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Ji Shangqing and the girl named blue Weiwei have finished their dinner and left. At last, Tang youyou is relieved. Just now, she has endured not talking to Liu Xi about any topics. Liu Xi also cooperates with her. At this moment, they left. Tang youyou just clapped his chest: "fortunately, he didn't pass our table, otherwise, I'm afraid to find that I was eavesdropping on them Yes. "

"This man is familiar, but I just can't remember who he is. Yo, who is he?" Liu Xi actually met Ji Shangqing at the company's annual meeting a few years ago, but after so many years, she really didn't get the impression.

"He is the son of Uncle Ji Xiaohan. His name is Ji Shangqing. You may have met him." Tang youyou thought that Ganma had been working in Weiyi for many years, maybe he had seen her. "

long time, have you overheard anything important?" Liu Xi saw her frown and asked her curiously.

"I didn't hear anything strange, but it seems that Ji Shangqing offended the girl named blue Weiwei and promised her several conditions." Tang youyou said with a wry smile. "

isn't it normal for men to agree to women's conditions? I think that girl is exposed in clothes. She doesn't look like a serious girl. Does Ji Shangqing like this type of girl? " Liu Xi also only judged from the blue Weiwei's dress, because the weather is still cold, no girl would wear so exposed, exposed arms and legs, old but will freeze to get sick.

"I don't know what the relationship is between this girl and him, but I can hear that he seems to care about her. Maybe it's his girlfriend." Tang youyou thought that Ji Shangqing had some ideas about himself before. Now, he has found a girlfriend. Isn't that a good thing?

As for some things about Ji Xiaohan, it's not convenient for Tang youyou to talk to Liu Xi in detail, so they skipped the topic and began to discuss the work. Blue

slightly rushed to work, so I had a meal in a hurry and had to leave. Ji

Shangqing had to follow her down. When she walked out of the hall door, the cool wind came, and blue faintly shivered instinctively. Although she tried to straighten her back, not to look weak, her body's reflection was honest. Ji Qingqing's face was a little ugly. After finding her shivering, she took off his suit coat and forced it on her shoulder.

"I don't need to..." Blue slightly red face, hurriedly to refuse.

Ji Shangqing said calmly, "look at your own face. It's white like snow. You don't need to say it. You don't know that the woman's body is cold. If you keep freezing like this, you won't even have children. You regret it." Blue

when I heard a man's words, I was really shocked. I didn't refuse his coat any more. I just laughed at myself and said, "even if I can't have a baby, it's none of your business."

"Is it none of my business? If you really can't have children in the future, blame me for it. Can't I say a hundred mouths clearly? " Ji Shangqing refers to the things he forced her to do that night when he was drunk. In fact, he is very regretful. Ji Shangqing is a bit of a purist about men's and women's affairs. If he is not a woman he really likes, he doesn't even want to touch her. But now, he has no reason to take away the blue tiny innocence, so he won't really care of her.

Blue slightly pretty face more pale, she is now most afraid to hear Ji Shangqing mention that thing.

"Where are you going to work this afternoon? It's not a place like a hotel or a bar, is it? Can't you just get a job? " Ji Shangqing can't help frowning. "

I also have classes. In addition to bars and hotels, I will be hired to do part-time jobs. In addition, I will be paid more. I really can't do other jobs." Blue slightly bit his lower lip, also felt that he could not work on the table, but now she really needs money, no way. "

I'll give you money. You work for me. I don't need you to work nine to five. I just need you to come when you have time. How about that?" As soon as Ji Shangqing thought that she was wearing such a hot dress and dangling in front of other men's eyes, but also accompanied by a smiling face and spoke in a low voice, he didn't know which tendon was wrong and even wanted to give her a job. Blue

looked at him with a little surprise: "do you have such a job there? What's the job? "

"To be my nanny, I only need to come over and cook dinner for me in the evening. I will give you 1000 yuan a day. If you are willing to make breakfast for me, I will give you another 500 yuan." Ji Shangqing's brain is spinning at full speed. Soon, he comes up with a way to save her from this hardship.

"Really?" Lan Wei didn't expect that he would really give her a job. Moreover, hearing such a high salary, she couldn't help swallowing her saliva, which was really rare.

"Why don't you just ask me for money? I owe you three conditions anyway. " Ji Shangqing chuckles, and feels that this blue tiny is also stubborn. He thinks that taking his money is selling his body. Is it not clean? "

if you are willing to give me this job, I should take one of the conditions as an exchange. I know that you are paying me more wages on purpose now, and I don't want to owe you the favor." Blue slightly lowered his head, two small hands tightly twisted together, she is not silly, it can be seen that Ji Shangqing intended to be good to her, of course, she also knows how grateful. "

do you want to take a condition in exchange for this job? Blue tiny, you are really stupid! " Ji Shangqing's heart was shocked. He thought that this woman was waiting for these three conditions to do three major things. He was also prepared to be beaten hard by her. Now, she used one condition so easily. "

if you like, I'll quit all my work and work for you. I'm going to have an exam soon. I want to spare some time to study. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity. I'll go first!" Blue slightly finish saying, take off his suit coat and put it back in his hand, turn around, and run towards the bus that stops in the distance.

"I'll see you!" Ji Shangqing chases after her for several steps. Unfortunately, the girl has got on the bus. Blue

looking out the window of the bus slightly, I saw that the tall and straight figure of the man was still standing in place, with a pair of eyes staring at her in this direction. Blue

slightly closed her eyes. I hope God will let her meet a good man.