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I don't need to call you big sister anymore.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's cute and angry face and immediately ran over.

The family of four continued to stroll around the zoo until it was time for lunch. The two little guys were tired.

At this moment, looking at the two cute little monsters, and then at the bashful and quiet Tang You You, she could not help but ask: "Xiao Nai, whose child are you?"

Pei An Xin could not help but tease Tang Xiao Nai.

Tang Xiao Nai's big eyes immediately turned, and she pointed at Ji Xiao Han: "This is Uncle Ji, this is my sister, they are dating!"

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You never thought that their daughters would instinctively call themselves uncle and sister when they were faced with outsiders.

In the past, they would feel that this was the cute side of a child. However, ever since Tang Xiao Rui had spoken his heartfelt words, the two adults felt deeply ashamed.

Tang You You crouched down and hugged his daughter, smiling as she said to Pei An Xin: "Don't listen to such nonsense children, I am her Mummy!"

Hearing that, Pei An Xin's expression became even more astonished. He then stretched out his hand and pointed at Ji Xiao Han: "Aren't you his girlfriend? How did you get kids? "

Ji Xiao Han chuckled, "Miss Pei, I am the father of these children. You may not know about this, but did Mu Shi Ye not tell you about this?"

Mu Shi Ye, who was playing with his daughter, spoke innocently: "This is your secret, how could I dare to speak carelessly! My sister doesn't even know about this yet. "

Pei An Xin felt that it was unbelievable. She looked at the two four year old Little Gummies and then looked at Tang You You. She clearly looked very young, but how did he give birth to Ji Xiao Han's children?

"You all … You've known him before? " Pei An Xin couldn't help but want to gossip, but she was afraid that someone else's secret would be revealed, so she could only listen in.

Tang You You's little face had indeed stiffened, but Ji Xiao Han actually reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder as if it was natural, "Yes, we've known each other since the beginning. She's my first love!"

Tang You You's beautiful eyes suddenly widened as she looked at Ji Xiao Han in a daze. This man's ability at lying was truly great, he did not blush at all.

Who was his first love?

Hearing that, Pei An Xin immediately laughed: "Then it seems that I guessed right, hello, my name is Pei An Xin!"

"Tang You You!" Facing this beautiful and charming short-haired woman, the sincere light in her eyes made Tang You You's impression of her instantly increase. And because they were both Bao-ma's people, she felt that the two of them should be able to become good friends.

Mu Shi Ye taunted from the side: "Wandering, when you have time in the future, teach her how to take care of children. Your experience must be better than hers!"

Tang You You said shyly: "I actually don't have much experience, when these two children were young, my principle was to feed them until they are full, and warm them up; it would be better if they did not get sick!"

Pei An Xin's eyes were once again filled with doubt. "Your two children were brought up by you? And the Young Master Ji? He's not with you, he's with the kids! "

If he had known that he had Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei, how would he be willing to let them suffer a little?

Tang You You laughed awkwardly: "No, I brought the child myself!"

Ji Xiao Han knew that Pei An Xin would definitely misunderstand something, thus he said: "I had always not known about the existence of these children, and had only met them recently. I was lucky to be able to know of her existence at such a young age, Miss Pei, my friend is definitely a good man who can be relied on, and will definitely be a good father!"

When Mu Shi Ye heard Ji Xiao Han praising him, he secretly gave him a thumbs up.

Pei An Xin turned around and glared at Mu Shi Ye with disgust: "Isn't what Young Master Ji said a bit too exaggerated? I think he can't even compare to a single finger of yours."

Tang Xiao Rui was dumbstruck when he heard his father's Mummy directly admitting their identities to this aunt.

After Tang Xiao Nai heard what Pei An Xin had said, she suddenly said: "Auntie Pei, you cannot fall for my father just because my father is better than his father, oh, my father likes my Mummy!"

The words of the naive and ignorant little fellow made everyone burst out in laughter.

It was only then that Pei An Xin realised that what he said just now was indeed a little inappropriate. The lord would listen, and wouldn't misunderstand, but the child's personality was simple. He thought that when he praised Ji Xiao Han, she thought he was good, and that he was her type.

Pei An Xin quickly explained in a serious tone: "Xiao Nai, you are so cute, I don't want to like your father, I only said that your father is very outstanding, very outstanding. Your Uncle Ye is not comparable to him!"

Mu Shi Ye who was at the side had an ugly expression on his face. He had to admit that he could not compare to Ji Xiao Han, but he could not. It wasn't that bad.

Tang You You couldn't help but pinch her daughter's cheeks: "Xiao Nai, Auntie is joking, why are you being so serious!"

Only then did Tang Xiao Nai realize that she had misunderstood something. She pouted and said, "I was just afraid!"

Ji Xiao Han personally opened the door for Tang You You: "Alright, if you have anything to say, we'll talk on the plane.

The group got into the car and drove towards the international airport.

Half an hour later, the plane flew across the runway and into the sky!

As expected, Pei An Xin continuously asked Tang You You for his parenting experience while he was on the plane.

Although the children looked cute, they had to be taken good care of day and night. Not only did they need energy, they also needed a lot of ingenious wisdom.

Pei An Xin would lose control of his mind after his child got sick, and would want to collapse at any moment.

"Wandering, when we have time in the future, we can bring our children out to play together. You gave birth to two children at once, and even your daughter and son have one. I'm so envious of you!" Pei An Xin sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Tang You You looked at his daughter who was sleeping soundly in Ji Xiao Han's arms, and her son who was reading a manga beside his. She felt inexplicably happy.

Yeah, anyone would be happy if they could beat him up into a good pair of calligraphy.