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"If I say yes, will you feel that I'm very bad? But I have every reason to hurt her, because once, she did the same to me. " Tang You You laughed at herself.

"No, I know that you won't hurt her for no reason, Tang Xue Rou is too arrogant, and it is indeed easy to offend people, furthermore, I know about your situation in the Tang Family, but I never thought that you and Tang Xue Rou would end up in such a state." Lu Xuan Chen was a little emotional. As their friend, he was indeed in a difficult position, and felt pity for their broken sisterhood.

"Hengcheng-ge, can we not talk about her? Let's eat. " Tang You You really didn't want to bring up Tang Xue Rou's name again.

"Really? you don't object to me becoming a star? " After Lu Xuan Chen heard this, he was extremely happy, and he even had the courage to go and take the test.

"Of course I don't object, this is your dream. Only, I heard that it is very difficult for a celebrity to enter the stage. Hengcheng-ge, are you going to have to go through a very difficult period?" Tang You You couldn't help but to feel worried for him.

Lu Xuan Chen laughed: "You unhurried, you don't have to worry about that for me. Actually, my in the entertainment world has not been messing around with me for these past few years, I have resources, and I know a lot of people. I only know a few people and that's what I want to say, and that's what I want to say.

Tang You You was startled, then she laughed in distress: "I just came back from abroad, there are so many news in the country that I have not paid attention to yet, Hengcheng-ge, since you have the time and the people, then you can realize your dream."

"Alright, I will work hard!" Lu Xuan Chen lifted his head, and saw that the woman's face was filled with smiles. His emotions had also settled down in an instant, and when he decided to do something well, he would put in a lot of effort and endurance for her.

Wait for me. When I succeed, I will confess to you.

Tang You You, on the other hand, didn't understand how determined and happy Lu Xuan Chen was currently looking at him.

While the two of them were eating and talking, someone was rapidly taking photos of them in a corner.

Ji Xiao Han returned home drunk. After lying on the sofa for an entire night, he still had not recovered his energy and was currently lazily sitting in the company's resting room. His head was throbbing.

After answering his mother's phone call yesterday, his mood had reached a low point. Only alcohol could numb that pain.

Thus, he went to find Mu Shi Ye and Luo He Ning to drink, but during the banquet, he was the only one who was drunk.

Previously, when he was drunk, he would just open a hotel room for the night. But yesterday, even though he was drunk, he still insisted on sending him home to sleep.

He didn't know why he was so determined to go back. Moreover, when he went back, he didn't dare to go upstairs to see his two children. Thus, he lay on the sofa and slept.

Moreover, he had left home just after six in the morning because he was afraid that the two children would see him in such a sorry state.

At this moment, he frowned as he drank some alcohol. His body had almost fully recovered.

Lu Qing suddenly knocked on the door and came in. With a serious expression, he said: "Young Master, the people we arranged for you have bought some things. Do you want to see?"

"Give it here!" Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

Lu Qing took the IPAD and said hesitantly: "It has something to do with Miss Tang!"

Ji Xiao Han's pupils constricted as he stared intently at the man and woman in the picture.

The background was a restaurant, and the two people sat near the window. Tang You You seemed to be very happy, and between her lowered eyebrows and light smile, it was full of flirtatiousness.

"It's this man again!" Ji Xiao Han was extremely annoyed and immediately said to Lu Qing: "Go and investigate who this man is, what is his relationship with Tang You You."

His name is Lu Xuan Chen. He and Miss Tang have always been good classmates, but right now, the two don't seem to have any intimate relationship. But I can be sure that he is definitely not a bad friend. " Lu Qing had long understood the Young Master's personality, so he had already made preparations.

"Is there a pure friendship between men and women?" Ji Xiao Han ridiculed.

Lu Qing was also unable to answer this question, and could only laugh: "I guess it's because this Lu Xuan Chen still has a good impression of Miss Tang."

"That might not be the case. Perhaps this woman has a good impression of him, is it because he's handsome?" From the photo, Lu Xuan Chen was one of those sunny and warm men. He really did have a good appearance, as he was born with the face of an idol star.

Lu Qing was even more unable to answer. In front of Young Master, how could he admit that other men were handsome? Moreover, this Lu Xuan Chen is already at the top of the Young Master's love rival list.