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C507 acceptance of facts

Drunk Tang Youyou, in pain and suffering, slept to more than three o'clock in the morning.

She got up, the whole person was a little confused, she did not expect that she would be drunk to this extent.

"Where is this?" Hangover just woke up, headache as if to split, strange environment, let her temporarily can not remember who she went with.

Tang youyou stumbles to touch the switch. Suddenly, the door is pushed open. There is light in the living room. She raises her hand and blocks it.

"You are awake at last!" Gan Ma Liu Xi's concerned voice came, and Tang youyou's open-circuit brain began to work.

By the way, she called Ganma and asked her to come and drink with her.

"Does it hurt? I've made you sober tea, drink some, and I'll make you another bowl of noodles. It'll be even worse if you're hungry. " Liu Xi has been with her till now, and has not dared to sleep.

Tang youyou only felt cold all over. She took the warm tea cup delivered by Liu Xi and was about to cry.

"Thank you, mummy!" Her voice was choking.

Liu Xi sighed, "you're welcome to me. It hurts me to see you like this."

Tang youyou drank the hot tea. His stomach felt better and his head didn't seem to hurt that much.

She then thought of when it was now. She quickly touched her mobile phone, opened it, and found that uncle Yun had made a lot of calls to her.

It's over three o'clock in the morning.

"My God!" She painfully supported her forehead, as if she had made a big mistake. She was only interested in venting herself and forgot that she was the mother of two children.

Is it because the children are looking for her?

At this time, should she call and ask? Will it disturb uncle yuan's sleep?

Tang youYou can't help worrying. In case xiaonai can't find himself and refuses to sleep, what should he do?

Thinking about it, Tang youyou bit his lip and called Uncle yuan.

Uncle yuan fell asleep as expected. He answered her phone for a long time. His tone was polite.

"Miss Tang, you finally called back. Where are you?"

"Uncle yuan, are the children looking for me? Did they sleep? " Tang youyou asked in a worried voice.

Uncle yuan immediately replied, "little young master and little miss are very obedient. They have fallen asleep. Don't worry. Where do you live now?"

"I live in my friend's house now. Since the children are all asleep, I'll hang up first. Please take care of me more!" Tang youyou pleads.

"Miss Tang, I'm really sorry. I've heard about you and the young master." Uncle yuan's impression on Tang youyou is really good. She and the young master are made by nature. However, the facts are cruel and fate plays a trick on her. It's really unfortunate that she should be the lost daughter of Xia family.

Tang youyou smiled bitterly: "thank you for your concern. Since this is my life, I will accept it."

"Well, Miss Tang, take a rest earlier. I'll take care of the children!" Said uncle yuan seriously.

"Thank you! Don't bother! " Tang youyou finds that when he speaks to Uncle yuan, he is involuntarily polite.

It seems that she adapts very quickly. Her character and self-esteem don't allow her to feel inferior and self pity like an abandoned woman.

Liu Xi made her a bowl of tomato and egg noodles. Tang Youyou, who was already very hungry, felt that it was really delicious.

"Yo, what are you going to do next?" Seeing that she is very awake, Liu Xi can't help asking.

"I don't have any plans. The Ji family don't want to see me. I just don't want to see them." Tang youyou said with great backbone. "That said, you and Ji always have two children, and your marriage has been spread all over the world. I'm afraid that you may have to bear great psychological pressure when such a thing happens. Are you ready for it?" Liu Xi also lives in the entertainment industry. He knows that although she is not a star, she is more famous than a star because of her identity. Before, everyone thought that she was the best choice for Ji Shao's grandmother. Now, I'm afraid that those who envied and envied her before would hate to step on her feet.

Tang youyou's expression is a little stiff. Obviously, she doesn't have any psychological preparation at all.

All of a sudden, she woke up yesterday morning, thinking that she was lying in the arms of happiness, but at noon, she was thrown into the ice and snow by jixiaohan, and her whole body was freezing, and she felt her heart was cold to the extreme. Liu Xi looked at her, and knew that she was not ready. She couldn't help but said: "you can go out for a few days to relax, or you can stay away from the company for a while, and you can have a good rest at home. If you don't have a place to live, you can live here. Anyway, my children go to school, just me People

"Ganma, thank you for your concern. I'll find a house tomorrow. I actually have money to buy a small house to live in." Tang youyou feels that she has to support herself and can't rely on others. Ganma is very grateful for her kindness.

"I'll accompany you to the house tomorrow." Liu Xi is not sure that she will go out like this, for fear that she will suffer to faint on the ground.

Tang youyou still shakes his head: "no, Ganma, I can do it by myself. Besides, I may find another person tomorrow!"

"To whom?" Liu Xi asked curiously.

"Find a former male friend of mine, I I need him to do me a favor. " Tang youyou lowers his head, his beautiful face is full of sadness and loss.

"You ask your male friend for help? What can I do for you? " Liu Xisheng is afraid that she will make any wrong decision, for example, indulge herself.

Tang youyou seems to have guessed Gan Ma's worries. She forced a smile: "Gan Ma, don't look at me like this. I'm calm down now, really!"

"As long as you don't make a decision that you regret, I won't worry about you." Looking at her serious face, Liu Xi was relieved to believe that she knew her own behavior.

After eating noodles, his stomach was very well. Tang youyou sat on the sofa and looked out of the window at night. He dared not sleep any more.

Liu Xi is very tired. She went back to her room to have a rest.

Tang youyou sat alone at dawn. She thought about one thing. At present, the most important thing is not whether her reputation will be completely destroyed, but how she will persuade her two children to break up with Ji Xiaohan. If she told the children that she didn't love Ji Xiaohan, but liked other men, would the children support her decision?