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Miffee sees that Tang youyou really unplugs Ji Xiaohan's mobile phone, and her expression is also stiff.

She thought that Tang youyou was just trying to scare her. Unexpectedly, this woman made a real joke. Hum, let's see how she ends up.

Tang youjue feels like a fool when he does this. However, MI Feier's arrogance of not seeing the coffin and not crying makes her have to do this.

A beep came.

In a twinkling of an eye, it rang for more than ten seconds, but Ji Xiaohan didn't answer the phone, which made Tang youyou's heart tense.

No, it's the result of trying to pretend to be forced. Tang youyou has an impulse to touch his forehead and hit the wall.

There was a cold laugh nearby. Ji Xiaohan didn't answer her phone. She was still here to bluff her. This woman is really shameless.

"I don't think Ji Xiaohan wants to answer your phone at all. Tang Youyou, if you want to face me, please leave here quickly, lest I call the police and drive you out." Miffee's hands were in front of her chest, with an expression of dezer.

Tang youyou looks at her charming face and really wants to throw water on it.

"I can pull it again!" Tang youyou feels that Ji Xiaohan just didn't hear her phone ring. Anyway, she is confident. Even if she unplugs it ten times, she's not afraid. "I advise you to give up, don't disturb people's new life, Tang youyou. Maybe at this time, President Ji has a new love around him. Your old love has passed. Save your heart." Miffee was in a good mood for a moment. It was really great to see that Tang youyou was left cold by the season owl.

Tang youyou has always been gentle, but now, she is really angry.

"Miffy, you don't need to fall into trouble here. Even if he doesn't answer my phone, it's not as miserable as you said." Tang youyou's angry retort.

"Well, or will you prove it to me again?" Seeing that Tang youyou didn't give up, miffee had to let her give up completely.

Tang youyou breathed a sigh. Just about to call Lu Qing to ask about Ji Xiaohan, her cellphone suddenly rang.

As soon as Tang youyou saw the number, his tense face relaxed and he immediately pressed the handsfree key.

"Yo, what's the matter? What can I do for you? " The man's voice is low and gentle, which is full of caring and doting.

Tang youyou looks at miffee's face suddenly pale. She immediately whispers: "nothing, just a little miss you, will you miss me?"

Ji Xiaohan seems to be surprised. He has never heard such a sarcastic love talk from this woman before. However, his mood is inexplicably cured by her.

"Of course I miss you all the time!" The man's low soft tone, with a smile.

"Ji Xiaohan, can you say something like love me?" Tang youyou looks at miffee's increasingly white and tense expression, and she asks deliberately.

"Want to hear it?" The man laughs some evil spirit, but, very soon, his expression spread: "you long, I love you, you should be able to understand what I mean, right?"

Tang youyou's mouth turned up and smiled: "of course I understand. I won't disturb your work. Hang up first!"

Tang youyou doesn't want to show any more. He's afraid that miffee won't be able to bear it. After hanging up the phone, miffee glares at her first and asks, "Tang Youyou, are you still dating Ji Xiaohan? But why is it said that you broke up long ago? I mean to play, don't you? "

Tang youyou sneers: "you still love to be reasonable. Who told you that we broke up? It's because your information investigation is not clear enough. How can I blame you for playing with me? "

Miffee's face was livid and angry: "OK, I give up!"

"Then you must immediately stop retaliating against vipsy." When Tang youyou saw her admit defeat, he immediately offered the conditions.

Miffee smiled sadly: "Don Youyou, what are you proud of? I once had a man who loved me as treasure, but he was robbed by Yang ChuChu's little fox spirit. You are her accomplice. You're really hateful to gang up and bully me! "

Miffee said, tears came down, a sad expression. Tang youyou scoffed: "I know a lot about you. You've been married once, but you still want to find Luo Jinyu again. What you think is too naive. Besides, Luo Jinyu really likes Yang ChuChu. I hope you don't disturb others any more.

if you have such good conditions, you will surely find a man who loves you."

"Many men have gone to love me, but I only love Luo Jinyu. I gave him the whole youth, but now, he has fallen in love with such a young girl. He must have despised me for being old." The more she said it, the more she felt sad. Tang youyou looks at her crying like a tearful man, frowns and advises: "you are not old at all. To be honest, you are the most prominent woman I have ever met. You are the goddess that all men dream of. If you are not so persistent, you will find your happiness." "Tang Youyou, you don't have to be cynical here. If Ji Xiaohan is robbed by a younger and beautiful woman than you, you can understand my mood at the moment. You wait, men are new and tired of the old. Sooner or later, you will be replaced by younger women." Mifield is in a mess at the moment. Her love and career have been hit, causing her to have a lot of negative emotions. She always feels that there is no good thing in the world.

Tang youyou heard that she cursed herself like this. She was not in the mood to talk with her any more. She turned around and left. At the moment when she opened the door, she looked back at miffee and warned, "you must not break your promise, or I will not be so polite to you."

Miffee's face froze and groaned at her warning, but she never dared to say anything sneering at her again.

To solve this problem, Tang youyou took a car to return to Jijia villa!

Now, out of the window, suddenly there are snowflakes.

Winter is really coming.

Looking at the white snow floating down like willow catkins, I was still in a stuffy mood just now. Inexplicably, I relaxed a little.

Tang youyou opened the window, mischievous reached out to pick up a few snowflakes, only a second, in her warm palm melted into water, clear and transparent, this feeling, very good.

"Miss Tang, the young master has told you to take good care of yourself. It's cold outside. You'd better close the window." The driver's eldest brother immediately reminds me warmly.

"OK!" Tang youYou can't blow cold water because the wound on her head is not complete. She obediently closes the window. At the moment, a black car came out of the airport exit and headed for Jijia.