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Your Mummy will beat me up

Tang Xiao Nai, who was lying on Ji Xiao Han's shoulder, suddenly raised her head when she heard Mummy's footsteps, and sat upright.

Immediately, she pouted and cried: "Mummy, where are you going?"

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her large eyes, raised her head and looked at the big father, and then looked at the Mummy that had disappeared outside the door.

"Xiao Nai, your Mummy has gone to the washroom. Your daddy will accompany you to play, okay? What do you want to play? " Ji Xiao Han immediately seized the opportunity and seized the opportunity to get her daughter's favor.

"Daddy, why don't you accompany Mummy to pee? I feel that she might have found a secret!" An innocent little fellow still didn't know what it meant to be different between males and females. She only felt that if other people's fathers were like this, her father and Mummy would definitely be able to do the same.

When the Uncle Yuan heard this, he could not help but let out a laugh.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was also flushed red by his daughter's embarrassment.

"Ugh …" That, Xiao Nai, I'm afraid your Mummy will beat me up! " Ji Xiao Han really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. With such a cute treasure, his future life should not be boring anymore.

"Mummy is nice, I promise she won't hit you. I saw her run out just now, it's so big here, she really knows how to walk." What she was most worried about right now was that the Mummy wanted to find the way there. If she couldn't find the restroom, what should she do?

"Alright! I'll go lead the way for her. Can you play drawing with Uncle Yuan? " Ji Xiao Han really couldn't bear to reject his daughter's request.

Although this request was extremely absurd, he … Let's hurry up and take a look.

Of course, it was impossible for him to actually go to the bathroom to look for Tang You You.

"Yes, Daddy, hurry up and go." Tang Xiao Nai was immediately happy.

Ji Xiao Han stood up and walked out of the hall with big strides. He first looked around.

He did not see Tang You You's figure and frowned. Where did this woman go?

Aren't we going to the bathroom? Did he not find the washroom and just casually pee?

Of course, Ji Xiao Han believed that Tang You You was not such a person.

Thus, he took large strides and walked out of the villa's entrance. From afar, he saw a frail and delicate figure.

Alone, she stood at the edge of the beach, looking down at the swirling waves.

"What is she doing?" Ji Xiao Han was really unable to understand why this woman would do such a strange thing. Just a moment ago, she was pretending that she was going to snatch his daughter back, but now, she actually ran over to his beach to watch the waves.

Could it be that this woman was also attracted by his strong family background?

"What are you doing?"

Tang You You who was feeling hurt and wronged suddenly heard the man's indifferent voice from behind him.

She froze.

The tears and snot on her face were too late to be wiped away. However, she didn't want this man to see her crying pitifully.

In a moment of desperation, she immediately kicked off her shoes and quickly ran forward a few steps before diving into the sea.

"Are you crazy?" Ji Xiao Han was really shocked by her actions.

Right after that, he quickly ran over and tried to pull her back.