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After leaving the police station, Tang You You sat beside Ji Xiao Han. Her expression relaxed, unlike a moment ago, she was extremely worried.

Ji Xiao Han patted the back of her hand gently as if he was comforting her, "Don't think about this anymore. In the future, that woman will not come out to harm anyone again."

"I didn't expect you to be here too!" Tang You You's gaze turned slightly on his handsome face, then once again shifted her gaze outside the window.

Subsequently, he raised his hand and slightly pulled up his sleeve, revealing the bite mark that had already healed.

"Didn't you bite me? So let's even the two of us. "

Tang You You's beautiful eyes involuntarily turned to look at his hand, and indeed, she could still see the faint bite marks, causing her heart to beat even faster.

Back then, she was also very angry, which was why she had gone to her death to bite his hand.

"If I had humiliated you the other day, you would have bitten me again. But can you change your bite this time?" The man asked with an evil smile.

The sunlight just so happened to shine in through the window, passing through the tall tree shade beside him, there were only a few wisps of it, but it just so happened to pass by the man's smiling eyes.

Even under the dazzling sunlight, those eyes were shining with an extremely alluring light, as if they were even brighter than the sun itself.

Tang You You's heart pounded like a drum.

She hated and was afraid of this feeling. It was as if his eyes were a huge black hole that was about to mercilessly suck her in.

"I don't want to bite you anymore, so let's call it even." It was as if she had been forced to make a peace agreement with him.

Ji Xiao Han was a little disappointed. He had originally hoped that she could bite him again.

When he realized what he was thinking, he froze slightly. Since when did he have a tendency to be masochistic?

While Ji Xiao Han was looking for something to talk to her about, the car had already arrived at Ji Xiao Han's company headquarters.

The sudden appearance of the two buildings in the middle of a crowd of skyscrapers caused one's heart to be startled, and it was breathtaking and spectacular.

Tang You You couldn't help but look at the lazy man beside him.

The man's thin lips curled up into a smile as he looked out of the window.

It was a perfect profile, and its lines were like sculptures.

Tang You You was suddenly struck dumb, and when she realised that she was actually showing an infatuated expression towards him, her entire body trembled.

"Since you're already here, go up and take a seat. It seems like you haven't been to my office yet." Ji Xiao Han had done it on purpose.

Divide her mind, so that she did not have time to refuse him.

"Looking at these two buildings reminds me of what my son said before." Tang You You said as if she had heard it before.

Ji Xiao Han was slightly surprised: "What did my son say?"

"We just got out of the airport and saw your office building from afar. Our son said he wanted to go in and take a look."

Ji Xiao Han started laughing uncontrollably: "Looks like my son and I have a telepathic connection. In the future, he can come to my office anytime he wants."

Tang You You was slightly taken aback, but soon after, she regretted telling him these things.

However, if going into the building was a small wish of her son's, she could say it to fulfill it for him.

A car was parked in the grand first-floor lobby of the office building.

At this moment, a lot of staff were entering and exiting the large hall.

When they saw the boss's car stop, all the young women looked up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the boss's handsome and enchanting figure.

The car door opened, and after Ji Xiao Han got off, he turned around and extended his hand out expectantly.

Tang You You was slightly startled, seeing that the man had taken the initiative to extend his hand out as a gesture of goodwill, she really did not want to place her hand on him.

However, when she looked around, she saw that quite a few people were looking in her direction.

If she rejected Ji Xiao Han's offer, would it make him lose a lot of face?

Just as she was thinking, her finger had already touched the palm of the man's hand. The man instantly tightened his grip on her small hand.

Tang You You only felt an electric current rush into the deepest part of her heart, causing her entire body to tremble.

Everyone present was so shocked that their jaws dropped to the ground.

Quarterly would actually hold a woman's hand and appear in the company?

This was something that had never happened before, but now, with Tang You You's appearance, it made all the women instantly envious and jealous.

Tang You You took a deep breath, as if he was participating in a huge banquet. As for Ji Xiao Han, who was holding her hand, he was just about to lead her to the stage.

Strange, why did she have such a strange feeling?

However, he was very nervous and at a loss of what to do.

Perhaps it had been too long since her life had been gentle. She felt uncomfortable being treated better by others.

Tang You You could not help but lower her head and mock herself in her heart.

However, Ji Xiao Han was calm and collected. Facing the people who greeted him, he politely indicated to them.

Tang You You felt that he must be blushing.

Finally, after passing through the huge lobby, the two of them entered the elevator.

Ji Xiao Han turned around and looked at her with a soft voice: "You seem very nervous."

"No …." "No!" Tang You You hurriedly replied.

"Your palm is covered in sweat!" Ji Xiao Han chuckled.

Tang You You's mind exploded, and she immediately flung his big hands away. When she touched them, her palms were already sweating, and yet she still refused to admit it.

"What is there to be afraid of? Our relationship has already been made public! " Ji Xiao Han chuckled.

"It takes a lot of courage to be your girlfriend. I'm afraid I don't have the courage to accept so many gazes of envy and jealousy." Tang You You tweaked his fingers, as he said self-deprecatingly.

"You should have courage!" The man said in a low voice.

"Why?" Tang You You looked at him strangely.

"Because you gave birth to my children, and two of them at that!" Ji Xiao Han gave her the best answer.