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C869. She believes him

When Ji Yueze saw her staring at herself stupidly and forgot to eat, he immediately put his half bitten goose leg in front of her: "why do you stare at me with this kind of flower crazy eyes? Be careful your saliva doesn't fall off, then I will really dislike you! " Bai

Yi yanmeng swallows her saliva and finds that there is a falling rhythm. "

no No, I'm not a florist. " Bai Yiyan asked, but her pretty face turned red. "

I've said hello to the police station and asked them to help me find your aunt. Don't worry. If she is still in China, there should be news soon, but if she goes abroad, it may take time to find her." Ji Yueze turned to the direction of the bedroom, said as he walked. White

Yiyan looks back at his figure, and her eyes flash with deep gratitude. Didn't

think that Ji Yueze would even help her find her aunt, not because after taking the recording, she completely let go of her aunt. Bai

Yiyan finds that Ji Yueze is actually a hard spoken, soft hearted and duplicative person, but often such a person is most likely to move others. Bai Yiyan is really moved by him at the moment. So she decided to thank him tonight. The best way for a woman to appreciate a man is to present herself.

Thinking of what she is going to do tonight, Bai Yiyan gets confused and blushes for a while. Although she has never used the loyal and clean jade girl to flaunt herself, she has never been so active, so she feels that it is really difficult to take this step.

However, Ji Yueze helped herself so much and bought her such delicious food. She could not help being loyal. She decided to be grateful to him. It's getting dark and Bai Yiyan is full. After washing her hands, she suddenly thinks of something. What should she do if she wants to take a bath?

It seems that we can only wash it in the bathtub. Bai

when Yi Yan sees Ji Yueze sitting in his study, she doesn't know what he's doing. It's supposed to be dealing with the company's affairs. She dares not to disturb him, so she sits alone on the sofa and brushes her cell phone.

At dinner time, Ji Yueze came out of the study. After a while, someone knocked on the door. It was Ji Yueze who asked his assistant to deliver dinner. Yi Yan has eaten enough roast goose just now. She can't eat it now. No,

after that, Ji Yueze still requires her to eat more. She's really thin recently, which is visible to the naked eye. Bai

Yiyan plays the essence of food, but she still eats half a bowl of rice.

Two people, sitting in front of the dining table, the atmosphere is very harmonious. There is drizzle outside the window. There is a hazy fog in the distance. Those tall buildings are almost hidden in the fog. In addition, the sky is going to be dark, forming a beautiful picture. It makes people feel that in this winter, there is more need for someone to warm themselves. After supper, Ji Yueze took the initiative to clean up the table.

Bai Yiyan walked around the room for a while, which was considered as exercise. Nine, she decided to take a bath. She took her pajamas and planned to put hot water in.

"I'll do it!" Behind her, a deep male voice came. Then, a big hand opened the switch faster than her. The hot water in the park flowed out. The temperature in the room increased obviously, and the fog gradually became confused.

Bai Yiyan thinks of the program she secretly arranged in the evening. At this moment, the man is standing behind her, almost sticking to her back. Her heart rate accelerates inexplicably. Ji Yueze's eyes are fixed on the rising water without waves. It may be because Bai Yiyan is hurt. Ji Yueze doesn't want to have any evil thoughts about her at this time, so he really has no other ideas. "

can you wash it yourself? Can I help you? " After Ji Yueze turned off the water, he helped her to test the water temperature. He felt it was right, so he stood up and asked her. Bai

Yiyan immediately shook her hand: "no, I can do it myself." "

OK?" Ji Yueze asked again.

"Well, sure!" Bai Yiyan dare not bother him to help. Although she is injured, she can do it by herself. Ji

Yueze didn't force her, but saw her blush, her heart moved inexplicably, collected some thoughts from the bottom of her heart, turned around and left lazily.

Bai Yiyan sits in the bathtub and enjoys the warmth. She is inexplicably happy to think that Ji Yueze put it for her. Sometimes she thinks Ji Yueze is really suitable to be a husband. He is actually a man who lives at home. Apart from acting and work, he has no bad gossip. Yes, he hardly goes out for fun. Of course, he can't be photographed with negative gossip.

"Why is there such a perfect man? What a natural disaster! " Bai Yiyan put her fingers to her chin, with a deep expression. She thought that Ji's two brothers were first-class handsome men, and they were both affectionate and gentle. She felt that if she could get the favor of Ji Yueze, she would have accumulated great virtue in her last life.

After taking a bath, Bai Yiyan came out wearing a white nightgown. Her injured hand does not dare to move. It hurts like a needle when she moves.

Bai Yiyan comes out and finds Ji Yueze drinking on the sofa in the living room. It seems that he is in a bad mood.

Bai Yiyan came out and asked in a low voice, "what's the matter with you? Is your big brother and sister youyou still successful in the engagement banquet? When I did the news today, I did it. "

"Nothing!" Ji Yueze said quietly.

"Who will do it? It's too much. Today!" Bai Yiyan said angrily. "

who else can there be?" Ji Yueze sneers.

Bai Yiyan is speechless in an instant. She obviously knows who it is. It's Ji Lin again. He's a terrible uncle. He's very selective. Besides, he's hurting his own people.

"It's ok if it's OK!" Bai Yiyan is relieved.

Ji Yueze suddenly turns pale because of Ji Shangqing's words today, and asks Bai Yiyan in a low voice, "do you still feel that I have any idea about Tang youyou?"

Bai Yiyan was shocked for a moment, then she immediately shook her head: "of course not, I think You may have really given up on her! "

In fact, Bai Yiyan is not sure about this. After all, she took photos of them together.

Oh, it's embarrassing. Why is it her?

"I only want her and my big brother to be happy!" Ji Yueze took another sip.

Bai Yiyan's expression of trust: "I know!" Season

Yue Ze turned to look at her: "I like people now, like you!"

Bai Yiyan shivered a little, a little excited: "is that right? That's my pleasure! "