew abroad in the early morning." This is the most difficult reason for mu Lin. today, in order to take her niece well, she specially asked her assistant to buy a lot of delicious food and put it in her office for fun. But who knows, the little guy still loves to cry, so she took her to coax and deal with things at the same time, almost exhausted her.

So, she contacted Tang youyou directly and decided to bring her to play in the evening.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan knows the character of this friend. This time, he's completely true. Pei Anxin is the barrier that Mu shiye will never pass. If you don't pursue her back, I'm afraid Mu shiye will never be better.

"But lohnin will come in a moment!" Murin has made an appointment with lohnin to come to Jijia for dinner. By the way, she also asked lohnin to share the hardships of taking her sister.

Tang youyou stands beside and laughs at how his daughter brings her little sister.

Little orange is now the only lack of playmates, see Tang xiaonai such a little sister, she can be happy.

Tang xiaonai kept making faces for her and laughing at her.

Several adults standing nearby, looking at this adoration, also laughed from the heart.

Ji Xiaohan immediately came over and looked at Tang youyou gently. "My brother is back, and he has brought his girlfriend back. They are upstairs now. Do you want to go up and say hello?"

Tang youyou used to look at their daughters very relaxed. After hearing the words of Ji Xiaohan, he felt stiff all over, and his expression was a little dull.

"Oh, yes!" Ji Yueze is back. Tang youyou should have said hello. Besides, he also brought his girlfriend, which is a good thing.

"Mulin, look at these two little ones. Let's go upstairs!" Said Tang youyou softly.

Murin nodded at once: "don't worry, these two small ones, just give them to me. Your daughter can really bring children, and you can also have a second child!"

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are slightly shocked.

However, murin didn't know that she had said the wrong thing. Seeing that the two people had different expressions, she blinked her eyes: "how? You don't have the idea yet? "

Season owl cold thin lip a tick slightly: "we also plan like this!"

Hearing his answer, Tang youyou felt his cheeks turn red all of a sudden.

Fortunately, the old lady didn't listen to this sentence. Otherwise, I can't tell what kind of expression the old lady has.

On the second floor, Bai Yiyan actually went downstairs. She hesitated at the stairs and saw Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou coming to her hand in hand.

Her frightened expression froze, and she quickly let herself smile: "Mr. Ji..."

Seeing that Bai Yiyan was still so strange, Ji Xiaohan said mildly, "you'd better call me like my brother, just call me big brother."

"Well, elder brother, this is the elder sister-in-law. She is so beautiful!" Bai Yiyan's eyes are more on Tang youyou.

Tang youyou is praised by her fiercely, and a little embarrassed.

"My name is Bai Yiyan. You can call me Xiaoyan. That's how my family calls me," Bai said

"OK, my name is Tang youyou. You can also call me sister!" Tang youyou smiles and looks at Bai Yiyan.

In fact, Tang youyou guessed the relationship between Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze. They could never be lovers.

Maybe Bai Yiyan is just a girl invited by Ji Yueze to help him play together.

But no matter what, Tang youyou still likes Bai Yiyan. At least, she has a sincere smile and looks at people who have no heart.

Ji Yueze suddenly came out of the corridor and shouted a big brother in a lazy voice. Then, when he saw Tang Youyou, he suddenly dodged for a moment and called a sister-in-law in a low voice.

Tang youyou suddenly felt that the air around him was a little stiff. If it was before, Tang youyou would have no other ideas.

But at the moment, she may be guilty of a false heart. She always feels unnatural.

Ji Yueze is suddenly more silent than before. Ji Xiaohan doesn't see anything but laughs and says, "OK, take Xiaoyan downstairs to talk. Yue Ze, please follow me up and we'll invite grandpa and Grandma down." Ji Yueze nods and follows Ji Xiaohan upstairs in silence.