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C977 warning threats

Season owl cold a black suit, sit in front of the desk, slender fingers picked up a picture.

This is what he asked his assistant Lu Qinghua to come out of. It's the picture that Ji Lin met with Wang Cheng that day. He did some subtle processing and blurred some details, only showing Ji Lin's face and back. He decided to give Ji Lin a warning. He can't let him do what he wants. He has endured too many times. He can't bear it anymore.

At present, the old man is in good health, and Ji Xiaohan knows that it will be a long-term stand. The warning that should be released is that he must let Ji Lin have some fear.

After checking the photos, he took a bag, sealed his mouth and called Lu Qing to come in.

"Send it to Ji Lin anonymously. Let him have a look at his back!" Ji Xiaohan hands the bag to Lu Qing.

"Well, young master, he will be frightened!" Lu Qing also hated Ji Lin. at that time, his father was an important and powerful subordinate beside Ji Nan. However, because of Ji Lin's pressure, he had to leave his favorite job. He was depressed and drunk. Up to now, he was also depressed and had a very unsatisfactory life.

It's also Lu Qing's biggest wish to see the end of Ji Lin. "

it's time for him to panic, otherwise, he really thinks he's holding on to the situation and is getting more and more disoriented!" Season owl sneers.

Lu Qing sent the photos directly. In the afternoon, Ji Lin received the information bag sent to him anonymously. Ji looked at the bag warily and thought that there was something terrible in it. At last, he touched it with his hand and felt that there was a picture in it. His heart was frozen and he quickly opened it.

Pour out a few photos, Ji Lin only saw one eye, feel the bottom of the heart flustered.

"What's the matter?" He couldn't believe that someone would secretly take a picture of him meeting Wang orange.

"Who did it?" Ji Lin is sure that Ji Xiaohan can't find him so soon. "

is it Wang Cheng? This damned woman, dare to give me the horse Wei? " The first thing Ji Lin thought of was a warning given to him by Wang Cheng. Because Wang Cheng was doubting that he had found someone to teach her and her brother a lesson and asked him for medical expenses. If he didn't give it, Wang Cheng wanted to take these photos to warn him.

Ji Lin tightens her eyes. If it's Wang Cheng, it's easy to deal with. She can be dismissed with money. But what if it wasn't her? It is

Ji Xiaohan who asks someone to take a picture of his meeting with Wang Cheng in private. The consequences are serious. No matter who sent these photos to him, Ji Lin's heart is in a state of confusion.

His face was gloomy, and he tore the photos to pieces angrily, as if unwilling to take the lighter and burn them all directly. When the old lady came back to Ji's house, she was very tired and LAN Yue was not in a good mental state. Fortunately, both children had been sent to school. Otherwise, she was really afraid that her emotions would affect the two children.

"Lan Yue, what do you think about this matter between Ozawa and Bai Yiyan?" After all, she is also one of the victims. She has the right to hate Bai Zhenzhen and prevent Bai Yiyan from marrying into Ji's family.

"I don't know." LAN Yue shakes her head in a low mood.

She has already hated the white truth. This bitter hatred has been hooked up again.

"I'll talk to Bai Yiyan. If it's not convenient for you to participate in this matter, don't mix it!" The old lady knew that lanyue cherished the things she knew with her two sons. She might choose to bear all the sadness for the love between her mother and her son.

"Okay, mom!" LAN Yue is still very grateful to the old lady. She didn't make a good choice in this matter.

"Thank you, this family, someone must be the master!" The old lady bit her teeth angrily. Bai

Yiyan received a phone call from the old lady on the third day she moved to live by the sea. She didn't know how the old lady called her, but since she received the call, Bai Yiyan couldn't pretend to be a fool, and she promised to meet. The place chosen by the old lady is a splendid place with golden walls. The whole environment gives people a heavy feeling.

The old lady's face was calm, wearing a robe of dragon and Phoenix, with elegant and noble temperament.

The old lady usually doesn't dress like this, but today, she dresses more formally, which makes people feel oppressed.

Bai Yiyan came over and saw her sitting there calmly drinking tea. She still cried out in a low voice, "old lady!"

"Sit down!" The old lady's tone was flat, and she didn't mean to embarrass her. Bai

in Yiyan's heart, however, she fell to the bottom.

She sat down in the opposite position of the old lady, and a waiter came to bring her a cup of tea. She didn't dare to take it up and drink it, just hung her eyelids and waited for the old lady to speak.

"I heard that you were raised by Bai Zhenzhen's sister, didn't you?" Before the old lady came, she had investigated Bai Yiyan's growing environment. After knowing Bai Yiyan's life experience, the old lady's anger towards her had been reduced by half.

Indeed, Bai Yiyan is innocent. She can't transfer her resentment to someone who doesn't even know her own experience. But

Yes, there is no way to change one thing, that is, her blood relationship with Bai Zhenzhen.

"Yes, I have only recently known that my mother is innocent!" Bai Yiyan replied softly. "

Bai Zhen killed my eldest son, Ji Yueze's father. Do you know about this After drinking tea, the old lady looked up at her and asked.

"Yes!" Bai Yiyan was shaking all over. She couldn't express her sadness. "

it's very good. To be honest, I really like you. You are sensible, clever and long-term. If your mother is not Bai Zhenzhen, even her sister, I may have room to forgive you, but the truth is that it's so cruel. You are my daughter who hates people." The old lady laughed at herself, and her heart was painful.

Bai Yiyan's face was pale for a while, and she subconsciously tightened her clothes. "

old lady, I know what you want to say, I can only say sorry, I My mother has committed a big crime, I don't know how to help her atone for it. " Although Bai Yiyan feels that her mother is also vindicated, she can't argue with the old lady about this at the moment. She can only admit her mistake with the most sincere attitude.

"Don't say anything. Everyone knows that you are a smart girl. As a stranger, I won't embarrass you. However, if you are still greedy for the wealth of our season family, we may be ugly." The old lady didn't speak too hard because she wanted to leave some room for negotiation.