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Dad, come over here and cheer us on

Tang Xue Rou stared at her angrily: "Alright, if you want me to fulfill my promise, tell me the truth right now, how many children did you give birth to Ji Xiao Han?"

Tang You You was startled, and then, her expression immediately turned cold: "What does it have to do with you!"

Tang Xue Rou slumped down onto the sofa beside him. That's right, everything was her fault.

Five years ago, he and his mother personally knocked Tang You You out and sent him to a hotel. Originally, they had arranged for an old man to go there.

In the past five years, no one cared whether she lived or died outside the country.

But because of her own carelessness, she had the chance to raise her two children. Now, after bringing them back to their country, Ji Xiao Han looked at the pair of cute and adorable treasures, how could he not like them?

All of a sudden, there were both girls and children. Any man would take a few glances at the woman who gave birth to them.

Tang You You was the winner of her life.

She had won everything.

Tang Xue Rou regretted so much that she wanted to die.

If time came again, she would definitely send herself to Ji Xiao Han's bed that night. She would also want to give birth to his child, and also want to give birth to a pair of beautiful phoenix babies.

Unfortunately … All of this was just a beautiful dream.

The moment Tang You You came out, she saw Liu Xi anxiously searching for her. "Slow and leisurely, do you know who's here?"

Tang You You quickly walked in front of her foster mother and asked: "Who's here?"

"Quarterly and your Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei are here, they are sitting right at the head of the table. Wandering, Quarterly has brought the child here, they are about to announce their identities. This is truly a joyous event." Liu Xi was excited and happy for her.

However, as the female protagonist, Tang You You was actually conflicted inside. It was complicated, she did not know if she should be happy or if she should feel some other emotion.

However, he might as well deny it. He had come, and even brought the children along, causing Tang You You's heart to be in turmoil.

"Go out and take a look! Go quickly!" Liu Xi quickly pushed her a little. He felt that this was not the time to be in a daze, and should quickly go out to reunite with his family.

"No, I still have work to do. So what if he's here?" Tang You You really didn't want to go out right now. She didn't know what kind of mood she should have to face Ji Xiao Han, she was afraid that it would be hard for her to look at his face again.

"Wandering, what else are you busy with? What godmother would do for you, hurry up and get out of here, quickly!" At this time, Liu Xi didn't want her to become a qualified employee. He grabbed her hand and walked towards the stage.

"Godmother, don't pull me, I really …"

Tang You You did not even have the time to finish her sentence, she had already walked out of the curtain and stood in front of everyone.

Liu Xi laughed and said: "You Zou, look at how cute these two children are, they really look like little princesses and princes."

Tang You You's gaze was fixed on the man seated on the seat of honor. His aura was extremely noble.

Carrying his daughter in his arms, Xiao Nai had dressed up beautifully like a little princess.

He really suspected that where did he get his sense of beauty from, to be able to dress his daughter up so beautifully.

But the most breathtaking one, was still Ji Xiao Han!

He wore a black suit and folded his long, slender legs. His gaze was indifferent, but when he looked at his daughter in his arms, he couldn't hide his love and gentleness.

Tang You You's palms were sweating nervously. Did she really want to go over?

Just as Tang You You was at a loss, suddenly, she heard a sweet and happy shout: "Mummy! Mummy, you're out! "

Tang Xiao Nai looked at her with a pair of big eyes, extremely happy, and then, she also looked deeply at her.

When Tang You You locked eyes with him, she started to feel anxious and anxious. She hurriedly looked at her daughter.

The little guy immediately jumped down from Ji Xiao Han's leg and ran towards her at a fast speed.

Tang You You looked at his daughter's small body and instinctively squatted down.

"Mummy, I'm so happy. Father brought me to watch such a beautiful performance." Tang Xiao Nai immediately kissed her cheeks, and then, he could not hide the joy in his heart.

"As long as you are happy, my little one!" Tang You You was also infected by her daughter's happiness.

"Come here... Mummy, come over quickly and sit beside Father. Can we watch the performance together? " In the next second, Tang Xiao Nai grabbed onto one of her fingers and used all her strength to pull on her.

Tang You You's heart tightened all of a sudden. She wanted to struggle free from her daughter's tugging, but the little guy used her full strength.