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C519. Someone is jealous

It really surprised Luo Jinyu that Yang ChuChu would be in Mu's house. In fact, Luo Jinyu had no idea that Yang ChuChu's relationship with his cousin Mu Xiyang was a childhood sweetheart.

Because, for a long time, the relationship between Luo Jinyu and Mu Xiyang has been relatively indifferent. It may be that the age gap is too large and there is not much common topic. In Luo Jinyu's eyes, Mu Xiyang has always been a child.

But at this moment, when hearing Yang ChuChu and Mu Xiyang together, Luo Jinyu was shocked by that kind of shock in his heart, which made him have an indescribable sense of sour vinegar.

Yes, he always thought that moxiyang was a child. Yang ChuChu, who was the same age as him, was also a child in his eyes.

Unfortunately, he had feelings between men and women for this girl. The deeper Luo Jinyu found himself trapped, the greater the illusion of doubt about life.

He must be sick. He is not light sick. Otherwise, why didn't he choose another woman of his own age?

It's a girl who is eight or nine years old.

Although Luo Jinyu was in a complicated mood, he still walked to the second floor with the handrail of the stairs.

Far away, you can hear the sound of the piano, such as the pure joy of running water, and play a very light tune.

Luo Jin keeps a little ripple in his heart. Who is playing the piano?

Muxiyang has been fond of art since he was a child, so when he grew up, he was directly admitted to art school. He belongs to the all-round development talents, and he is proficient in Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting. Is he playing the piano?

Luo Jinyu quickened his pace. When he walked through the corridor to the balcony, he saw a thin figure from afar. He sat in front of the piano platform gracefully. His ten fingers were very light and beautiful on the piano keys.

Is it Yang ChuChu playing the piano?

Luo Jinyu is slightly stiff, and her steps stop. Her eyes are heavy, and she is tightly fixed on the little girl who is serious and focused.

He had never seen her play the piano before. Unexpectedly, she played so well.

Luo Jinyu suddenly has a strong sense of loss. He finds that he doesn't know Yang ChuChu very well. Apart from feeling her beautiful and charming, he still hasn't figured out some of her preferences. What face does he have to live as her boyfriend?

At the end of the song, there was a burst of applause. Mu Xiyang's voice sounded with a smile: "Yang ChuChu, it seems that you didn't care about acting, so you lost your talent."

"Of course!" Yang ChuChu looks back and smiles, but suddenly sees the tall figure standing on the corridor not far away, her smile condenses on her face.

Muxiyang saw that her eyes had been looking at the direction of the corridor. She also stood up and looked over her shoulder. "My cousin is here. Come here. I'd like to introduce you to him."

"No No need, who doesn't know him? He is the famous young master of Luo family! " Yang ChuChu's expression was stiff and his tone was not natural.

Although Luo Jinyu stood far away, he heard Yang ChuChu's words. He deliberately pretended to be strange, which made his handsome face turn black in half.

"Cousin..." Mu Xiyang raised his hand to Luo Jin Yu Yang: "I didn't expect my parents to call you here, little cousin? Will we come together? I heard that he recently made a girlfriend. What's her name? Do you know? "

Luo Jinyu has stepped out of the balcony, and after a few seconds' deep eyes stop on Yang ChuChu, he replies lightly: "I'm not sure. He may not come tonight!"

"Cousin, I'd like to introduce you to Yang ChuChu, my future girlfriend!" Muxiyang didn't find that there was something wrong with both of them, so he said in a joking tone.

As soon as Yang ChuChu heard it, he was in a hurry and said with shame, "moxiyang, don't talk nonsense, I'm not your girlfriend."

Luo Jinyu's handsome face is already very gloomy. He just said it coldly. Then, without saying anything more, he turned around and went downstairs.

Yang ChuChu saw that his face was ugly, and knew that he must have been angry because of Mu Xiyang's joke. She was eager to go after him and explain, but she dared not.

"Hey, cousin, I haven't finished the introduction yet. Why did you leave?" Muxiyang thought that it was Luo Jinyu, a mature man, who didn't like gossip about his feelings, so he asked with a smile.

"Muxiyang, you need to introduce me in such a disorderly way again. Be careful that I break off with you!" Yang ChuChu stared at him angrily, and then he sat in front of the piano, with his back to Mu Xiyang, and his heart was in a mess.

It's over, it's over. Her relationship with Luo Jinyu is not stable. Now Mu Xiyang plays this kind of joke again. Yang is so nervous that she really wants to rush downstairs and explain to him.

However, at this time, she heard the sound of the car starting downstairs.

Then, a black car, in the dark, rushed out of the road, far away.

"My cousin didn't come for dinner. He left in such a hurry!" murcieyang said

Yang ChuChu's whole body was frozen, and his expression was numb.


Luo Jinyu left?

That's it?

Yang chuchuchujue, he must be angry, this hateful moxyon, she really shouldn't come to his house to eat.

A few minutes later, Yang ChuChu's cell phone rang.

Yang ChuChu thought that her mother was urging her to go home for dinner again. After a look, the whole person was tense again.

It turned out to be Luo Jinyu's phone number.

Yang ChuChu immediately took a look at Mu Xiyang beside him: "I'll get a call."

She ran downstairs with her cell phone in her hand. She didn't answer the phone until she was far away from Moxian.

"Yang ChuChu, you'd better explain it to me." The man's low voice, which was pressed back, seemed to have a deterrent force in her ear.

Yang ChuChu's nerves suddenly straightened, so she had to speak softly and hurriedly: "it's a misunderstanding. He's talking nonsense. I haven't promised him anything at all. I don't know why he said that."

"You don't know? Don't know to follow him home for dinner, don't you know that your behavior is the default relationship for men? " Luo Jinyu is very angry. It seems that he has never been so angry.

He didn't know why he couldn't control himself and wanted to get angry with this little woman. Did he get along with her for a long time, and he also had a few young frivolities.

Yang ChuChu was stunned again. His tongue was a little knotted. "You really misunderstood me. It's not the first time I came to his house for dinner..."

"Not for the first time?" Luo Jinyu grasped the key point of the words and said angrily: "are you with him? Why do you want to provoke me? Do you want to find your so-called father's love in me? Yang ChuChu, do you know what's the end of provoking me? " Yang ChuChu's whole body is frozen again. Why didn't the man listen to her explanation and get so angry?