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C1064 I'sm afraid you'sre in trouble

Maybe, he is really tired. Bai Yiyan doesn't dare to breathe too hard, for fear that she will disturb him to sleep. Just watching him silently, even if he didn't do anything, became Bai Yiyan's happiest time. One

posture has been maintained for a long time. Bai Yiyan feels uncomfortable. She thinks of going to make some food for Ji Yueze. When he wakes up, she can eat it.

However, just as she turned over to get up, the big palm that the man put on her waist suddenly made the force, and once again pulled her back into his arms. Yi Yan's expression was startled, didn't it? Didn't he fall asleep?

"Don't go!" The man murmured, Bai Yiyan had to bow, back to him, dare not hold the mentality of leaving.

Although Ji Yueze fell asleep, he didn't fall asleep. The woman in his arms could wake him up easily with any action.

The man also changed his posture and went to sleep with her back arched. In this way, Bai Yiyan's delicate body was completely incorporated into his arms.

His arms were safe and warm. Bai Yiyan was in a trance and fell asleep.

When they woke up, it was dark outside the window. Bai

Yi Yan once grabbed her mobile phone and looked at it for a while. It's more than eight o'clock in the evening. "

season Yueze, you let go, I'll make you something to eat!" Bai Yiyan moves for a while, the man's arm is tight again, she can't help chuckling.

"I don't want to eat anything. I like it now!" Ji Yueze murmured. "

I'm a little hungry!" Bai Yiyan touched her stomach. She didn't eat anything today.

Ji Yueze had to let go of his hand, and his lazy, hoarse voice rang out: "don't do it. Let's go out and eat. Let's call Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei together!" "

Yes!" Bai Yiyan had no problem. She got out of bed and put on her coat.

Ji Yueze's bath towel was loosened eight hundred years ago. At this moment, his picture is really a beautiful scenery.

Bai Yiyan did not encounter much in the quilt just now. However, her mind has always been pure, and she did not think or do anything in a bad direction. "

you Have you brought your clothes? " Bai Yiyan turned her back and dared not look at his lazy and casual appearance. She asked in a slightly nervous voice. "

brought a little, in the car, you help me to take it up!" Ji Yueze saw that she was hungry and didn't want to play tricks on her. Besides, he was hungry and didn't have the strength to beat her.

Bai Yiyan takes his car key and goes downstairs. After a while, she brings up a luggage bag and opens it. There is Ji Yueze's clothes in it. She picks up his clothes. Suddenly, a delicate blue box falls from his clothes. Bai

Yiyan quickly stooped to pick it up and said with a dry smile: "I didn't expect you had something in your clothes. What is it? I'll put it back for you! "

"No, it's for you. Open it!" Ji Yueze reached out to take the clothes she handed over and put them on directly in front of her face. He was completely shameless. Well, it's like a couple's life.

"For me?" Bai Yiyan is a little surprised. "

gift!" After wearing only one pair of shorts, Ji Yueze came over, hugged her from her back, and then opened the box with his fingers.

Inside lies a diamond necklace, like a drop of water on the pendant inlaid with three bright diamonds, in the light, beautiful dazzling.

"How beautiful!" Bai Yiyan can't help admiring. Maybe she has little experience. This kind of necklace is very valuable at first sight. Its exquisite workmanship can really make people feel amazing. "

I'll put it on for you!" Ji Yueze reaches for it and hangs it on her neck. Bai

Yi Yan can only let him wear it now. She finds that she doesn't want to refuse any good intentions from him.

"Why don't you wear all the things that were given to you before? Necklace and bracelet do not wear also love can be willing, why not even ring? " Ji Yueze found that her whole body was plain, and immediately blamed her.

"I don't want to wear them. I dare not wear them. The things you sent me are very valuable. My primary school teacher wears such expensive things to class every day. It's not good!" Bai Yiyan found a reason to explain.

Ji accepted the reason, but he hoped she would wear the same. "

don't take this necklace off!" Ji Yueze is overbearing.

Bai Yiyan looked down at the dazzling pendant and nodded, "OK, no, I've been wearing it!"

The man was in a good mood. He took a beige turtleneck and put it on. He wore a pair of slim jeans on his lower body, revealing a pair of long legs and white shoes. Ji Yueze was so handsome that he had no friends.

Sure enough, a good-looking man looks like he's tailor-made for everything he wears.

Bai Yiyan's heart beats faster when she looks at his casual clothes like this. God, she feels like she's back to her girlhood, and she's infatuated with Ji Yueze's flowers.

"What are you staring at me?" Season more Ze Yang lips a smile, but like to see her this stupefied appearance, a little lovely. White

Yiyan quickly takes back her eyes and blushes: "look at your handsome!"

Ji Yueze was really moved by her. He put his arms around her and said, "OK, I'll accept your praise. Let's go. Please eat!" Bai Yan is amused by his evil joke. Two

people went downstairs and called lengfei and Liu Xiaoxing. As soon as they came, they said hello to Ji Yueze seriously. Obviously, the identity of Ji Yueze's boss is still obvious.

The party went to the best restaurant in the town.

It's over 10 o'clock in the evening after dinner. Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan both drink a little wine. Lengfei drives. She's a bodyguard. She's trained strictly. She doesn't drink. She just acts as a driver.

Ji Yueze is sitting on the sofa with Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan is leaning on his shoulder. She looks a little dazed.

"Go upstairs. I can't sleep. I have to do something!" Ji Yueze suddenly laughed, bad. Bai Yiyan's face was red after drinking wine. Now it's more beautiful. On the stairs, Ji Yueze suddenly stooped to fumble in his luggage bag. Soon, he came out with a box in his hand. "

last time I came, I didn't take any measures. Did you take the medicine secretly?" Ji Yueze takes the box and forces her to ask Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan was shocked. Since he asked, of course, she had to answer honestly, "yes, I have."

"I knew!" Ji Yueze is inexplicably upset: "you don't want to..." "

I don't want to, I'm afraid, Ji Yueze, we can't have children now!" Bai Yiyan immediately interrupts him and says sadly. "

are you afraid I'm not responsible?" Ji Yueze's face is still ugly. Bai

Yiyan bit her lip and shook her head: "no, I'm afraid it's embarrassing."