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C1189 you can warm the bed

The naughty question on the girl's face made Ling Mo Feng slip and nearly fell. Blue

Yan Xi didn't expect that he would be frightened by himself. Seeing him back a step, she thought that he was going to fall down. In a hurry, she even stepped two steps and reached out to hold his opponent's arm. Unfortunately, Ling Mo Feng just leaned back, but her foot was still as firm as a mountain. LAN Yanxi leaned forward and fell directly into his arms There it is. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes were shocked by the light collision of the girl, which made him reach out and hold the handrail beside him. The other hand instinctively hugged her back, fearing that she would roll down. LAN

Yan Xi was still in a daze. She didn't expect that she was nosy and wanted to help each other, but the other side was fine, but she came to a drama of giving up.

What a shame!

"How long do you want to hold me?" Ling Mo Feng is waiting for the woman in her arms to leave by herself. Unfortunately, LAN Yanxi is stunned and slow to respond. Until the man's low voice reminds her, she wakes up like a dream. She quickly turns around and runs up. Her pretty face is blushing. Ling

Mo Feng looks a little embarrassed. Just now when he saw her rushing to himself, he instinctively put his hand around her. This reaction made Ling Mo Feng's heart beat slightly disordered.

LAN Yanxi ran upstairs in a breath and stood by watching the man step up. She smiled awkwardly: "I'm sorry, I won't scare you next time. If you don't have any extra rooms in your house, I can sleep on the sofa or lay the floor." "

if you really want to live in, the master bedroom will give you, and I will sleep in the study!" The man's voice sounded, which was an answer to her. "

really?" Lanyanxi thought that the vice president would let her sleep on the floor mercilessly. Unexpectedly, the man had a cold appearance, but his heart was still warm. "

true or false, I'll know when you move here, won't you?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes looked at her, and his thin lips raised a deep smile.

"That In fact, I also want to protect myself. I found that when I went home, my two uncles didn't look right at me. They did have problems. It seems that you are right. I will continue to stay in the blue house, which may be life-threatening. Otherwise I'll apply with my grandfather. I'll pack up and move in these two days. How about that? " LAN Yanxi suddenly cheekily followed behind him, breaking a lot of words, with only one purpose.

Ling Mo Feng turned his head and looked at her strangely: "I'm afraid of death." "

Mr. vice president, are you ridiculous? Who is not afraid of death? I'm still young, but I don't want to die for money. Yes, I hold 20% of the company's equity. My grandfather released a word at home. I have another share of his future equity. According to the market value of our blue family, I hold nearly five billion yuan. For the sake of safety, I think I'll be safer with you! " LAN Yanxi's IQ went online all of a sudden. She didn't think of this level before, but now the more in-depth thinking, the more in-depth thinking. "

ah, she is still a little rich woman!" Ling Mo Feng sneered and went directly to his study. LAN

Yan Xi ignores his slight taunts and quickly follows him behind. He continues, "I'm still a big lady of the blue family. I'm sure I'm not short of money. If you think it's a loss for me to live in, I can pay the rent. You can offer me a price and I'll give you a lot of points!" Ling

Mo Feng thoroughly found that this woman was really noisy, but it was the first time in these years that she quarreled with someone who didn't bore him. Not only that, but also he had some bad thoughts and wanted to play tricks on her. Ling

Mo Feng stops, and LAN Yanxi almost bumps into him again. Fortunately, she reflects quickly, and then stops. She has a pair of shining eyes, which are as dazzling as stars, looking at him straight.

"Lan Yanxi, do you think I'm short of your rent?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are slightly hooked, with a deep smile. Blue

Yan Xi is shocked. Right, where is Ling Mo Feng short of money? They are the men who want to be president. Besides, the Ling family is also a famous family and must be rich. "

then I have nothing but money! " LAN Yanxi's brain is empty, and there are some short circuits. She is stared by the man's dark eyes. She is confused. "

who says you have nothing else? You still have labor! " Ling Mo Feng looks at her eyes, which are dodging everywhere. They are like cat fans forced to the corner. They are pitiful, but they make people want to bully her even more. "

Lao Labor? " LAN Yanxi shivers. It's the first time she heard that she has the value of labor. "

Yes, because I like to be clean, I haven't hired servants in my family. I even do laundry and cooking. Sometimes I have to do it myself. If you are willing to move in, you should be able to do laundry and cooking for me, serve tea and other things." Ling Mo Feng watched her pretty face go white inch by inch, inexplicably produced a sense of achievement, how to do? He found that he liked to play with her. "

Ling Mo Feng, are you too much? I've never done housework in the blue family. I haven't even done fruit cutting. Do you want me to be your servant girl?" Lanyanxi was still shocked. Of course, she didn't say no, she just couldn't.

"Oh, by the way, I forget that you are the eldest lady. Of course, you don't want to do these rough jobs. Even then, you should go back to your blue house to be your eldest lady. It's the best thing you can do to open your mouth and stretch out your clothes." Ling Mo Feng saw that her face was red and her breath was unsteady. Suddenly she felt very cute.

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that the vice president's mouth would be poisoned even if he was so heartless.

"Apart from being your maid, can you change your job? Anyway, I also study abroad and return home. My major is not to be a maid for you, or let me be your assistant? You hired me... " "

sorry, you have no experience or connections. In my eyes, your education level is the same as that of the primary school diploma. Of course, if you have to move in, I can offer you another choice!" Lingmo Feng saw that her nervous hands were all pinched on the clothes and skirts. It can be seen that she was really bluffed by his words. It seems that her mind is quite simple.

"Can you stop demoting people like this? I dare to say that the result of so many years of hard study is just like waste in your eyes. It's really striking! " LAN Yanxi still has a temper. He disparages and mocks her like this. She gets angry: "well, what else can I do?"

"Warm my bed!" After Ling Mo Feng said this, he was shocked.